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Here again 🙁

Location: Rochester, NY
Job: Controller

I hate my job so much. I hate my boss. He is an asshole. I wish I could quit but I support my family…pretty much sole breadwinner. I ABSOLUTELY HATE IT HERE. Going to look for a new job. God please grant me the peace that I need to start looking.


Don’t work in a grocery store

Location: USA
Job: Grocery Retail

I have worked for the same company for almost 14 years. We are constantly slammed no matter what day it is, but somehow “we just don’t have the hours to hire any more help.” That’s complete bullshit due to the fact that the company seems to have plenty of $$ when they want to open a new location every year. Everyone who works here is in a constant state of extreme stress. Half of the management staff is divorced. I’ve worked every holiday last year and maybe got lucky to get a full weekend off twice.

The people who run this company are rejects from better businesses. Never ever work retail long-term. They take two pounds of flesh for every penny earned. I pray for death every night.


Crappy place to work

Location: USA
Job: Controller

My boss has always been mentally abusive. He says things like “if your numbers are right”……

He has made me cry more times than I can say. He hires people who are “saviors” and I end up cleaning up after them.

Little does he know that I took my CPA exams and passed all 4 in the first 18 months which not many people do…and I did this while working full time. But I can’t find another job because it would be a big paycut and the fucking accounting firms want assholes right out of college.



Useless lying fuck

Location: Scotland
Job: Charity

And again…3 years in post…still completely shite in every way. Late every day with new excuses. Not working to the (very fair) targets set. (Everyone else is and has forever). When pulled – tears and/or new excuses. Latest is a funeral of a family friend – tears to gain sympathy and hints at how mean I am for not giving another day off paid. (Had to use leave). Has every year been off sick 3 weeks minimum. Tries to blag extra leave for made up things every month. Late every single day and pretends she stayed later, but when challenged as she was nowhere to be seen, has given excuses including – writing notes in car (when challenged as car had gone – was in the toilet…), making a call ‘outside’, the list goes on… Can’t discipline as when tried she suddenly remembered she had a learning impairment. No reports exist however. So we have to pay for an assessment. Apparently it hasn’t been an issue in workplaces before because they didn’t have as many difficult locks and keys. Ffs fuck off time-wasting shit head


Fuck you wanker

Location: USA

I have a boss who is unappreciative of the work I do in his run-down fucking building…there are lazy ass people in front of him but I always seem to get the load on top of the bullshit he hands me. And he moans cause I can’t finish in the time he wants…well fucking excuse me, asshole! I don’t fucking run on batteries…I can’t wait to leave that shit place I call work. I hope your business burns! Down to the ground.


Don’t work here


Don’t ever work with this delivery service. If you see the owners playing favorites, leave immediately. There are far better restaurant delivery services out there than the one I worked for. If you do work there, run far away from them. While I can’t comment on everything, this is what I can say. They are awful. The people in charge are the worst people to work for. I worked there for over 2 years, but was let go based on what one restaurant said.


The follow up

Location: NA
Job: Unemployed

12 weeks later I have my 15th manager. She is OK but the same shitty problems exist. On my last few days of work I joke with people that the next time I see them I will shoot certain people up and certain people are safe. Ha ha – it is all a joke. 19:30 tonight the British police arrive and question me about it! Damn! Hard lessons learnt! I still need to get a reference from this company. Be careful what you say 🙁


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