Please for the love of god just do your job

Please stop getting emotional when I give you work. No one else complains, you are not special. Just do your job, this job is nowhere near as bad as some others I’ve worked at, people like you need to be humbled in a serious fucking way. The more you moan to me, the more you throw your toys out the pram, the closer you are to being fired, which is ironic from you considering your financial situation. Yes I am a manager and have to go through a process to fire you, but trust me that chain of events has already begun.

You think I haven’t logged all of your complaints and comments? I will take this to the big boys

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. Don’t you dare be crying if this time next month you’re at the job centre enrolling for benefits, and you can bet your ass I will put a stop to a whip-round for you if worse comes to worse, this company is too kind and caring even to completely ungrateful morons like yourself. I hope you get what you want. I hope you get fired, and I hope the realization hits you harder than a sack of bricks. Your attitude, your inability to adapt and move on in life, and your lack of skills and qualifications aren’t going to land you your dream job next week. So suck it up here, or suck it up somewhere else, because trust me woman, everyone else is past the point of caring!

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