@ssistant @sshole

Maybe you genius big shot tough-guy sales guys should realize that people see right through your phony used car salesman reutine and actually give a sh-t about the rest of your team.

When you treat your designers like sub human retards… of course they are not going to want to put forth any effort.

Holy sht do I hate this company and the train wreck that lies ahead is do to your own ignorance/arrogance.

Moreover, maybe you should stop trying to act hip hop “gangsta”. what a fcking joke. Holy Sht, I’m so done

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. lol see you later Shoe Clown. I’m sure you’ll generate a lot of business as a 40+ year old “gansta” that acts like a 9 year old. What a waste you are and what an embarrassment you are to you daughter.

BTW Nosferatu back in the warehouse has a pretty limited time on his liver. Maybe you might want to actually consider terminating scumbag employees after they assaulted other employees about 5 times in a row.

What a complete fcking @sshole clown show soon to be rubbed out of existence.

LOL …”I’ll see ya later”

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