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I’m Going Nowhere

Location: USA
Job: Supervisor

I was promoted to a position I had no experience in and given little to no guidance beyond, “figure it out yourself,” despite the fact that I watched other people in my position given a ton of time and attention without even asking. To make things better, the very first thing you told me was that you wanted to give the job to someone else, but couldn’t, so thanks for sabotaging any confidence I had in myself from the beginning.

When I inevitably made mistakes due to being given the biggest workload, the least experienced workers and absolutely no guidance, they were held against me. I’m fine with that, accountability is important.Continue reading


5 managers for 7 employees

Location: Canada
Job: HR

We have 12 employees. Because the boss wanted more time to himself he made 5 of his senior staff “management”. They manage different things. One manages finances, one manages IT, one manages processes, and the last one manages training. We only have 7 other employees. These “managers” don’t attend special events organized by me for team building, they like to go for exclusive manager lunches where they bitch about whatever topic of the month, and they spend a lot of time in meetings fighting over how to run the company.Continue reading


Are you for real?

Location: US
Job: Gimp

Really? Are you really that much of a sad bitch? Can you really be breathing and showing your face in the world when you are so fucking useless?

You spend 75% of the working day moaning about everyone else. 25% of the day is spent giving examples of your own behaviour and activities that most people would be horrified by. You, however, are so deluded that you think you are spouting good practice. Fuck. If you were to spout that shit to anyone with any power, you’d be sacked at best, or at worst on a register never allowed to be near people again. Jeez. You are a waste of air.

Fuck you, you idiotic, deluded old hag.


F***ing done with this boring ass job

Location: mauritius
Job: auditor

Most boring job ever. Coming to work feels like a chore. Auditing shit that does not have any meaning and issuing boring reports that are soon forgotten in the drawers. Freaking boring boss. Unmarried and around 50 and a piece of shit when it comes to being normal. The guy just says ‘what’ over and over even though he understands every shit I say.

I am tired of repeating myself all day long and tired of seeing his old face and his loud talks which I honestly don’t give 2 fucks about. Everyday coming to work and staying here for 8 hours feels like being trapped. The second half of the day is the most boring of all. At 2 p.m everyday I feel like running out through the freaking door. When will this be over?


Bye bye ugly sisters

Location: Ireland
Job: Cinderfuckingrella

I can’t wait to say goodbye to you two useless, petty, badmouthing bitches.
Soon I will never ever have to listen to you ever, ever again. You will still be bitches, you will still be useless, but I won’t have to deal with you. Fucking brilliant!!!!!

Drown in your own tiny pools of poison.


Bye bye f***ers

Location: Shitsville
Job: Picking up dummies thrown from prams

Fuck off you fat, useless bitches. You are a massive, shit-covered waste of space. The world would be better off if you were both dead. Your work colleagues would be happier, your clients would get a better service, your husband’s would have a chance of happiness and more money in their pockets, your children could have their own lives and be happy.

I am so fucking lucky to be leaving you. I feel so bad for those who are still linked to you. Poor fucking bastards. I will remember them in my prayers.


F***ing posing ass marine!

Location: USA
Job: Angry mob

You sure don’t act like you were in the fucking military anymore. You can fucking kiss my fucking ass all you want, but everyone just lost respect for you. You fuckwit twat!!! You think you can fiddle with your half-baked ideas, but face it you fucking moron it won’t fucking help. My boss may be below you, but I am going to listen to him. He and my old boss are the only fucking ones in this whole BS organization who knows how to do their fucking job anymore. You don’t even know how to do their fucking jobs anymore.Continue reading


Micro manager just f*** off

Location: Uk
Job: Support care worker

I hate my job, I hate my management, I hate the social services, they can all fuck off stop draining my life energy you mother fucking vampires. I will leave and you will be fucked, find someone else to look after your challenging behaviour problems I have the unfortunate duty to care for.

No thanks at all. I’m done. You have taken 10 years of my life and now you can go fuck your self if you think I’m giving you 10 more. I hate you all you can fuck off.


Who the f*** do you think you are?

Location: United States
Job: The Forking Babysitter

You have been here a year and 5 months and you fucking think you run the place? Who the fuck do you think you are?

You can barely do your fucking job you numskull. Keep your fucking attitude to yourself – you haven’t been here long enough to go off on anyone.

You can hardly wipe your fucking nose without direction so please……… SHUT THE FUCK UP AND GO LEARN YOUR FUCKING JOB.


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