The hypocrisy of nonprofit “leaders”

Maybe if you spent less time trashtalking employees who leave the cesspool you call a nonprofit you’d have some time to moisturize your dried gooseberry of a face. You are way too young to look that old, hun.

Try paying your current employees a living wage and giving them decent health insurance, cost of living adjustments, and merit increases so maybe they’ll stick around and continue to put up with your narcissistic horse shit. You give “leadership” raises every year, after all. Ah, the rank hypocrisy of paying yourself triple what you pay your workers and then judging them for pursuing better jobs…

Oh, maybe don’t wait for a pandemic to let people work from home? And what about adopting a casual dress code since you don’t pay people enough to buy new clothes? And not having two-hour meetings at 8:30 a.m.?

And what on God’s green earth are you so-called leaders doing with your raises, anyway? Obviously you’re not spending them on skincare or clothes that fit your ever-expanding waistlines, so please tell us what you’re doing with that money!

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