Stupid sexist company

I can’t believe I’m still working here. This place is ridiculous.

I’m in charge of a project. I’m an engineer. I have the best degree in this company. And nobody fucking listens to me. I say something for a really long time and they just ignore me. I point out that something is wrong and they tell me that’s none of my business, only to find out weeks later that I was right. And then they bring it up like it was their idea, and all of a sudden that’s a brilliant idea and everybody talks about it. I tell them about my opinions and research, and they just don’t listen. Today I told a guy about a new function that the managers asked to add and he told me he needed to hear the direct word, as he takes no orders for me and “you think you’re the boss?”

I’m the only female engineer here. All the other programmers are guys. All the other girls are either product managers or design artists or whatever. I just noticed recently that none of the girls talk during group meetings. The guys just ramble on and on and on about all their feelings and opinions and nonsense. I finally realized why. Nobody listens anyway!!!

And we just had a group dinner recently. And one of the managers sexually harassed me. Of course I filed a complaint and threatened to quit if it ever happens again, but this is just fucking ridiculous. These people have no respect for women. Zero!

Oh, and these people are completely insane. We’re pretty busy recently, but the other day I called in sick because I wasn’t getting enough rest and my condition got worse. And nobody told me to take care and get better soon. The guy who took my note literally sent a group msg to everybody in the team and shamed me for taking a sick leave when we’re so busy. WTF which part of “I have a bad headache” do you not understand???

Look, if you guys think a woman’s opinions are so worthless, how about you just don’t use my code at all and don’t blink an eye when I have to miss work?

Totally preparing a new resume. This place does not deserve my service.

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  1. I’m a girl programmer. In their next meeting I’d walk in with a big mirror ask them to drop their pants so I can see their tiny little dicks. Grab my shit and walk.

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