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Going to quit!


How do you expect me to work for you if you don’t give me any hours? That’s what work is. You give me my hours and I come in and do work. Am I supposed to sit at home at your beck and call like a lonely girlfriend? So disrespectful!



Location: US
Job: Retail

My douchbag boss steals my tips. I worked hard to earn those tips and you walk in and stick them in your pocket. Yeah, buy yourself a cake, you fat wench.


So long bitches

Location: Ireland
Job: Media

Interviewed for a promotion WHICH THEY TOLD ME TO GO FOR. Told it was close between me and some guy and he got it because he had a better personality. Asked to discuss how I feel about my personality defects and how we can move forward on this issue… The fuck. If we’re being hired based on personality how did you get YOUR job you ubercunt? Quit working there after 13 years. Working notice at the moment and trying to avoid said cuntface, because if I have to talk to her again I’ll knock the bitch out (I’m a girl btw so I’m well within my rights). FUCK YOUS.


Bosses from hell

Location: South Africa
Job: Telecom Engineer

I hope my boss dies soon. Otherwise I could possibly murder him. He has this attitude that you’re just not human. He expects work to be done through lunchtime….and after hours. Does not allow flexible work timings when you worked through a night, like starting later on a morning like this. I hate the shot flicker. Wish I found another job soon.


Thank fuck for this site.

Job: Baker

15 fucking hours short staffed. The current staff and manager work their unpaid asses off to help me and to support the department and yet it is not enough! Not by a long shit. Customers, bless them, outnumber me 10 to 1. I can’t cope! I ask my managers manager to come to department! I tell the manager I need help. He says I have enough! I disagree.

Shit I’m drunk. Get more fucking staff or show me how to do it motherfucker….


Grow Up

Location: USA
Job: Jackofalltrades

I work with this 60-year-old person that needs to grow the hell up. I have never in my life worked with any one less mature than she is. I understand anyone having a bad day, but this is ridiculous. Getting angry because someone didn’t say good morning to you. They didn’t hear your stupid ass!!

She constantly complains about her family using her for money but she constantly gives it to them all the while whining she is broke. I have zero sympathy for her. I just want her to grow up, shut up, and do her damn job.

I really don’t think that is too much to ask of someone who has been on this planet for 6 decades.


You’re not my fucking boss

Location: Glasgow Central
Job: Hotel worker

I have been in my job for 19 years. This new guy comes along and suddenly, even though he has the same position as me, he thinks he is in charge of me…Spike do this, Spike go do the room service, do this, do that. Well, let me tell you something little man, you ain’t nothing but a coward always grassing on people because you think it going to get you somewhere. Well it’s not…you take sickies at the drop of a hat while everyone else has to cover your fucking shift cos you can’t be arsed getting out of bed. You’re in for a shock tonight my friend trust me on that one…assuming you come in that is.

And as a side note: Boss, why don’t you grow a pair of balls and get rid of the jumped up spotty faced little cunt? Nobody fucking likes him anyway. A man aged 31 and he still stays with his mummy and daddy. REALLY. Next time you tell me to do something you’re gonna get a smack in the face you fucking prick.


Record breaker idiot

Location: UK
Job: Service Engineer

So 30 years I’ve done this job and in all of my 30 years I’ve never come across such a fucking thicko as this before. How can an adult believe that their oven is at fault because it is stinking of oil? It’s a fucking oven you idiot not a cunting HGV! Try cleaning it you filthy whore instead of wasting my fucking time trying to convince you electric ovens don’t have an engine full of Castrol GTX. It does however have a thick layer of grease coating every panel, nearly as thick as you.


Thank god there is a god!

Location: USA
Job: Genie

My manager has let me go overnights to get away from this asshole. Thank god. I was so miserable working at this place. Thank god I am getting away and I am keeping my job. Thank god I don’t have to deal with him anymore. I hope there is justice in the world if anyone else comes in my place and he becomes an asshole. I do hope someone has the courage to can this mother fucker. If there’s any justice let this man get canned as a lesson.


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