The Wonderful World of Medicine and its Endless Barrage of “Medically Necessary” Examinations

Never go to the hospital unless you are truly within hours of death. They will order every damn test on you to rule out what your disease is not. When that happens, we come in and do rounds of tests that are billed simply out of laziness as the ordering physician doesn’t want to think about his patient or because he simply needs his numbers for the day

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. Knowledge is key to navigating this corrupt and shit medical system we have. Know what tests you are being told to take, and know which ones are redundant or show similar information. We are a culture based on fear, and death isnt something we all welcome, but they will use fear to convince you into submitting to these worthless tests. Out of a hundred ultrasounds I do, maybe 1 of them will have some significant disease. Usually, when the doctor is informed about this findings, they will then decide to order the “gold standard” test for that patient to determine the severity of the illness. Ultrasounds are generally less invasive than those gold standards examinations, which translates to ordering physicians exploiting these tests for any reason under the sun. Being called in at 2 am, for organ harvesting, on a 50 some year old cocaine overdose male is such a rewarding career path. I wish the fucks who taught that shit school I went to in town were honest about the career. Figures why the school is shut down

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