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Crazy eyes scooter style

Location: United States
Job: Worker bee

A boss lady that rides around the building on a scooter, tries to hold it together while disciplining an employee. You could see her veins popping out as she smiles and puts on a fake high-pitched voice, polite attitude, and giant smile with wide open eyes. You could tell she wanted to slap the employee, but was trying her best to just hold it together. The employee was also extremely polite. It was a pleasant exchange on the outside, except for her very obvious body language that indicated how full of shit she was. This fake scolding could have been a far more productive exchange, had she been less fake and just been honest and down to earth. Instead, her sociopathic giveaways ticked like a time bomb counting backwards.Continue reading


Annoying co-worker

Location: US
Job: Shipping Specialist

I work with a guy who is so flippin needy. He has to be a part of every conversation, whether it pertains to him or not. He talks non-stop, but never has anything of value to say. He vomits his thoughts everywhere and expects whoever is listening to clean it up. I just want to do my work in silence. I just can’t handle him today.

He doesn’t know how to take hints. I ignore him, avoid eye contact or respond with a “hmm” or “uh-huh”. I don’t know what else to do to get this kid to leave me alone. He just wants constant approval. I don’t work like that. I’m an introvert and like to work without constant interruption.

To top it all off, he likes to talk in a Japanese accent all the time. When he wants to talk to me he says “Mrs. Serena” in old Japanese man style.


Incompetent boss

Location: Canada
Job: Administrator

Dear XXX,

As a boss, as a manager, you suck. You keep people down and make sure they never get out from under you because you make them work to make you look good. You’re an idiot and an awful boss and everyone should know that it is exactly because of managers like you the faculty has such a bad reputation and why there’s such high turnover there.

You’re a joke and you shouldn’t be a manager of any sort.


Eff U

Location: USA
Job: Customer Service

There’s nothing like working your ass off when other people sit around eating or on their cell phones or reading magazines. The boss doesn’t do a fucking thing about it! This is called fucking work you dumb cock-sucking bitches!! At least make yourself useful instead gossiping like a buncha fucking cackling hens!!


I’m tired of these piece of shit supervisors

Location: United States
Job: Store

I am sick of these lazy ass supervisors. Most of them in town really suck ass. I don’t get paid as much of these sons of bitches. I’m so tired of working hard and not getting anywhere in my career. I sincerely hope i get the fuck out of here by January. My ex-coworker is getting promoted soon. She may know the projects or whatever, but she never bothers to train anyone or tell them what is expected. Shes going to be just like those pieces of shits that are in those lead roles. I’m so done with this company. Its a dead end. I’m the one training the supervisor in the end. Its total horse shit.


Restricted workplace

Job: Shit doctor

I’m so sick of working in a place with many restrictions for which the restrictions were made because of money matters.

If you invest in a hospital, that means patients come first. Yes, investments are important. Yes, your money is important. But a patient’s life is also important.

You restrict other doctors in what they need to do to their patients because “the equipment might get broken” and yet you often do the very thing you restrict others to do.

Greedy Ass Doctor. You shouldn’t be a doctor in the first place if money is your number one priority.


Obsessive and controlling

Location: US
Job: Shipping Specialist

I’m stuck working with an incompetent idiot. Everyone in the office knows he can’t do the job they put him in, but they want to stroke his ego and give him false hope. He has one job he needs to focus on to get done by 10:30. Instead he wants to focus on an email I sent out making sure I did my job correctly.


Illiterate bastards

Location: Somewhere
Job: IT

Fuck you illiterate bastards!

See this fucking schedule you insisted on being delayed currently? Yeah that’s for Project B and we fucking deliver them on time.

The project we’re on, yeah THIS is project A. See that earlier schedule, Project A was marked ‘Not scheduled yet’ and then I submitted another PTW with schedule for project A (this current project) that is deadlined at the end of this month.Continue reading


How to piss off your employees

Location: Canuckistan
Job: I know what it’s SUPPOSED to be

Two days ago. Two whole days ago, we all sat up in that office discussing different issues and how to improve things for us slaves. We were firmly told that if equipment wasn’t working properly then we are to shut the fucking thing down until it was properly repaired. This is now day two of using fucked-up equipment that you aren’t allowing us to shut down. And how exactly is it my fucking problem that maintenance is short right now? You have let so many people go that I am now forced to do a job I’m not supposed to be doing because we are so short staffed now.

Thanks assholes. This used to be a really good company to work for and people took pride in it. It is now just a shit show. The Gong Show on steroids. I’d love to see you fuckwits come out and do the job we are all doing. Your ignorance is my pain.


Sick of being the forking babysitter

Location: USA
Job: The Forking Babysitter

What the fork is wrong with people? I get so tired of the bullshit from day to day. Just show up and shut the fork up and do your forking job. I don’t give a fork about your stupid home life. YOU choose to work 2 forking jobs and let your forking husband stay home and be a forking lazy mother forker. You stress me out so bad I just cuss and cuss in my head and on occasion out loud and I hate to forking cuss out loud.Continue reading


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