Stupid stupid job!

I work in a place that gives eye/ear tests, books appointments, and fits glasses/contact lenses and hearing aids. I’m at the front desk, usually the only person in the store other than the days we have the doctors in to do the tests. And some of the stuff I have to deal with is insane. However, nothing takes the piss more than this:

I was in the branch on my own, doing all the usual phone calls etc preparing for the busy clinic the following day (where we have patients coming in for their appointments to see the doctor). Then I get an email from regional management saying the doctor is unable to work tomorrow, so they’re sending a replacement, but he can only do half the day, so can I call every patient we have in the afternoon and re-arrange their appointments? We had no spaces for like the next 2 weeks, so you can imagine how that went. Half were super angry, most I had to call multiple times as they wouldn’t pick up the phone, and about 3 were okay with it.

Finally at about 2pm I’d managed to do it, feeling pretty downtrodden after telling people they’d have to suffer with bad eyesight/being unable to hear for another three weeks. Most our patients are 70+, many have dementia, and many have to arrange for a carer/relative to bring them, so it was absolute hell. We had one available space in the morning, but none wanted it on short notice. So I rang up a few people who were booked in the following week to see if they wanted it, but they didn’t either. So we lost half our clinic and had a half hour slot free in the morning.

Then at 4pm, an hour before closing, I get another phone call. Saying we WERE now able to have the replacement doctor for a whole day, and asking if I could bring any appointments from the next few weeks forward and try to fill up the afternoon. What the hell. I explained I’d already been calling around trying to fill up the morning slot and no one wanted it, that people were going to get angry if I kept harassing them like this. It was too short notice.

They told me to try anyway. It’s the way they phrase it as well “This person is booked for December 12th, just give them a call and change their appointment to tomorrow afternoon” as though the patient has no say in the matter.

I was so angry last night after all that, I could have walked. It’s SO unorganised getting one person to cancel an entire afternoon clinic, then changing their minds and asking me to rebook it all in the last hour!

Oh, and my job is minimum wage.

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