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Fucking spic ass misogynistic cocksucker

Location: USA


If you’ve read my rants before, you’ve seen how abused I’ve been by a fucking misogynistic wetback shitfuck over the past three years. Thank GOD I have finally been able to get a BETTER job elsewhere and get the fuck away from this ass fucker.



Fucking tire-kickers

Location: Arctic Ocean
Job: Seller

Ok, so I sell fucking custom-made shit on IG, eBay, and a few other places.

Lately, I’ve just had a bunch of shitheads wasting my fucking time. They ask stupid ass questions constantly, wasting my time so that I can’t build orders for PAYING CUSTOMERS. I waste hours sending the fuckers pictures of color swatches, etc. and then after hours of that shit, they go…”I’ll let you know later. I’m shopping around other sellers…” and then I never hear back from the cocksuckers even though I know my products are better and my prices are lower than the fucktards that have copied my items.

Anyway, fuck ’em…I’m about ready to throw my fucking computer across the god damn room right now. I am so fucking sick of this shit.


I know your game you controlling bitch

Location: Edina, MN
Job: Legal

I have a boss named Doreen whose last name rhymes with a fat mammal and she suits the role. She became my manager a year ago and is the most controlling bitch I have ever worked for. She asked me to facilitate a team meeting and take notes because she is too lazy to do it. She said we were going to go in alphabetical order of my team names but she skipped over a few people and assigned me to this. Fine, it wasn’t that much work, but all she does is nitpick me and said in my review last week that I am fearful of change which is ridiculous. I have been on my team the longest and have been the one supporting change and training others in how to adapt. Until a few years ago, I had a positive attitude until it became apparent the company making billions wants to lay people off and ship their jobs overseas to save money and won’t reinvest in the company so we are working with outdated programs and processes. Excuse me if I no longer care to go the extra mile for a bunch of rich pricks.Continue reading


Horrible company to work for

Location: USA
Job: Draftsman

My employer is a horrible one to work for. On more than one occasion they have required me to complete work outside of my scope of work to get paid. They schedule work when they have no idea if you will be able to do it or not due to other people changing their schedules at will. They do not answer questions in a timely manner, but expect you to complete the work regardless. They play on being a ‘women-owned business’ simply for the tax breaks…the best I can tell you is it is not a women-friendly workplace… They are just another big business in America taking advantage of anyone and everyone they can. It’s nice to see corporate America joining together to eff over Americans.


Just a Rant

Location: Missouri
Job: Manager

First let me say I love my job, and you (my boss/owner), have become a good friend of mine… Both inside and outside the work place. But lately you’ve been getting on my nerves and I need to rant. Ranting to you is not a good idea, obviously. But more importantly I now know sane opinions mean nothing in the insanity of your mind.

First, it’s off season. Sales are a 100th of what I personally bring into your company. And I get 17.5 hours a week during this time. That’s 4.5 hours a day! Don’t call me everyday the first 4 days of this 2 month long suck of a salesfest wondering why sales are this low and what I’m doing to sell a little more (phone orders). All the while you are in a different state, and have NEVER set foot here during this time. You and millions of others are doing the same. Staying the fuck away. Man I’m in the middle of inventory, I’ve done nothing but that. Oh but you don’t want to hear excuses? What the fuck, it’s the truth!Continue reading


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