Stop using me as a tool!!!! 😡😡😡

Okay so we have projects to complete 2 week to 1 week basis. We have a lot to do and we are asked to do more work. Well they asked us to do all this work before our raises. We were not happy about that already. Clearly I know what is going on more than the others. So now since we are required to do work that is more outside of our job requirements. Everybody is p***** the f*** off. So now our Supervisors are asking us and depending on us to do more of their work for them

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. I think it is total c***.

We travel to different locations everyday. We don’t know these locations too well. The store moves everything around for us to find anything. They have a ridiculous amount of work for everyone in our organization to complete. The supervisors can not complete that on their own. One can and I don’t understand why they can’t learn from that guy.

That same supervisor was my old supervisor. Now I work under two managers doing the projects. I’m really like why are you depending on us to complete your numbers you’re supposed to handle by yourselves like you’re supposed to? I mean if no one is getting punished for completing numbers why do you care about them?

You guys really don’t care. Trying to squeeze every penny out of everyone is just not right. We honestly don’t give a hoot about your work load. We can only do what we can. We only care about our work load not yours. I am starting to believe all the supervisors suck. All your teams suck and this company sucks. The only ones who are awesome is our managers who work alongside us. All of the supervisors that don’t work alongside us and want us to do their workload too should start back with their teams and make them do more instead of asking us. We are not tools so stop using us to complete numbers that are just impossible to complete.😠😠😠

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