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You’re going too fast

Location: Fucklore
Job: Assign merch

I have never worked for a fucking company that says you’re working too fast. If you want tags and product assignments done then there you go. Your fucking system is not fucking a reasonable expectation. I am not a fucking 80 year old doing this fucking job. You got stupid fucking pricks aside from me assigning products in other locations and god forbid the tags are fucking the right price and exactly the same. Why the fuck should I fucking change them?

Not only that you got people at the home office smoking a bunch of crack sending price changes that are already fucking done or they are a penny more or less or exactly the same except for the fucking date. 1/3 of the product spaces are not even fucking there they are a bunch of ghost spaces so obviously i had to kick them out of the system after I fucking told the supervisor it needs to be fixed. I can fix it or someone else or you can fucking fix it. Guess what the supervisor is on fucking vacation for another fucking week. Fucking really? What the fuck is this shit?

My last fucking job said I was going too fucking slow and they cut my hours down for no good fucking reason because I couldn’t cashier nor do half the fucking store by myself. On top of that shit half the printers don’t fucking work for shit and half the tags get lost in the fucking abyss called “your fucked up internet.” Also half the product assignments are not even assigned correctly

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Please home office get your dildos out of your asses and use your fucking brains and fix your broken as fuck machines!!! ???????????? P.S. most companies want you to get things done quicker. Get with the fucking program!!!


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