Pull your head out of your ass

Stop thinking that you are the best. You act like you are so much better than us when you have not even been at your job for anywhere near as long as the rest of us. You are so smug, thinking that you are so much more talented than us. Want to know a secret? You built yourself a reputation a while ago for being a retarded dumbass. You built this reputation for being lazy, incompetent, and essentially not being able to do your job well. Yes, you have gotten better but your continued actions still label you as a dumbass who just does not think! Something that we all agree on! But of course to think you have to be able to shut up for more than a few minutes. And yes, we have noticed that when you work you are slow as hell and when you start talking (Because you can’t shut up) you somehow become even slower.

And where the hell do you come off lecturing me about how to do my job?! You can’t even do your own job! Somehow, you still fuck up even written and detailed instructions! And stop being a damned snitch. We have all noticed that you rat out everything we say to the boss. I definitely noticed because I was right there when you were telling the boss everything you overheard the rest of the staff talk about. Do you act like a snitch because you know you suck at your job and are trying to make yourself appear better? Some of us don’t care about being ratted out. Others are pissed off. And you may think that because you have known the boss for years that you are immune to being punished for your idiocy, but you’re not! Hell, even he thinks you are a dumbass, he is just too nice to punish you.

Pull your head out of your ass. You are not as great as you like to think, you are not this amazing and talented worker, you are not even that well-liked. You built a reputation for incompetence, laziness, ratting out what your co-workers complain about, and yet somehow you still think so highly of yourself. You were kept around for far longer than you deserved

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