Can you believe this fucking shit? My boss and the CEO and some other company leaders made me go to office over a national holiday, they fucking shamed me when I told them I was too far away from office to make it that day (WHAT DID YOU THINK IT’S A HOLIDAY YOU’RE LUCKY I’M EVEN STILL IN TOWN), and later when I asked for compensation for working the next day (still holiday) nobody wants to write the HR note to prove that I went to office on their orders. They give me all the ridiculous excuses like I worked on something different from what they asked (YOU GAVE VAGUE INSTRUCTIONS), they didn’t order me to go to office (I HAVE THE MESSAGE ON MY CELL PHONE AS PROOF), it should have been a 30 minute task (IT TOOK ME 4 DAYS HOW ABOUT YOU DEMONSTRATE HOW TO DO THAT IN 30 MINUTES), and they rescinded that order (YOU DID NOT). The HR won’t even look at all the written conversations between me and my boss, and insists that she can’t do anything without an email from my boss. So finally I said then I’m filing a complaint that I’m being stiffed, and she started scolding me like I was a teenager in middle school who did some stupid shit. WHAT THE FUCK YOU SHAMED ME AND ABUSED ME AND STIFFED ME AND NOW YOU’RE LECTURING ME?????? Look it’s not even about the money. This is so fucking disrespectful I almost didn’t want to go anonymous here. Preparing my resume right away. I should have got a raise a million years ago here anyway.

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