Relocation is a B

I recently moved back to the midwest to be closer to my family, or what is left of them after half died. I worked a great life in yachting and now my qualities including college education are considered “irrelevant”. Welcome to Egypt Mother Forkers!

The workforce in the midwest is so flush with candidates that I took a 60k loss to work a low-end sh*t level job and have been on interviews to improve said situation to be told that the qualities I picked up working on a private yacht for Multimillionaires does not qualify as anything any entry-level position is looking for in the “Heartland.” Laughable at best, horribly sad that this is what our country is coming to on the far left side of the spectrum.

Good to know I have options to marry into foreign lands and leave said shit hole… fork it the family died a year after I moved. Awesome waste of money and space. Good to know the people I currently work with, including bankers, are sending the wrong checks to the wrong companies, and yet are paid better and love their positions…. I have so much to learn again. Forkers….

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