She’s focused on the wrong s***

Started a new position in a newly formed department. Read: NO STRUCTURE. The trainers have no idea about the industry and don’t know what the hell they’re doing. We waited two weeks before an expert started training us……and his trainings are constantly interrupted. There are hours long blocks in the day with nothing to do because they break the trainings up but have nothing tangible planned in between these breaks. We were paired with “mentors” who are clueless. They are tasked with teaching us what they don’t know while also being expected to output work and meet deadlines for work that was already 30 days beyond the deadline.

Everybody is terrified to even blink because the dumb fuck manager is an unorganized, inconsistent ball of fucktard. She has no direction, nothing she does makes sense and she’s more focused on people staring at a screen and pretending to be busy than actually creating a training plan that doesn’t leave it up to new employees to figure out their day. She is determined to stick to this shitty trainwreck instead of realizing the whole damn thing is broken. She’s not open to ANY ideas that actually make sense. And I’m already looking for a new job. How fucking dumb are you?

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