Stop playing favorites (Oh yeah, and drop dead!)

It was SO professional of you to have your underlings fire me and conveniently be gone that day (doesn’t surprise me since it’s common knowledge you have no spine).

I felt SO valued to be questioned daily on stupid meaningless monkey tasks, then given the eye roll when I was truthful and completed said tasks.

I SO enjoyed getting the blame for other employees laziness and never completing their tasks (I’m not a teenager and only an asshole would relate to their staff like they do to their spoiled ugly entitled bratty offspring).

I SO loved your way of praising your ass-kissing employees and treating loyal hard working ones like dog crap. Sorry I didn’t realize being forced to be a baseball fan or acting like a whore was part of my job description!

I was SO impressed with your management style of trying to make me sign a document filled with lies! The State Labor board was impressed by it too! They also thought zero rest and meal breaks were a hoot too!

So in conclusion I am a firm believer that the universe will sort out the pieces of shit from the people with integrity and karma will prevail. I guess you just never know when those darn tables will turn! Be on your toes, as the saying goes: karma is a bitch!

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