Self-employed or employee?

So, in my job, I’m supposed to be able to decide everything for myself. Where I work, how I work, when I want to work. That is the essence of a self-employed job… However, in my team we have several RULES. Rules in place made by a boss that stifles our own growth. My income is through commission and all these rules are unnecessary obstacles that are stopping me from doing more sales. My boss think these rules helped her so it’ll help me. But we are entirely different people. What worked for her may not work for me. I have tried to bring this up to her but she shoots it down saying that’s why I am successful and you are not. What a fucker! I cannot abide by rules that don’t make sense and every few weeks I’m getting lectures over not abiding by the rules. I bend them cause there are better ways to do sales. Her methods are too slow. And she’s slowing the entire team down..

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