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Every bloody week

Location: Scotland
Job: Cleaner

I am a cleaner. Would it seriously kill my boss to hire staff for the morning? Every weekend I’m left on my own and have been for months despite moaning at 4 different bosses. And the size of the place omg. Finally applied for a more appropriate job now.

But still I go to work to clean. I clean, leave, then the place is a damn mess again.

Oh it gets better. Moans from other cleaners that it’s a complete mess when they get in……do the decent thing – give me staff and stop forgetting about me!


Total incompetence

Location: USA
Job: Editor

Working as an editor, everyone’s mistakes are my responsibility. Being responsible for clueless people who are beyond help is like taxation without representation; you pay the price but don’t get to help determine what’s being bought. My colleagues can’t even provide 2 sentences worth of content and associated headers/footnotes/referencing without needing dozens of corrections, so when documents exceed 100 pages I’m pretty much swimming in their turds. The “writers” don’t know basic grammar, let alone some the specialized points of style and content they should know for the kind of writing they do, and they can’t even successfully copy and paste content that we’ve published correctly over and over again. The graphic artists are incapable of opening a document without fucking something up, and it’s total chaos once they actually get going. If I had a nickel for every time a production note found its way into live content, I’d have enough money to buy a billboard ad telling them how they make me despair. Our account leads are either disengaged oldsters who barely show up or 20-something know-nothings who could be replaced, for an upgrade, by an unattended email inbox. They regularly promise our clients that we’ll complete days worth of work overnight and never seem to learn from the failures and disasters that inevitably follow, but most of them are pretty good looking I guess. Then there’s the project managers. It used to be that there were physical folders for them to walk around to the actual workers with actual abilities, but electronic routing has made the job too hard for them. Some have made their way back to retail or restaurant work where they belong, but there’s still an army of them making everything harder than it needs to be. If you are reading this, I promise you don’t hate your job as much as I do.


Yes, you’re not some special fairy princess

Location: OR
Job: Software engineer

Again and fucking again I wanted to scream at my clients that NO, they’re NOT my only clients. I’ve fucking 35 projects under my care and I could NOT be in office 24/7. So, if I asked for 1 working day in advance notice then it’s to make sure that I’m actually IN the office and CAN update because God knows trainings and meetings and random non-sense pop-up on regular basis. Fuck, I can’t even go to toilet because I’m too busy! How bout that?!


Inside voice please

Location: USA
Job: I can't work

If I can hear your voice with my noise cancelling headphones on with hip hop cranked to volume 50 to the point where it hurts my ears to not hear your stupid mouth, you talk too fucking loud!!!


I hate people…


People annoy me. They get under my skin. I have to force myself to get along with them. They annoy me to a point I wish I was a hermit. Clique, drama, immaturity, just plain insanity. Dear god let me be happy…no more people jobs.


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