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F*ck Those Rude Shoppers


There is a woman in a lavender shirt who is an extremely rude asshole and just fucking being an asshole towards other people. Not only is she being a fucking asshole towards workers, but other people as well. That woman is a fucking asshole from the devil.


Lol ok bye c***


So boss keeps complaining about every little error that me and my coworkers commit, even the tiniest ones. Do you think that complaining about these errors to incite embarrassment helps us at all? To me I’m not seeing the shits I give for what it’s worth, but if it’s for your ego it sounds like you need to get remarried with a different strain of shit, you little slag. Probably lose the little hairs too. There’s more I know that you don’t know, so don’t come off like a big pretentious all-mighty sack head. Keep working for a company then I’ll be convinced that you make a perfect twat to ‘fit in’ with people. Also, keep talking publicly about your problems like a fucking child and you won’t have a job anymore, not that The Great Bottlelegs seems to take to heart. Get the hell out of here.

Have a nice day, asswipe.

Oh, and welcome to the club.


I want to quit my job and be paid 180k to do so

Location: Minneapolis, MN
Job: Therapist

I really really want to quit my job as a therapist. I work in an agency and see 8-10 clients every day, hour after hour. I really want to encourage people to not spend 180 thousand on a career such as this because you have a particular “passion.” It is a ridiculous amount of money for the amount of work I do. I have to write detailed notes; pages of assessments; treatment plans; be involved with doctors, social workers, etc; and document everything that I do. I’m sure that many people can handle this type of workload as my colleagues appear calm, cool and collected. I really think that I made a mistake. I wanted to be a counselor, because I care about people, am sensitive, am thoughtful about life and have other passions such as religion and philosophy which I thought might bring a creative and useful experience to other’s lives. However, I literally cannot keep up with the paper workload and I only receive criticism from supervisors. No one can see that I am good at my job. All they see is my stressed demeanor and my inability to turn in paperwork on time.Continue reading


F*ck the Students

Location: United States

I work at a college, where the Dean bends over backwards for the students.

I was called a Fag at work by a student who is in remedial reading because I enforce the rules. Dean didn’t do a damn thing about it.

Got cussed at by a student because we have a printing limit, and was told that they pay for printing, so Fuck off.

This job has killed my drive for ever wanting to educate students, because most of these adult students are entitled pieces of fucking shit.


You stupid c***

Location: USA

My supervisor is piece of twat ass shit, she lies, plots, and pits people against each other then sits back and enjoys the show! You are a stupid cunt bitch who probably can’t even suck dick right, how the hell are u going to tell me how to do my job when bitch you can’t even cover me if I’m not there! You lies about having a degree, you are a fucking bully who is never satisfied and you have no business having ANY direct reports! I fucking hate u and if I see you in the streets I’m gonna fuck u up! Fuck u and this stupid under paid bullshit job! Rant over


Oh Boo Hoo Hoo, Poor Me…

Location: USA

I’m so glad I came to work to hear from one of my supervisors who treated me badly on the day of my 30th birthday last March (the 22nd) that his ulcerative colitis attack yesterday was really bad and that his breakup with his girlfriend also incredibly messy. I can give a shit less, but all I gotta say, is that just like your mother who should’ve swallowed, KARMA’S A BITCH. You made your own bed, now GO LIE IN IT.


Get it together BITCH!

Location: USA
Job: Economic Services

I’m so tired of hearing this chick who sits next to me saying “You don’t have a full caseload, that’s why you’re bored.” Bullshit sweets! I’m bored because I’m smart and can do this damn job. Meanwhile, your ass has a full caseload and you can’t keep up with it! Your cases are being farmed out to everyone else to do because you can’t get it done in a timely fashion! “Oh, it takes time to sort through people’s lies!” Funny, I can do it…in record time. I’m sitting here at work right now, typing this damn rant. That’s how bored I am. That’s how little I have to do right now because I’m caught up. You want to talk shit all because you’re jealous and can’t figure out why you are so slow. Typical fucking Capricorn…can’t see what’s clearly in their face!! Tell them the truth and they’ll make excuse after excuse because HELL NO, they could never be wrong!!?? Jesus, so damn done. And how dare you criticize other people’s time management skills or what they do when your ever-widening ass keeps wandering throughout the day. Hey dummy! Instead of fucking around with people’s mouses at their desks just for some stupid damn joke, DO YOUR DAMN CASES! FOCUS! STOP BLINKING! WORK!!!! I can’t understand people who come to work and then don’t work. If I don’t have work to do at work, I just want to go home!! SO, why don’t all y’all who don’t want to work GO HOME!!!!


Too much work!

Location: USA

Had to quit my job because they are disorganized. They can’t figure out how to keep the place running, constantly have to stop because there are problems, have people missing from necessary departments, and they shoehorn in people unnecessarily when they aren’t needed. For no reason one day, they randomly fired both hard workers and lazy people. And then they demanded everybody that remained with the company to work 70 hour weeks with no days off! I quit on Friday because I wanted the weekend off and a job with a proper work life balance.



Location: Texas
Job: Spa d sante

Policies are always changing, expectations always changing. The only consistent thing within this company is the fact that nothing is ever consistent. The high turnover rate with employees is mind-boggling. No rewards are given, no appreciation shown. No upper management support due to a constant turnover in upper management. This place is highly dysfunctional and when expectations are not being met, the owner gets mad and wonders why. Well, maybe it’s because nobody knows wtf they’re even supposed to be doing since things change from one moment to the next and you have people running your company who are poor communicators. They won’t fire anyone either. Why? Because they rather push them out, change their schedule and force them to quit so that way they will not be able to file for unemployment if they are fired. I’ve seen them turn on loyal employees who have been there for 15 years. The moment they express that they are finally fed up, the owner makes their life a living hell. Making them work day and night, heavier workloads, unrealistic expectations all in attempts to force them to quit. So quick to turn on people, no guidance or mentoring is given. People are thrown into positions just to fill a need. Then they wonder things fall apart. This is the most dysfunctional place I’ve ever worked at. I get migraines every day, don’t want to get out of bed. Everything else in my life is peaceful, fun and exciting except for this job. It’s draining. Rant Over.


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