Take responsibility and having an affair with the boss

It’s amazing that our department manager doesn’t want to do her job. She sits at her desk all day and watches Netflix and Amazon. The only things she does is reports and she waits until two days before it’s due before she attempts to get it done. Then she runs around asking other people to do her job to get the report done. Her niece who works part-time as her assistant is the one that does all the work. When anyone ask her to order office supplies or to do her job, her response is, “It’s not my job.” She’s lazy. She talks about carrying designer handbags and UGH shoes but she wears $3 flip-flops from Walgreens to the office. Two weeks ago she wore a denim skirt with a hole in it. She’s trash. Oh, I forgot to mention, her 25-year-old son is the part-time runner. He’s just like his mom. Lazy. He comes and does as little as possible. He sits at his cousin’s desk on the computer.

Then there’s the girl in the office that doesn’t know crap doing her job but she’s having an affair with the boss who’s married. I’m hoping one day they will get caught. They have been once. They were caught at work in a closet getting it on. But that was before he became her boss and promoted her to a producer. Now she comes in at 8am and leaves at noon. She doesn’t work more than 20 hours a week. She can’t do her job and that’s why she has to get it on with the boss. Otherwise, she would have never made it.

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  1. Dear I Hate You All,
    I CAN SO RELATE! Look, you have no power here. Accept it. It’s hard! I KNOW!
    The only thing that kept me going when all that (nearly exact same thing) was going on is this……………..Everybody gets their comeuppance! The punishment and fate they deserve they will receive. I firmly believe this to be true. After 11 LONG months it happened for me and it WILL happen for you.
    All you have to do is bite your tongue, bide your time and wait. When it happens, it will be a happy, happy day! AND since you have been doing such a great job on your job, you may possibly receive the promotion you so deserve or you can leave and find a terrific job from the experience you gained for doing a lazy ass’s work! BTW, it’s OK to send a letter to the wife letting her know what is happening. In just a few words, in a way that it will not be connected to you. Have it mailed from an other state or city not close to you. I did that, I had my friend in Texas mail a letter for me, I sent it to her and she sent it on for me. I had a close friend write the letter in hand writing, not a typewriter, a person that would never come to my office so they couldn’t be found out and sent the letter to the wife. It wasn’t the bosses wife, it was a co-worker that had power the he didn’t need and he was banging the new secretary in the office and causing so much drama!!!!!!!!!!!! Wife found out, caught them, caused a wonderful ruckus that I so enjoyed watching play out and acting like I was shocked about the entire event. It was amazing and fun. So hang in here. This too shall pass.

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