Three tenths of F**K ALL

Why is it that some people at work think that its their god given right to do three tenths of F all ?

I swear most of the employees at my current workplace have never done any real work so when it comes to just putting some stock on shelves it all goes in the too-hard basket. They’ll literally use any excuse to drag out just about any mundane task on the POS system just to stand behind the counter all day.

I drop hints all day like Gee there’s a lot of stock to put out or I’m really overworked could you give me a hand with this? NOPE, all you get in return is to watch them stick their head in the sand (or in this case the computer screen) and pretend to really focus intently on doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

I mean does it really take a whole F**King day to send an email?!

Also, customers are shit, my wage sucks, middle management sets completely unrealistic goals that only ever seem to increase, did I mention customers are shit?

Nothing ever gets resolved in a timely manner. We are forever running late and expected to arrive early unpaid. All these 15 minutes add up over the years. Oh and customers …. are shit!

Can’t wait to GTFO.

I wanna get back to my real life.

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