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Lazy manager given £10K payrise

Location: UK
Job: Underpaid Idiot

So I’ve just discovered my manager got a £10K payrise recently whilst my pay has remained the same even though I’m not just doing the roles I was given at the beginning of my job. I’ve previously posted on here before about how my disgusting boss is lazy, she leaves early and wastes so much time when she could be doing actual work. She was recently criticised for not producing enough work and money for the company and yet they reward her with a £10K payrise. Are you F**KING kidding me?!!Continue reading


Incompetent motherfuckers


Holy shit, I have been so sick of my work lately. There isn’t one FUCKING free day when someone doesn’t message me or even call me about some tiny stupidity they should know already. My new boss is a pain in the ass, so fucking slow with everything, I basically work as if I were multiple people now, all that’s missing is me wiping their ass because they are so useless with mundane stuff.Continue reading



Location: usa
Job: Customer Service

It’s Sunday and I so don’t want to back to work with those cackling hen c***s tomorrow. Fuck off and die you back stabbing two faced bitches! It’s Christmas and I fucking hate you. I hope you get piles of horseshit for secret fucking santa you sniveling little turds.


Now looking for a new job

Location: UK
Job: Door Mat

Absolutely fed up and sick and tired of how my boss prances around the office like she is the Queen B of this entire company. The company was brought out a few years back by a much wealthier one and all of a sudden, little Mrs Queen B became a nobody. She was forgotten about, to the point where no one in our main head office even knows her name or knows she exists. I’ve don’t care if anyone in our other branches knows my name or knows who I am, I couldn’t give too shits about them either, at the end of the day this is a work place and not where you should be primarily socialising and not doing your bloody work. She hates that no one knows who she is, but to be honest she doesn’t make any money for the company so I’m not surprised no one cares about her. She is a total laughing stock to them.Continue reading


Screw it

Location: St louis
Job: Admin asst

Hate my job. I am 65 in February with good skills, but no matter how many resumes I send no calls. I am on all the job sites and when I find a job I am interested in and click it usually sends me to the website of the company and I have to fill out an online application, etc. My resume has those dates and that info. Each company wants something a bit different so you can’t standardize. So I spend hours doing it and nothing. I know it’s my age. I can retire in 2 years but don’t think I can make 2 days. I have been in this job 4 months and it is hell.


Idiots in charge


Get UI people to design complex IT Systems because managers “understand” what they are talking about. Then give highly qualified engineers a few days to sort out the ducking mess. They have no understanding of the current systems. No idea about what can be achieved. Words fail me.



Location: usa
Job: Cs

So sick of bitches bitchin about stupid shit that they can control. Not my fault you’re an incompetent ass who can’t do your fucking job! Fuck you!! And the boss should be a Walmart greeter because that’s all this person is good for!! How in the fuck did you become a boss?!! Pffft fucking tool!!


Why don’t you leave?

Location: US
Job: Try to stay sane

Your level of entitlement is insane. You are deluded. Your job is simple, but you either can’t or won’t do it. Instead, you think you should be able to do everyone else’s job, except you are neither qualified to do this, nor capable. Every day you bring a ‘good idea’, I know that you think it’s a good idea because you start by saying “I’ve got a good idea”, but to anyone sane, it’s a shit idea. It’s usually either self-serving or moronic. It never has anything to do with what we are trying to achieve. Recently, you tried for promotion, but you don’t have the skills, experience or qualifications necessary. That didn’t stop you though. Your self-belief is admirable, and you are not held back by facts. However, no other person can see your worth like you can, and you were not successful this time. So, we must now cope with your anger and tantrums and sulks. And increased, daily ‘good ideas’.


Entitled Lazy Boss

Location: UK


I will try and keep this as short as I can.

I began my current job a little over a year ago. My first boss has retired in this time and my deputy manager has now become my boss.

My new boss, I can summarise her as lazy, lacks motivation or any care for her job, she often leaves early or arrives late with no excuses, she can be condescending and patronising and often laughs if I speak about any misfortunes in my life which has led me to not speak about anything personal.Continue reading


F*** you all, you f***ing c***s!

Location: Midwest, USA
Job: I give and take money and checks from assholes all day

Management is a goddamn joke. They are never around, even when they are around. Fuck, I don’t even know what my district manager actually manages becuse she is either out of the building or in her office all day with the door closed. I’m half convinced that she sits in there and Facebooks all day while getting paid for it. I haven’t seen her do shit since I started 2 months ago.Continue reading


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