Slimy piece of shit

Slimy piece of shit boss. Yeah I am talking about you. I hate you. I hate how you treat me. I bet you beat your wife. I bet you burn your kids and rip their hair out. That is the kind of person that you are. You make $150,000 a year doing what. Sucking dick? You and your little cohort can fucking burn in hell. He is useless and so are you. In fact I have never met a more stupid person than you are. You are so fucking stupid that you probably put your pants on backwards in the morning. I don’t know how you ever found anyone to marry you. And have sex with you and have two kids. Your wife must be a fucking ugly cunt.

Your stomach hangs over your pants and it is disgusting. You humiliate me on a daily basis and make me feel like I am nothing. why? You have nothing better to do? You and your disgusting coworkers who are all white men need to lay off the Frito-Lays. Someday when I am retired I hope to see you in a crowded bar so I can really tell you what I think about you to your face. Maybe I will just tell you tomorrow and quick.

You make life a living fucking hell for the people underneath you. You have major psychological problems. You don’t respect anybody especially women. You have zero respect for women. God help your wife. God help your children. I hope you pay for what you do to people. I hate you and I will always hate you and you deserve to be hated not by me but by most people on this earth. You are nothing. You are nobody. You are just a fat little man who lives in Boston. And I fucking hate you.

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