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Bye bye ugly sisters

Location: Ireland
Job: Cinderfuckingrella

I can’t wait to say goodbye to you two useless, petty, badmouthing bitches.
Soon I will never ever have to listen to you ever, ever again. You will still be bitches, you will still be useless, but I won’t have to deal with you. Fucking brilliant!!!!!

Drown in your own tiny pools of poison.


Bye bye f***ers

Location: Shitsville
Job: Picking up dummies thrown from prams

Fuck off you fat, useless bitches. You are a massive, shit-covered waste of space. The world would be better off if you were both dead. Your work colleagues would be happier, your clients would get a better service, your husband’s would have a chance of happiness and more money in their pockets, your children could have their own lives and be happy.

I am so fucking lucky to be leaving you. I feel so bad for those who are still linked to you. Poor fucking bastards. I will remember them in my prayers.


F***ing posing ass marine!

Location: USA
Job: Angry mob

You sure don’t act like you were in the fucking military anymore. You can fucking kiss my fucking ass all you want, but everyone just lost respect for you. You fuckwit twat!!! You think you can fiddle with your half-baked ideas, but face it you fucking moron it won’t fucking help. My boss may be below you, but I am going to listen to him. He and my old boss are the only fucking ones in this whole BS organization who knows how to do their fucking job anymore. You don’t even know how to do their fucking jobs anymore.Continue reading


Micro manager just f*** off

Location: Uk
Job: Support care worker

I hate my job, I hate my management, I hate the social services, they can all fuck off stop draining my life energy you mother fucking vampires. I will leave and you will be fucked, find someone else to look after your challenging behaviour problems I have the unfortunate duty to care for.

No thanks at all. I’m done. You have taken 10 years of my life and now you can go fuck your self if you think I’m giving you 10 more. I hate you all you can fuck off.


Who the f*** do you think you are?

Location: United States
Job: The Forking Babysitter

You have been here a year and 5 months and you fucking think you run the place? Who the fuck do you think you are?

You can barely do your fucking job you numskull. Keep your fucking attitude to yourself – you haven’t been here long enough to go off on anyone.

You can hardly wipe your fucking nose without direction so please……… SHUT THE FUCK UP AND GO LEARN YOUR FUCKING JOB.


Annoying Boss

Location: United States
Job: Restaurant

My boss can sometimes be a nice guy, but for the most part he is a jackass. For one, he definitely gives off a lot of racist vibes. You do not make as many Holocaust jokes as he does unless you have some issues. He also enjoys making Black jokes and Native American jokes, but Jewish jokes are his favorites. Everyday. Every. Day. Sometimes multiples times in just an hour. Continue reading


Relocation is a B

Location: USA
Job: Step Down A1A

I recently moved back to the midwest to be closer to my family, or what is left of them after half died. I worked a great life in yachting and now my qualities including college education are considered “irrelevant”. Welcome to Egypt Mother Forkers!

The workforce in the midwest is so flush with candidates that I took a 60k loss to work a low-end sh*t level job and have been on interviews to improve said situation to be told that the qualities I picked up working on a private yacht for Multimillionaires does not qualify as anything any entry-level position is looking for in the “Heartland.” Laughable at best, horribly sad that this is what our country is coming to on the far left side of the spectrum.Continue reading


So god-damned sick of this double life I have

Location: USA
Job: Night Janitor

I have a job as a night janitor and I work from 5 PM to 9 PM on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. I work for a company that deals with disabled people. I thought I could use their services to get a job that would allow me to believe that I’m making something of myself. I won’t say the company’s name because it’d be wrong. Even though I’ve been told that I’m doing this job for myself (as in gaining skills such as being on time), I happen to be someone who believes otherwise. This job does NOT serve the purpose I want it to serve. I feel like a fake nearly every time I go in. I know I can’t just simply “pretend” to like my job, and everything about it for that matter, but the fact is, the people who are my job coaches believe I’m “valuable”, but I don’t believe that.Continue reading


Say wah

Location: Australia
Job: Customer Service

I’m over my crazy, lying manager. For months she has been obsessed with this guy, stalking him and making up lies about him. Getting staff involved in her crazy game and playing with our heads. Playing the fucking victim when the poor bloke did nothing to us or her. It was made up by crazy ass! We were a step ahead of her and would hold our own meetings behind her back, letting our frustrations out about her and how fucked up she is. She can’t run the department, seriously! So when we heard she was leaving we came up with ways to send her off! Egg her as she leaves, we will not attend her farewell lunch, we’ll be elsewhere celebrating her departure.


You said you had no time

Location: United States
Job: Herder of cats

This crazy busy office needs more staff. I work 55-60 hours a week and when I am home I am still thinking of the office and what needs to be done and what I need to do and how am I going to get it all done. I work in my sleep and wake up exhausted. We have a new staff member – well, she has been here a year and a half. She is still bartending 3 nights a week because she is afraid to let it go and get her fucking lazy mother fucking husband to get a second job. Therefore, she misses out on a lot of overtime. If she worked the overtime I offered her she wouldn’t have to work so many crappy hours at that bar…but she wants that cash in her hand. So stupid.Continue reading


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