Stupid kids in charge

My company really needs to get their head out of their asses. I mean, seriously man. They ‘restructured’ the upper management last year in a feeble attempt to gross more profit, but all they ended up doing was displacing the good people who actually understood how to run a company, and replaced them with snobby morons who don’t know their asses from a hole in the ground. Ok, enough anal references.

Anyway, this attempt at restructuring, re-branding, re-dipshitting, or whatever you call it has backfired big time. Well, I won’t get into all of it now since I am looking for other work anyway, but long story short: The amount of mistakes these idiots have inflicted on our processes has caused such a tremendous amount of stress that we have people quitting in droves. Not just any people. But people who have been here for years, some of them holding fairly high-up positions. So after a year of dealing with people walking out, what do they do? That’s right, blame the workers below them. You know, those scum bags who actually do all of the work. After all, it couldn’t possibly be the hierarchy’s fault that these lowly peasants are leaving. It’s got to be the fault of those on the lower pay scale…somehow.

Well, after this mode of thinking finally gave way to common sense and the royalty realized it was in fact their fault, they figured it was time to act. The funny thing is that rather than outright apologize and/or re-restructure to thin the suit and tie herd out a little, they decide to have a picnic to attempt to bond with the common workers. But not just any picnic. This one is special. It is a MANDATORY SUNDAY PICNIC . Yep, we are being somehow required to meet at a local State Park on Sunday to attend a mandatory picnic. We will not be getting paid for it, but they think that it is ok to somehow make it mandatory. I can’t wait to see the reaction when no one except the company boy ass kissers show up. Like I said, I’m looking for employment elsewhere, but I gotta stick around long enough to see this.

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