Self-serving shit bag

Open your piggy eyes and flappy ears, fuckwit. There’s a lot going on for the people around you that takes time and energy. The things they are doing are part of work and matter more than your feelings and desires for attention and praise. The things you are doing are good as far as they go, but it would be better if rather than sulking and being obstructive, you pulled your finger out of your ass and helped. This might be painful to hear (I have run out of gentle hints that don’t work anyway) but you are not the centre of everyone’s universe. Your life and feelings are not more important than everyone else’s. Right now, you are not the focus of attention, and that’s how it should be.

If you want more attention than you are getting, there are a couple of options:

1) learn to fucking tap dance with full jazz hands, or
2) do your job fully and with a big fucking smile on your face.

Until then, don’t be surprised if your stubborn refusal to acknowledge other people and to do anything asked of you leads to being avoided. Fuck off you self-centred lump of shit.

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