S.T.F.U!!!! Debbie Downer to the MAX

I work at a small start-up and being in a small company, a lot of people wear many hats and yes it can get a little hectic…. you know what REALLY slows everything down? Ann.

Dear Ann,

Please for the love of GOD STFU – Guess what?? everyone at the company has family and responsibilities to take care of. Some more stressful than others at times, but we come into work and try to make it as easy going as possible.

1. We do not care that your inheritance check is late every month and how nothing ever goes right in your life… every day all day. ( I personally would LOVE an inheritance check by the way)

2. Every phone call doesn’t need a 15-minute discussion afterwards. I don’t need to see what you did after every task and if you ask me what to do one more time, I might just say, “Hey, see if you can go home.”

3. Do you want to know why there are no bonuses this Christmas?? YOUR BIG MOUTH running to the owners numerous times, complaining about the time of the bonus and asking how much everyone got last year…. guess what moron? You bugged them so much about it they pretty much nixed the bonuses… after all, it’s a BONUS!! They’re not required to give one to anyone.

4. I wish you could see how peaceful it is before you come in with your crap complaining about your drive, gas, the wind, rain, weather, too sunny, too cold… I mean EVERY MORNING! We do not care about:
– whatever is wrong with your coffee
– what time you woke up and how much time you didn’t have
– how many cigarettes you have in your purse (there’s never the right amount)
– what you’re wearing, where you bought it or how much it costs…. we certainly don’t have the time to listen to that much detail about every inch of clothing you’re wearing every single damn morning.

6. Please STFU and find another job so we all can get this company off of the ground without you killing the entire vibe. you come in.. and headphones go on… AND YOU STILL TALK.

7. If you choose to work and not eat and/or not use the bathroom all day that is your choice. No one is forcing these things on you. Everyone else eats and uses the bathroom so please stop complaining about it. Maybe if you wouldn’t give a 30-minute monologue as to why you’re too busy to “go pee and eat” maybe you’d find the time to do so.

– Sincerely,
The Entire Company

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