See ya later ball bag!

Years of service; only 4 absences in that time; been bitten, punched, kicked and assaulted in other ways by our clients – basically hell without a word of thanks. The amount of administration and effort I’ve put in compared to my co-workers who do a substandard job is ridiculous. In some way I am to blame. I didn’t look for another job sooner and because I could do a competent job, the workload was shifted from them to me.

The more you try to succeed and impress, the more shit was handed to you. This job has taught me that (in this sector at least) unless you want a promotion, don’t run yourself into the ground and suffer from depression, stress and affect your personal life. Not a great work ethic and I could see how this may be viewed as being pessimistic, but realistic nonetheless.

Also thanks for not even acknowledging my departure with not so much as a thank you or goodbye card. I guess the company budget couldn’t cover the 59p that it costs to buy a card from Card Factory and you were too stingy to buy one yourself. Also, I’m sure your phone tariff would enable you to even send so much as a text message since I didn’t see you before I finished up. Fuck you asshole. I feel like a used condom – all you did was use me, then throw me in the trash. I’m not totally disposable fuckface – because the place was going to ruin before I left and you can’t get any experienced staff to work for you. I hope that the higher-ups really fuck you over and roast you, as you did to me, you passive-aggressive wanker.

Absolute farce of a company. The only people I feel sorry for are some of the clients who are unable to live a normal life and this company is not allowing them the chance to develop and reach their potential, which is what they’re all about if you buy into their mission statement. Some of them are bordering on neglect in certain facilities. No pay rise for 7 years, pitiful pension scheme and only statutory sick pay. Again, my fault for even applying to work in this dismal shithole, but I really wanted to develop in this sector and make a difference. Now, sadly, any enthusiasm that I had for making a difference in people’s lives has been sucked out of me, at least for the time being.

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