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Location: New York
Job: Strategic Planning

My supervisor¬†regularly harassed me, raised his voice and treated me as his personal punching bag when things didn’t go right. He was also viewed badly by younger female executives, recently out of college, for skeevy behavior around them including looking down their blouses, staring out panty lines and, on occasion, propositioning them while the agency kept this under wraps. Stay away from him and an agency that would tolerate such behavior! Disgusting, old man! Yuck!


This place…

Location: Georgia
Job: Geologist

How, in the hell am I supposed to deal with this place? 2 years ago, my boss chewed me out for this minor thing, basically threatening my livelihood, over what was basically, not printing a sheet of paper. He’s had constant health problems over the years, and had been kind of bitey now and then, but that time? He straight up threatened to fire me over it.

Since, he’s been in and out of the office for extended periods, and I’m the one who caught a lot of the flak when he was upset over his own problems. Thing is, he’ll come in and be your friend one day, and the next be calling you a straight idiot. My reward for all of this, was a cut bonus and no raise for a year and a half. On the same year 2 of the partners moved into new, and NICE houses. I’m so god damned tired of this place, but the time to look for a new job is running over my patience, because I’m not licensed yet.Continue reading


You’re killing my wife

Location: USA
Job: Slave

Just when I needed you fucks the most, you lay me off. With this lay off I’m certain to lose my health insurance. My wife on chemo will cost me about 90 grand, or I can take every penny I get from unemployment to pay for cobra insurance. Now I know how some slaves when freed, refused to leave their masters. I hate my job now more than ever, but would really love to have it again. Fuck you very much.


Sales Associate

Location: New York
Job: retail

FUCKKKKKK!!!!! I hate these fucking parents that let their kids run wild. CONTROL your FUCKING KIDS!! FUCKING MISERABLE FATHER! You shouldn’t have any fucking kids, you poor excuse for a father! People like you need to die, ruining society with your moronic kids. Fucking piece of shit father!


The Fuckwit has returned

Location: UK
Job: Fix bastarding appliances

A few weeks ago I posted a rant regarding an absolute retard that had the time and energy to complain about his pizza being cooked unevenly in his oven. Different if the pizza was cremated on the left but as raw as a baboons arse on the right but no, this cunt must have been using a Dulux colour chart to compare brownness. Now obviously I told this little fucking scrotum to fuck off and get a life but guess what, the cunt has only got the audacity to go and book another call out for the same fault a few weeks later. FOR THE SECOND TIME FANNIEBOLLOCKS… the problem is not your oven, the problem is you need to go and get your sack emptied more often bud, too much fucking time on your hands, muppet!



Location: oxfod
Job: childcare

Only in the UK…for all its so called safeguarding policies…let the leaders act like chavs; threaten, humiliate, belittle and worry kids half to death; be rude, bad mannered, obnoxious, bad tempered, sneaky, backstabbing, fat, lazy, totally bad models in every sense (a***slicking in front of parents though – hey, look what a good job I do for you)!!! What you do is bullying and sickening! WTF.


She’s got 1 more time!

Location: Jersey
Job: Healthcare

This punk b*tch wont say sh*t to my face, but will text her “friend” in billing things about me while they laugh out loud. She cranks her desk music up to 10 in a PEDIATRIC office! When I¬†say her bedside manner is in the gutter that’s putting it extremely lightly. She is rude and nasty to parents and their children. This malnourished huzzy has 1 more time to try me… it’s a shame I have to be on my best behavior because of my ethnicity, but others can do what they want because of that good ol’ privilege.


Prepare Your Ass For The Revolution

Location: Fuckwitville, USA
Job: Shitwork

Boy do I have news for you and your little childish fiefdom… You are Marie Antoinette and the ass your nose is currently attached to is King Louis. Blatant favoritism and nepotism may be the plague that has you dancing around, so proud of yourself, and convinced that you are untouchable, but the law and protections against discrimination will be your downfall. Let them eat shit.


You deserve all the fines you get


You’re having those being supervised opine on who is hired because of politics rather than hiring the person that would best supervise their FINRA activities. You’re a piece of shit company. America’s retirement company?? My ass. I hope the regulators catch up to you.



Location: -
Job: -

Feel free to call me again with your silly accusations and comments, all over an imaginary dollar figure. My firm charges based on time spent. You can expect a fee increase from me. In trying to not pay tax for that imaginary dollar, you will end up paying at least 100 times the actual amount. (K, tks, bye and don’t come back)


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