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That Serpent Slithering Again

Location: NA
Job: Office

I call her the Serpent at the office. She has this itch to stir up chaos. Her main job is to stay in her office and stay in her lane, but she has this twitch to walk in peoples lane and stir chaos. I’ve watched her for years and her pattern is the same. We are stuck with her because the other locations she’s tried to work for rejects her. With every new boss she races to paint ugly pictures of her prey. Then bosses believe her until she doesn’t get what she wants and hangs them later. I pray for this new boss that he is smart and I hope he’s alert at all times. Please boss I hope you don’t fall into her toxic trap. I hate toxic people.


Company management is overrated


Another bright day in the Italian countryside. Another early morning struggling to find a reason to wake up and go to work. “Come on, I can do it”, of course the sense of responsibility is stronger than my aversion to the job I’m called to do.

Little did I know that was the day I would have been given one of the finest proof of high-level company management by the boss and his closest coworker, the sister.Continue reading


The Case of the Invisible Supervisor

Location: USA
Job: Department Lead

I am one of the longest-employed people in a department lead role at a small company with what I estimate is 70% people who haven’t been there more than a couple of months. The turnover rate is ridiculous for a company that pays decently like this. People openly discuss how miserable they are and what jobs they have applied to lately.

I was here for several years and my department got taken over by a young girl who didn’t know how to manage and never bothered to learn how to do any of the jobs she was supervising. We hardly saw her at all, and I eventually started taking on some of her job until finally I was basically doing a supervisor’s job and was completely overwhelmed with that and my lead person responsibilities.Continue reading


Aggressive newbie

Location: London
Job: Administrative

I don’t get it. I genuinely don’t get it. We inherit what I can only describe as a very aggressive, rude, obnoxious and defensive member of staff as part of a redeployment programme and my life has been made a misery since.

Just some words of wisdom…Continue reading



Location: USA
Job: Manager/ babysitter

I am SO tired of this woman!

She’s old, been working at this place since it opened and has surpassed all management in this store. So, she believes that she is entitled to special treatment. I would say that is all in her head, but for some reason upper management will only slap her on the wrist for instances that she should have lost her job. She is pushy, lazy, controlling, manipulative and 100% selfish. Whenever she doesn’t get her way she calls upper management and HR and cries. I have caught her in so many lies it’s ridiculous. The worst part of all of this is that everyone else who doesn’t work close with her can only see a sweet old lady. So when I’m at my wits end with her people just look at me as the asshole because they don’t know how she truly is.Continue reading


You Crazy POS

Location: USA
Job: Babysitter

Could you please slow down long enough to do as you are instructed so you can complete your job? Could you please listen to the instructions, review your fucking notes and do your job as instructed?

What the fuck do you mean you never heard that before? I have been explaining this from day fucking one 8 months ago you fucking excuse-making whiny mother-fucker. Damn, get your fucking shit together.

You make me cuss more than I have ever cussed and I am so fucking sick of you and your fucking positive attitude. Things don’t just work out. You fucking work them out or someone works it out for you, so don’t think it gets done all by its self. You fucking ass clown.


Disrespectful colleague

Location: European Union
Job: Export Specialist

I am 25 years old and I work at an export department of a production company. I have a 39-year-old female colleague who acts disrespectful with me all the time. From the moment I started the job she started mocking me and harassing me – calling me names, etc. I am an introvert and I don’t speak a lot. I am afraid that if I fight back at her idiotic comments and insults I will lose my job since she has worked there for a lot longer. I have thought of reporting her behaviour but she is on very good terms with the boss and he wouldn’t do shit about it.What should I do?


Home truths I want to tell my boss but can’t

Location: UK
Job: sales support

There’s a number of things about my job that piss me off but I can’t say because I would rather not end up broke and homeless.

I work in sales support and if ever something goes badly with a customer, whether we’ve made a mistake or not, I am liable to get a lecture about how we need to keep customers happy or we may lose sales. To be honest, I couldn’t really give a fuck if we lose the odd sale, I still get the same fucking pittance at the end of each month whether they sell 5 units or 500, doesn’t make any difference to me. I’m certainly not going to bend over backwards for an arsehole customer just so my boss can make a little more commission, why sweat my guts out for no extra money?

Continue reading


Never again

Location: United States
Job: Retail

Never again you will harm me. I am grateful for being moved out of there. I never have to see your ugly awful face again. You put every single person through misery ever since you got here for almost two years. I hope you get your karma soon so you can get your ugly boney ass out of there. I hate you so much prick. I hope that team works together to keep an asshole like you at bay away. You’re nothing but a piece of shit who is not worth the air they breathe and is worth nothing as a person or an animal. The most evil creature that I have ever met. The most smart, manipulative, evil, brain damaged, and extremely aggressive person I’ve ever met. Thank god I am leaving that hostile work environment.


Stupid new cocky tw*t

Location: UK
Job: Bullsh*t job

So a new guy starts. Been here a month. Already taking the absolute piss. On his phone all day scrolling the net at his desk doing no work. Wandering off to the gym in work hours for an hour with no shame. He makes our team look terrible.

Then in a meeting today he has the fucking cheek to slag everything the team do off and demand he is told what his daily tasks are. So basically admitting he will do nothing until he told by everyone else what to do. Fucking cheeky when he’s on more money. He’s made no effort to even try and pick up new tasks or try to understand what the team do. He’s a jumped up fat cocky twat.

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