The Produce Master

I work in the produce department of a higher end grocery store. The dept manager is useless. Fucks around all day till around 1pm. Then begins writing the order for the next day. Takes 3 hours for some fucking reason, then goes home. WTF.

He will never work an evening to close up the dept, so he has no idea what actually happens in the evenings during our busy times. On weekends when we’re getting slaughtered, he’ll go off and find other nonsense to waste time with instead of actually getting his hands dirty. Like fixing shelves or dusting the back room. Really?!?! Dusting?!? Yes! Or fixing the squeaky door which leads to the backroom. Throngs of staff needing to get by on both sides and he’s fucking around.

Or how about the several coffee breaks a day. When a family member or head office person shows up (they’re all related) off he goes for another coffee break regardless of the time of day or if he’s just finished one of several breaks.

He’s been in this business with this one company for his whole life. He knows nothing else. He thinks he’s right about everything when he rarely is. It’s kinda sad really.

He’s related to the heads of the company so he’s untouchable. And he knows it. All the full timers are sick of him, we’ve lost dozens of part timers cause they get verbally abused by him (we all do really – he calls us children, swears at us, complains about each one of us to the others, etc). We all get along, so we all talk, and we know of his bullshit two-faced talk.

He’s a waste of time and money to the company, but he and they don’t see it that way

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. He’ll be there forever till he retires or dies. Pathetic.

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