Stupid new cocky tw*t

So a new guy starts. Been here a month. Already taking the absolute piss. On his phone all day scrolling the net at his desk doing no work. Wandering off to the gym in work hours for an hour with no shame. He makes our team look terrible

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Then in a meeting today he has the fucking cheek to slag everything the team do off and demand he is told what his daily tasks are. So basically admitting he will do nothing until he told by everyone else what to do. Fucking cheeky when he’s on more money. He’s made no effort to even try and pick up new tasks or try to understand what the team do. He’s a jumped up fat cocky twat.

All he goes on about is his last job. Well go back to it if it was so great. Having the audacity to slag everything off when you’ve been in a role 5 minutes and still on probation. Very stupid move. So yeah I have told my manager about you and slacking off at work. Let’s just say everyone knows and you’ll be caught out very soon. Hopefully given the sack so you and your negative whining and jumped-up know-it-all attitude can fuck off the far side of fuck.

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