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I’m with stupid

Location: Utah
Job: Office jerk

When I started a few years ago I was excited to help this up and coming company. Time and time again good ideas were just ignored. It’s a shit show and management doesn’t seem to want to improve on things. So now I don’t give a fuck. The only reasons I work here is for a paycheck and to have entertainment during the day watching these idiots continually drop the ball for their customers. It’s a big company and there are a few really good people here but I’d say 75% of them are douchers. It’s too clicky and there is a lot of laziness and finger pointing. I could care less about this place and have already started my job search strategy. Can’t wait to be in a better place.



Location: Asia
Job: Engineer

SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU SOB. You’re not my boss and do NOT tell me I need to be more this and that. WTF I ask another person a technical question that HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU and you have to cut in and tell me I need to care more about my project??? WTF I GOT SICK for a week and you get mad at me on the next Monday for not updating you on my progress??? I EMAILED YOU AND TOLD YOU I WAS LIKELY NOT ABLE TO WORK FOR A WHILE. I didn’t say I’ll work from home so others won’t catch my disease. I literally told you my vitals were down and I had to rest and you told me that you were completely in the dark about my progress????? And now that translates to I’m a crappy worker that doesn’t care about my own project?????????? You don’t even know the first thing what I’m doing STOP CRITICIZING EVERY FUCKING QUESTION I ASK TO ANOTHER ENGINEER

Btw I GET IT TRUMP WON. Congratulations your hate for Muslims and people of color and belittling of women is vindicated. Not everybody voted for him for those reasons, but you certainly did. STOP RUBBING IT EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!


Poor people

Location: Arizona
Job: Ambulance driver

I like to get people in trouble cause I am a pathetic person with a pathetic life and nothing better to do. I have zero respect for others around me. Don’t give a shitalk about others family they support. I just care about myself. I am a entitled piece of shit.


Underappreciated nightmare!

Location: Scotland
Job: Apprentice IT networking engineer

So I work in a plumbing manufacturing factory at the moment. Working as an apprentice, thought IĀ got the sweet deal because I was getting paid higher than the normal apprentice. Haha. No.

So I started here around 6 months ago, I started with a guy who was younger, just out of school and really really annoying. I mean I couldn’t stand his voice after an hour. We got thrown up the back of some workshop with desks and a chair and told to set up our own computers, fair enough we do IT. This workshop was freezing, no heating, I had to literally hunt down someone to find me a heater. I mean I live in Scotland for fuck sake. So after the first week the other guy left (HALLELUJAH!!!) and I got moved into an office eventually, not bad there is a microwave and some pretty cool people. Got told they couldn’t pay me what they initially said they could so my wages got put down, bummer. Thought I’ll stick this out to get my classes done, here I am six months later and planning to quit on Friday. I got my apprenticeship company to get me transferred if I do the work by Thursday.Continue reading


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