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It’s flu season (as if there’s a season for flu, watthafack).

I’m tired and sleepy and ill, and everything in between being tired and sleepy and ill. But, I’m still doing my job while the other tired, sleepy and ill people are moaning about being tired, sleepy and ill (hold on, aren’t I doing just that? Shit) and are in bed while I’m working my absolute tits off.

How is that fair? On top of that people have the audacity to come and complain at me for things which I have ZERO control of. They can’t use their fucking brain cells for even a tiny moment, which would make my day easier to deal with, and they would probably get more work done in the time they’ve had to come to me for me to say, “I don’t know. That’s not my job, I don’t know anything about what you’ve just asked me. Why don’t you go to…?”

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