Sexism and Animal Abuse

I spend all day at the cash register. This is the most hated job at the store. All the customer complaints, robotic questions we have to ask, unable to step away to help customers, having to flag someone down if I have to pee. Everyone talks about how it sucks. It wouldn’t be so bad if I wasn’t told I was only doing this because I was the newest employee. I’m coming up on a year now, and there are a bunch of newer people than me. Almost all guys, because the girls quit. Why? Because the guys get to work in the back, build things, drive the fork lift, fill propane bottles, get to know the inventory, get outside for a minute to help customers to their cars. The girls run the register. All. Day. Long. And tidy up the clothing section.

When I asked about this, I was told, “we need the boys throwing feed.” Well they do a lot more than that, and I’m perfectly capable of moving the feed bags. I have to do it at the register anyway, with customers getting in the way thinking they’re helping. I have the same job title as the guys, I just don’t get to learn anything that might be useful in other jobs (fork lift operators get paid about twice what I do at other places), and I’m bored out of my mind.

As for the animal abuse, my first experience with “chick days” was a cardboard box with six dead tiny baby birds in it. I guess a customer had ordered them in the mail, and when she got them they were dead. That was before we got our first shipment of birds to the store, and that was way worse. We kept them in brooders, which I guess didn’t keep them warm enough, because every morning I walked in to see more dead chicks and ducklings. We used the brooders on and off, and I knew immediately when we switched back to tanks with heat lamps because there we no dead or dying chicks or ducklings in the back room. I don’t even particularly like birds, but it was horrible seeing them twitch and suffer and knowing their whole life consisted of getting shipped in tiny boxes then dying painfully. So the whole “chick days event” adds another depressing component to my days spent at the register, listening to the other employees chat and joke together and being stuck behind a counter.

Also, they don’t care about masks. I put myself at risk every day trying to convince customers and coworkers to just put the damn mask on as is company policy. Every manager walks around the store maskless and tells customers they don’t need them. So they all come to me, spit flying, and refuse to follow our policy and like, the law. This is the most mentally taxing job I’ve ever had. And the lowest paying.

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