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Location: SA
Job: Accounts

Anyone else feel like someone is making them out to look bad just to try and prove they can do a better job than you or so they can STEAL your position??? This cunt tried it with me…fuck off! I’ll slay you any time..You fucking office RAT!!! You lazy piece shit, you can’t do what I do cause I’m simply better than you!


Great news… the company is laying us off!!

Location: Lebanon
Job: Administrator

Deep breath….

Okay, so I recently complained about my disrespectful manager? Well, they’re laying us off. No more money. Financial funding has ceased. Ha. And guess what? I’m being laid off without even a notice of 1 month. He’s keeping me here to work and get paid by the day, just this week.

Well, I’ve been here only for 6 months, so I think I can shake it off. But my coworkers have been here for 3+ years, and won’t compensate them for the years they’ve worked here. “I have no money, please understand”.

Get out of here. He has a second job, in the process of renewing his apartment, and we get the “no money” joke? You owe those people 2 months notice and minimum 6 salaries. Go to momma.

We’ll be fighting you legally. Wanna play with fire? We’ll play with a tsunami…



Location: USA
Job: Office

Almost 4 years I’ve been here and how I’ve stayed is beyond me. I come in late, leave early and take a lot of time off. They just won’t fire me, lol. I think I’m the hardest working person here and could care less about getting fired, written up, warned, etc… The GM is a condescending fuckface, old man sales guy is a douche, PM#1 is a white knight mangina simp, PM#2 can’t keep any workers cause he’s an ass to work for. Engineering is the laziest most pathetic group of them all. They are ALL overweight, hahaha heart disease. Their work is terrible. The female landwhale in the group was complaining out loud about her fat chin hanging up on a customer. You can’t make this shit up. Anyway, no raises, no processes, no organization, no communication, not happy. I have dreams about this place and I always have gas and matches in them.


Incompetent boss


Please stop trying to establish your authority by micromanaging everything. Here’s the truth, you absolutely suck as an engineer. I have honestly never seen code with such poor quality. The style is shit, the algorithm is primitive, the performance is dreadful. If the engineering team was just you I’m 100% sure this company will would go broke by the end of the year. You got us into this shithole in the first place. If you didn’t develop something that sucked this bad, or if you were even good enough to correctly calculate the performance level, we wouldn’t be in such a position where the investors are expecting a product in less than 2 months, while we’re really overhauling your entire method and starting something super complicated from scratch.Continue reading


Not your bitch

Location: USA
Job: Quality

My lead is the most arrogant asshole around. I am the only female in the lab, he let’s every man in there get overtime. I make the smallest error in paperwork, like not crossing a T, I get took to the manager’s office and get wrote up. I am doing some real job hunting. I make $20.84 an hour, I am willing to go to Walmart to work just to get out of there. Us in the lab were talking about when does a human start, I said that Jewish law says that they have to draw a breath. A co-worker asked how I knew that. I told him I was brought up Jewish. He looked at me and said my family is from Germany and we killed Jews. This guy was the lead’s friend, they just laughed. I hate my job and everyone in it.


Please don’t dump your problems on me

Location: Chicargo
Job: Customer service

I have this co worker every time she’s in the office she always tells me her personal problems, I try and offer some advice but she doesn’t want to listen or accept it. And she knows that I can’t work and listen to her fucking problems…so i pretend she’s not there and her voice slowly fades in the background along with the clicking of the keyboards and the multiple printers going off at oncea along with the phones on the desk…please just fuck off! Call dr Phil or Wendy Williams


Don’t disrespect your server

Location: United States
Job: Server

To the human scum I encountered, do not whistle me over and snap your fingers to get my attention. I told you my name when I greeted you. I’m not a dog. I also do not appreciate your rudeness the entire time you were at the restaurant.

Sincerely, I hope you enjoyed my saliva in your dessert (and I know you did cause I saw you eat it all).


Overpaid Assholes

Location: United States
Job: Lead Supervisor

You spend 24 years of your life working for a company and the fucking upper-management assholes look at you as though you don’t know anything! They have been here less than two years and have already fucked everything up. Hired twice as many white collar jackasses than we really need to get all their fucking buddies in here! Most of the fuckers are dumb as a rock and have no common sense whatsoever! Then they push push push to get labor hours so they can cover the fucking enormous overhead they have created even though we have enough inventory to last six months. Go ahead you dumb motherfuckers and cut the jobs we really need and add more worthless fucks who do nothing! We’ll all make up the fucking slack even though we all are overworked as it is!

I hope your fucking car runs off the fucking road and you die you worthless piece of shit. Don’t worry we will get ours when the revolution starts in this country fuckers. Pussies like you wont last long!! FUCK ALL YOU FUCKERS!!!!


Disrespectful manager… haven’t I had enough of these?

Location: Lebanon
Job: Administrator

My boss is a disrespectful person. A micro-manager & control freak. He also doesn’t trust me. He wants to know about everything and won’t let me do my job tasks the way I want. He wants everything on the spot and if he doesn’t get what he wants immediately, he gets angry and starts yelling at me. When he does this on the phone, he hangs up.

I am obliged to tell him about every penny I spend for the office. I even need to get a confirmation to get a cleaning cloth!! Or ink cartridges necessary for the printing machine. He took away my autonomy and independence. I am doing tasks that which I did not sign up for at all.

I can’t wait to leave in a few months. When I’ll give his partner my notice, he’s going to hear so many things I’m biting my tongue for. This was supposed to be an upgrade, a promotion; yet still, I find myself having less autonomy than my last job as assistant. Oh lord.. help me keep my patience until I have enough savings to leave and change my career. Thank you.


Bitch please

Location: UK

What a TOILET of a job. Made all the worse by a steaming bunch of narcissistic blowhards.

It’s not that I’m NOT doing a highly complex job – it’s just NOT as complex as theirs. And they gas-light away any achievement I make. In two years, I’ve had NO career development training. I fucking hate these assholes.


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