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HR is a joke


This woman I work with, a grown-ass women, mid-40s with children close to the same age to me, is the biggest joke. She is our HR representative and it’s absolutely hilarious to me. She is the biggest gossip, constantly ranting about every employee we have. From how overpaid she thinks they are to their personal issues. Anything you say to her will surely spread through the office like wildfire and gain a ton of superfluous and untrue details along the way. She is the most dramatic, unprofessional lazy human being I’ve ever met. Not to mention the fact she is completely sexual and unprofessional with all of the upper management. The worst part is no one has put all of these details together because they don’t hear all of the nonsense blaring out of her office every second of the day. She has absolutely no experience in HR relations and no business representing this office. I’ve never been so disgusted by someone in my work environment, and here is the best part… There’s no one to complain to because you certainly can’t go to HR.


Haha the joke is on you asshole

Location: United States
Job: Retail

You fucking piece of shit. You tried to threaten kill me. Joke is on you. You think you can get away with shit. Guess what your on the manager’s radar. The way you treated people is the type of respect you deserve back. They pulled me away from you for my safety. They value me over you. My coworkers have that deep respect for me over you. All the respect you get is all fake and manufactured by your manipulating ways. No one is your friend and no one is on your side. I hope you get your karma soon. Sooner is better than later. Later is even worse.


Lazy idiot

Location: USA
Job: administrative

I’m so sick and tired of this stupid bitch. I refuse to talk about this worthless c**t anymore at home so here I am. This fucking moron is too lazy to do any work at all anymore. She has pawned off almost every part of her job to someone else and she actually has the NERVE to get huffy when she sees people working together to get HER job done. It’s a shame when so many people in different departments knows you don’t do shit but still remains working here. No one can stand you! Fuck you.


No sleep

Location: USA
Job: N/a

Are you fucking kidding me? It’s 6 PM and you send me a file to be completed by 8 AM tomorrow? I have another job you dumb bitch! I work overnight! The only time I have to sleep is between 7 PM to 1 AM. I am fucking tired and NOW I have to get started on a fucking file because you couldn’t bother to send me the relevant info earlier today. I can’t tell if you were born this stone dead stupid or if it’s an art you’ve mastered throughout the years. Fuck you and the horse you rode in on you dumb, selfish, little c**t.

P.S: Fuck you

P.S.S: Fuck you again.

P.S.S.S: Your mother sucks cocks in hell. And fuck you.


Go shave your sideburns

Location: England
Job: Care worker

So you think you have the right to tell me how to support my guys do you? Even though you don’t work for the same company, you don’t know anything about the guys I support, having a go at me for keeping my guys safe. You stupid fucking shit to have the nerve to talk to me like that in front of my guys. You’re going to regret it trust me! While you sit there with your arms crossed above the mountain you call your belly looking so proud of yourself I have found out who you are and the company you work for. Let’s just say I wouldn’t want to be you on Monday morning aka I have reported you. Do you understand that or have your massive sideburns over heated the one and only brain cell you have? Go fuck yourself. Wind your neck back in and stay out of my way!


Please Leave Me The HELL ALONE!!!!

Location: North America
Job: Angry Peon

I’m so sick and tired of your bull shit!!!!! Just shut the fuck up and leave me alone. I stay away from you and don’t acknowledge you!!!! Calling me a goddamn liar. Fuck you asshole you lie your fucking ass off. Talking shit about people saying the worst horrible things. Taking advantage of other people. My team isn’t as intelligent and they eat all the bullshit you feed them. Saying the girls sleep with the manager. Trying to be the victim and you’re clearly not. You’re a selfish piece of shit. I really don’t want to be around you at all. Fuck off asshole. I already stay away from you. What more do you want??? I already am looking for other employment because you’re a psychopath!!! The HR and management can’t do anything about it. That’s so fucking bullshit. It’s another reason why I have to leave. I am not compromising myself to a fucker like you. So you said I’m a horrible and ugly human being. You’re basically talking about yourself. And you said I need to grow up? Well for a person who talks shit about people behind their backs that’s so high school.


Go f*** yourself

Location: Chicago
Job: Above your petty bullshit

You fuckers stress me out so much that I have to smoke a shit ton of weed every night before bed just to calm my mind so I can fall asleep. And so my argument is this: you owe me a raise because I’m going through my weed way too quickly, so I need more money to buy it more often than I normally would. And pretty soon, I predict I’m going to have to start to come to work high, just so I can deal with your two-faced, lying-ass, motherfucking, back-stabbing, cock-sucking, selfish, drunk, perverted, disgusting faces. And quit trying to pretend to care how my vacation was. Stay the fuck away from me, and quit being fake. I can’t fucking stand it. So this is what I get for sticking up for myself when you sexually assault me? Now I completely get why more women don’t report it. Because they completely get screwed, and not in the good way. Go ahead, cut more of my hours. You’re so pathetic and transparent. Go fuck yourself you assholes.


Dumb Arse Fucks as managers

Location: London
Job: Occupational Health Assistant

I am literally on my last legs. Cut it with your PMA PMA quotes. You carry on with your positive mental attitude you stupid fuck.

Continue pulling the wool over managements’ eyes! The top-tier managers are even more dense that they cannot see that the stats are all forgery anyway….. they are preoccupied sharing the Christmas jumper contest photos…. business priorities and all that. Oh we have overtime this weekend if anyone wants it….. wouldn’t have to do that if you lazy bunch of cunts did some work!

I could rage forever about my hell hole occupational hazard of a job…. but no one listens anyway.


The dumbest fucks

Location: New Zealand
Job: Construction worker

I work with a bunch of useless bottom-feeding shitheads. These junkie mouth-breathers couldn’t think their way through a recipe for boiled eggs. One of these fried dogs is so fucking brain-dead he only wears slip-on shoes presumably because the prospect of having to tie a shoelace would see his cognitive machinery immediately sieze, and decommission the cooked unit entirely. Having to share the air over lunch with the likes of these reptilian imbeciles is about as much fun as a fork in the eye. A coherent thought might be more readily elicited from a common farm animal. If you’ve ever wondered what became of the neanderthals, I found them.


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