This workplace is the embodiment of lunacy

It’s never too much for this piece of shit workplace to suck balls. It just has no limits when it comes to sucking big hairy stinking balls. I am always fucking bored. I get a small walk around the place just to refresh my blood cycle. I get so damn fucking bored the moment I sit on my chair and I constantly feel like I’m gonna fall unconscious and fall asleep because of how overwhelmingly fucking this job is. There is something to do but my GODDDD it’s so gloriously BORING and too much work. It’s very very fucking demanding too and the pay is very utter shit and requires a lot of work.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not even close to being a slacker. I just fucking hate sitting my ass down for so many hours just writing peoples names, a number and the date I wrote down that number and many other things. I can’t fucking have it.

To spice things up with this already depressing job, these WTF-HAHA-BORING co-workers, they talk about everything that is pointless. Like this one time, these two fucking dildos arguing about what better way to get their job done easier. They both have the correct way, but the argument was which one is the easiest. They went into a heated fucking argument out of some small paperwork and they were both fucking correct and these guys are in their 50s.

This other guy drops the lamest, most absolute ass-fucking jokes of all time and I never understood why the fuck is he even talking. His jokes never make sense and when I get them I feel even worse because how bad the fucking joke was. I can’t remember one because my brain is BLOCKING this fucking FELONY of a joke it should be considered as an attempted murder. He’s trying to fucking kill me with this lunacy, “oh, do you eat honey? Why not butter?” *laughs and smiles at my face* You fucking retard! His teeth are wayyyyy too fucked up. It’s not like they even socialize with me that much. The lame clown only talks to me to throw his crazing jokes. The rest only talk to me when they want something.

This just gives an idea how fucking ass hacking and life consuming this workplace is. My manager is an absolute dick-hole, he gets upset when he sees you eating. Not to mention how we don’t have breaks. With all disrespect, you piece of miserable shit Todd, get reverse deep-throated by a jackass, fat little bald man. 5’1? Really? Not your fault, but fuck you anyway you insecure bitch. Barbra, you old fat hag, you always smell like rotten eggs. It’s like you shower with barn animals and never brush your fucking teeth. Mary, the whole fucking office can hear your “silent” farts you fat pig. No, you fucking idiot. 300 pounds is actually fat, I don’t give a fuck if you wobble like a jelly or not, you’re still fat. Dean, you sweat like a dirty mother fucker. It fucking reeks with the smell of locker room and dicks in this bitch. You’re literally the fragrance of the office you obese, tall, rude asshole.

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