Sick of being the forking babysitter

What the fork is wrong with people? I get so tired of the bullshit from day to day. Just show up and shut the fork up and do your forking job. I don’t give a fork about your stupid home life. YOU choose to work 2 forking jobs and let your forking husband stay home and be a forking lazy mother forker. You stress me out so bad I just cuss and cuss in my head and on occasion out loud and I hate to forking cuss out loud.

You say that you cant stand helicopter wives so I guess you can’t stand yourself because you are one 10 times over. How can you be so forking full of such bullshit?

You make all these excuses as to why he is only working one job and expect me to say he is a great husband when in reality I think he is a lazy forking bastage that couldn’t find his way out of a paper bag without you telling him to do it. I mean my word, why do you answer your phone, “WHAT’S WRONG?” Every single solitary time he calls? You are so sick.

I can’t forking stand you and your sorry ass husband and I wish the two of you would just fade away.

I want to find someone that can just shut the fork up and do the forking job without making excuses on why they forked something up and just forking work. FORK!

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