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You wanna know WHY healthcare costs so much??? I WILL TELL YOU!!!

Location: USA
Job: Admin Specialist

I work in a healthcare company billing office. This place is corrupt beyond any and all definitions of the word “corrupt”!!!! Seriously!

These dipshits are the most UNprofessional, moronic, brain dead, fuktards that have ever existed! The so-called “management” of this place are nothing more than over-paid secretarContinue reading


Crossed the line

Location: USA
Job: Bartender/"Manager"

Tonight you crossed the line. Spread rumors all you want to behind my back, that’s fine. My quality of work towards guests (not just regulars like you, shit for brains) and with co-workers stands tried and true (more than yours). Be blunt with me privately, please. I love when people call me out on my mistakes. It gives me a chance to fix them. But to ‘call me out’ in front of guests. To tell your regulars that I am snorting cocaine or meth?? Those same guests that come in right after and tell me what you are saying. Those same guests that you buy your drugs from??Continue reading


What an idiot

Location: USA
Job: administrative

I swear this idiot just loves starting shit just because she’s bored. I’m beyond over her lazy ass ways and her fuck-ups left and right but blaming everyone else. How is it possible that you make over 45k a year and all you do is order stuff and play on Facebook all day?? When she orders, she’s SUPPOSED to order everything so we are with whatever we need for an entire week. Clearly this is entirely too hard for this fucking idiot to do because I’m constantly having to go seek out this shit she doesn’t order. She’s worthless. HOW THE FUCK ARE YOU STILL WORKING AT THIS JOB????


Horrible Customers and Lazy Ass Colleagues

Location: Seventh Circle of Hell
Job: Admin/Customer Service/All the other crap no one wants to do

What a Day….not that I’m surprised, the same as every other day in this hell hole.

The customer is always right…NO….NO….NOOOOO!! You are not right!! I’ve worked here years and you are most definitely WRONG!!! And why are you shouting? You know that when your nasty I’ll do the bare minimum to help you, right? I couldn’t give a rats ass if you cancel your subscription, I’m still gonna get paid each month. Idiots!!Continue reading


Brain Atrophy

Location: America
Job: Software Analyst

This moronic job is nothing like it was described to me….long, long periods of time with nothing to do, little to no training options available…and the small office is made smaller by one lazy cow. She eats 2 meals a day at her desk, spends countless hours on FB instead of working, prints personal bullshit on the only color printer we have in the office, and then picks up and leaves whenever she wants. Boss says nothing.



Location: UK
Job: Supermarket

My self-centered asshole of a boss is such a fucking troublemaker. Also he likes to complain about whatever is on his mind and even lets people I work with get away with the things he complains about me doing. Bastard even brings the store manager to tell me I’m wrong. Dude literally is so contradicting and manipulative and I totally wish the worst for him! He needs to remember that he is a manager at a SUPERMARKET and he needs a reality check that he is NO better than anyone else. There was a minor problem with hours and he has had resentment toward me since (November of last year) because nobody has the guts to confront him when he is wrong and he doesn’t like being spoken to. What a freaking baby. “Wait till you get yours” is what I always tell myself. Can’t wait to get a new job.


High Stress and Low Experienced Workers

Location: United States
Job: Experienced worker

I am getting older and more stressed as the staff I work with are getting younger and more inexperienced. The bosses keep hiring out of college and inexperienced staff and it is frustrating me to no end how many are ill equipped to deal with things. I have been told my tone is hurting their feelings and making them nervous. We got too many snowflakes in the office and I’ve constantly got to worry about people running to HR because I probably hurt their feelings. The audacity. They expect good work and look at who they hire. Yet put all the fault and blame on us to help them when they are a disaster to work with.


Lying idiot

Location: Scotland
Job: Charity

Everyone lies sometimes. No one is perfect. BUT it’s a problem if you lie ALL the time. And if you lie and affect vulnerable people badly. And if you lie to inflate your skills, qualifications and experience. And to lie and accuse someone else of a misdemeanour that might lead to them losing their job or reputation because they called out just a few of your lies.Continue reading


I am a babysitter!

Location: United States
Job: Babysitter

Oh, I get so tired of hearing:
“It’s not fair!”
“I don’t want to.”
“It’s not my job.”

All I can wonder is if I am in the Twilight Zone because these are things children would say and yet grown-ass people are saying them and the bad part is that they mean it and are expecting answers.Continue reading


Idiotic Boss

Location: Amsterdam
Job: PM

So most people in my team hate my boss but no one dares to protest. My boss thinks she is smart but she doesn’t understand the most basic things. Boss makes us do the job she is supposed to do and doesn’t care if we have to stay overtime. Moreover, boss denies to say things that were said (but maybe not captured in a written form).


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