The higher up you go, the lazier they get

It never fails. A good team can be and will be completely ruined with poor…no horrible leadership. it’s always fun when smokers are allowed hours of breaks while everyone else is actually working. I’m not knocking smokers but when your “boss” is a smoker and she drags her smoker friends outside all day to smoke with her, it’s pretty fucking annoying. The more time goes on the more lazy and incompetent this bitch is and the people above her don’t do anything to punish this idiot but she’s steadily creating drama at the workplace. She’s made it such a hostile working environment. Lots of people are fighting for no reason. She’s pinning one side against another because she’s bored with life because she doesn’t have one. The people above her are just as bad if they don’t care what she’s doing and continue to let her ruin this place. Dumbasses.

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