The Resignation Letter I Wanted To Send


It is with nothing but absolute joy that I submit this letter to you. For over a year, I have had the misfortune of working under complete fools. I am not just referring to the two “leaders” that were hired for , but also the network leaders who spend each workday pretending to know something about anything at all. I will not go into calling anyone out directly, but I will say I have shared ideas, advice, feedback, and potential next steps for success in our work to numerous people. However, I have spent most, if not all, of that time being overlooked, dismissed, and mistaken for [the other employee of color.]

I have never in my life worked with such incompetent, arrogant, and dishonest individuals. The place is filled with nepotism and useless judgment. Processes are lacking, procedures are unheard of, and don’t even get me started on planning. You have not been worthy of me, but I have fallen in love with the [people I served with], [the people we served, and others]. I can’t believe people have been paying for these services. Actually, the services might not be that bad because the [people I served with] and staff like me made it worthwhile, but those of you running the show … you all fucking suck.

I have never in my life worked so closely to the most half-witted, offensive, clown that I have for the past several months. I tried to support your hiring, I provided feedback that I thought would be meaningful, or at least considered. Instead, I got to report to a blithering idiot, who worked tirelessly to make sure his subpar wife got a job with us. He would go on and on about how capable of absolutely everything she was … then why couldn’t she get a fucking job someplace else? He spent so much time trying to get her work that he sunk deeper into the hole of his own stupidity and responsibilities, leaving me to manage-up, delegate, and take on more … without any credit or acknowledgment. I mentioned this to the Executive Director multiple times. One would think some sort of action would be taken. Well, the clown ended up getting fired (at a horrible time), then basically re-hired, and fired again. Well, he wasn’t fired again, he was placed on furlough. But what does furlough mean when the company has had no money, no budgets, no real plans from the beginning? It means fired.

Operations? Ha! A joke. The person running it doesn’t even want to be at the company. Yet they stay up until the wee hours of the morning, working like a dog just to prove that they belong. All that work for nothing. I have never seen operations run smoothly nor have I heard of an operations decision at the company that was well-researched and carefully considered. There was a shit-ton of “building the plane as we fly” operations. Also, I hate that fucking saying now. It’s been overused by you all, and I understand why … because that’s all you do. No, that’s not common start-up culture, that’s shitty work culture.

Programs? Abysmal! The team is chock full of tacky hat-wearing, yoga-doing, not-knowing-a-thing-about-[these services] assholes. While many of them are too busy crushing on their colleagues to get the simplest of tasks done, the others might as well be stoned the whole time. They probably would’ve been better at their jobs if they had been.

You continue to hire the worst of the worst. The people at the company are so shit that I have had multiple existential crises in the past year. How did I end up working for you? I am too skilled, too smart, and too aware of the crap you all are slinging around.

Fuck you always,

Former Employee

P.S. The company is NOT diverse because it was founded by a person of color. Do better.

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