Rat race at its best form

The title pretty much says it all. This job is the very best fucking example of a rat race. It fucking promises with all the fucking perks and whatnot but in reality, this whole fucking thing is nothing but a soul-draining piece of shit leech that just wants to use you up to the fullest before getting rid of you.

There is TONS of work to do and the pay is a really huge what-the-fuck sign of how shitty the pay is. I don’t mind them not wanting me to be rich, I mean it’s their right, but this pay is a fucking insult, like just flip the fucking birds already.

I’m working all the fucking time and my brain literally sleeps all of a sudden as I’m typing and writing shit, that’s how critically damaging this job is. I got to the point of asking my asshole boss to allow me to go get something from my fucked car just so I can sit down and have a solo conversation with myself, and probably a small 10 mins nap in my car, and just vent out I just wanna have a fucking breather.

My boss is a real dickhead, he’s like the very meaning of a true cock sucker. My desk is fucking LOADED with papers to do and this fucking bitch comes over here like a fucking annoying mother fucker wanting to give me more fucking papers to fucking do, and even after I said that I can’t do them because obviously my fucking desk got no room at all, like I can’t even put a pen anywhere anymore, he still gave them to me after I stated my fucking situation. He doesn’t even know how to do my own job. He sits his fucking ass down, only comes over here to annoy us with his bullshit and leaves again to smoke some cigs and drinks his very carefully made coffee. Fucking annoying asshole.

And these co-workers, oh my god they’re so mother fucking annoying pieces of senseless rotten cock-sucking shits. The shit they talk about makes no fucking sense at all. I mean I can never understand what the fuck they are talking about. They suddenly argue and they suddenly laugh with each other in the middle of the argument and this happened just now as I’m typing this.

What kind of bullshit atmosphere is this man… and they speak with secretive hints only they can understand. I mean I was never raised or had a background of these kind of people. I came from a community where everyone was straightforward and no bullshit. Even the asshole from where I came from wasn’t a bullshitter. If someone hates you and wants to kick your ass he will tell you and arrange a place to settle the problem, but ever since I got this job, life has been exhausting. Fake to the core and very fucking boring.

I mean, it’s no wonder as people get older they get stiffer. These kinds of jobs and routines are only good at promising. Fuck this asshat boss. Fuck these fake-ass co-workers and I fucking hope this place gets drowned in acid. I just want to enjoy the fucking view. I swear it will feel like the most positive day of my life, even after I start my side business I still want to fucking see this place go deep down in the ground. Oh and look, co-workers arguing again. Seriously this place deserves the biggest finger.

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