She’s gone! But not totally….

So I’ve been putting up with the most emotional, hypocritical, condescending jerk of a boss for three years. Her boss, who is much worse, would not give her a raise, title change, or the additional responsibilities she asked for so she’s moved on to somewhere else in the company. Its like a shadow of negativity has been lifted from the team. I come into work, no longer dreading the mood swings and the unjustified bitchy behavior. This is someone who would be handling something, you follow up with them about it and they snap at you for trying to be involved with something they said they were dealing with. If you don’t follow up, you get bitched at for that too.

That’s what happened this morning. She’s gone, major stressor of my life is out of there, and then, BAM!, she’s back in. She was supposed to handle several things before she left and she didn’t. Now she wants to know why I didn’t follow up with her responsibilities. GTFO of here! Seriously. IDGAF about your little side comments – “Why didn’t you follow up sooner??” – um, because it was your freaking job. Not mine. She left and never looped me in on the processes that she so desperately needed to handle personally. Guess what? You wanted to be in control so badly, people are going to follow up with you because you never handed this off

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. Never said, “hey, this, this, and this, are still pending – keep an eye out.” Now you’re shitty because you’re being bothered in your new position? Seriously fu. Ding dong the witch is dead! Now half the team can get off the anxiety meds they were taking to put up with your ass.

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