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Fuck you Boris you hairy ape

Location: Vanessa
Job: Administrator

I am driving home from work right now, dictating this. I would like to tell you about my boss. Let’s call him Boris. The only way that I can fucking stand to go in there another day is to envision him as a half-witted imbecile. He is short and fat. He offers me zero positive feedback and everything that he says is negative. He picks on the smallest things, obviously because he hates me. It is a personal issue and we both know it. It makes me feel better to pick on his physical appearance so I will do so. He looks like he swallowed a pillow. He’s got spilled out over his belt and he will probably have a heart attack before the time he’s 40. The reason why I hate them so much is because he treats me like such dog shit and I don’t deserve it. He’s a lazy fuck and does absolutely nothing. I work overtime nearly every single day without thanks. The only reason why he got his job is because he’s an arrogant bully and a white man. He likes to throw his weight around literally and figuratively. God help his wife. He has a disgusting Boston accent and I fucking hate him. I hope he will die a slow and painful death.


My Boss is a Stubborn Moron

Location: USA
Job: Construction Management

I am assistant manager/liaison to the regular working types in a large construction firm. The boss/owner is a stubborn old workaholic who, when younger, was quite smart but those days are long past and now he is endlessly hiring people in an effort to save his company. The problem is that there’s no saving his company because HE is the problem.

Right now we are trying to hire a large crew to frame a dozen houses and he is fighting me every step of the way because he wants to do the work himself. Whenever I get a bid in he will write a whole bunch of notes all over it for other information he wants. When I get that he comes up with more stuff endlessly. He also threw a hissy fit at our primary investor because the man had a crew he wanted us to use but for whatever reason he doesn’t like them.

The sad part is that if the owner wasn’t such a stubborn idiot we could make great money. Probably clear a million dollars profit in 6 months. Instead we are in the hole because the boss refuses to hire anyone to do anything, even when the bids are well under our budget, and then blames everyone else for the problems.



Location: Medford MA
Job: Auditor

Mary, I am glad you smoke because you will die sooner. I am also glad you are overweight and I am glad you are really ugly. Fuck you, you spineless tattletale. If your husband knew how much time you spent talking to B all day, he would divorce you. Fucking piece of shit. I fucking hate you.


Like High School All Over Again

Location: Vermont
Job: Accountant

My workplace fills me with so much anger and stress on a daily basis. I absolutely fucking hate going to work and I especially hate a lot of the people there, especially (1) Morgan (2) Peggy and (3) Sherman. Not their real names. I fucking hate them! They are such fucking idiots. They are accounting professionals but they don’t even know the basics of how to use a spreadsheet. They are dull and dumb creatures. They treat me with such disdain and disrespect. I wish they would all die and go to hell, seriously.Continue reading


Thankless Shitass Job

Location: Boston
Job: Analyst

I hate you, Bill. I hate you so much I hope you grow to 300 pounds or beyond. You are headed that way even though you are only 5’4′. Little man. You favor the wrong people. I wish you would eat shit and go to hell. You miserable cocksucker. Just fucking die. You deserve it.


Office is not your home

Location: Utah
Job: Some type of analyst

Show some respect please. Deal with your frigging HSA, 401K, stock purchase, laptop shit, cell phone shit at home, not at the goddamn office!! I don’t give a shit about your child’s soccer game. I don’t care if you hate your wife. Don’t do your fucking daily walk, especially when it is busy. For crying out loud, I don’t care about your problems on vacation.


Fucking boss

Location: united states
Job: mailroom

My boss prances around like she is the sexiest thing on earth and looks down on other people. She will not leave the work process alone and fucks everything up and if I give her a serious look, she calls me into her office and tells me to change my attitude! She said a nasty personal insult to me and thought it was OK. I swear if she doesnโ€™t get fired soon I am going to twist her head off her skinny body!!!!


See ya later ball bag!

Location: UK
Job: Support Assistant

Years of service; only 4 absences in that time; been bitten, punched, kicked and assaulted in other ways by our clients – basically hell without a word of thanks. The amount of administration and effort I’ve put in compared to my co-workers who do a substandard job is ridiculous. In some way I am to blame. I didn’t look for another job sooner and because I could do a competent job, the workload was shifted from them to me.Continue reading




I started YESTERDAY and I want to quit this job. They left me in the staff room – which was basically a cupboard – for 45 mins and for the rest of the night had me shelling garlic and plucking chickens till midnight. I honestly think I was getting hazed. Meanwhile, the two brother owners are yelling at each other the whole time. Where’s Gordon Ramsay when you need him? ๐Ÿ™‚


Young punks

Location: Canada
Job: Wageslave

I’m seriously getting too old for this shit. Pimply-faced managers who spend all their time watching cartoons and porn talking to me like I’m some kind of head injury case. I’m older, wiser and smarter than you. I’ve seen some shit in my life. Talk to me man-to-man and drop this corporate dogshit. Thanks.


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