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Do you want me to quit?

Location: Virginia

I can honestly say I think my boss is a nut job. She constantly comes to me and tells me how I’m the hardest and smartest working employee she has. Always tells me that she can only trust me with certain projects. Then she proceeds to micromanage and gaslight me wherever she can. She would tell me to my face what she wanted me to do and that I was doing a good job and then freak out on me a week later for doing exactly what I did the week before. She’s calmed down with this and now somewhat believes me when I tell her, “nope, this is what you told me to do. I have the email/note right here.”

The thing that gets under my skin is the petty small bullshit. I kept seeing all these other people on my team wear a particular kind of outfit. It seemed very comfortable, fashionable, and I happened to have higher quality items that would constitute that look. I come in and she sends me home within the hour. Everyone on her team wears what I wear but less, but I’m the one that’s singled out. No one else seemed to notice anything wrong with my clothes, and I got compliments the moment I walked through the door, but then there she is. That’s fucking annoying, then she clocked me out while I went home, pretty much making sure I couldn’t properly have lunch that day.Continue reading


No vacation

Location: Slavery Confed America
Job: Bitch

I have family overseas I need to visit. I have no paid vacation and the only way is to stick with the company that pays you very little. I want to see my family so bad, but why is it so hard to start your own business? I get no vacation and I need money. Fuck you America!


I have no motivation

Location: Nevada
Job: BIAtch

You ask me of things that I simply do not have the ability to do. I need to follow things in a line to read like anyone else. If it jumps around I can’t do it. I already hate doing this job. I never do the things on the job I enjoy anymore. I’m ready to move on from this. I hate doing it.


Basic Etiquette

Location: Singapore

Three years ago, I had a female client who replaced normal greetings like ‘Hi’ or ‘Hello’ with ‘(my name)!!’ followed by dead silence. It is as though I had done something wrong. Or maybe she is trying to intimidate me. Three years later, I was put in charge of one of her companies. I got a call from her and found out that she still hasn’t learnt how to talk normally. By the way, the call was simply because she could not be bothered to check her own work and needed me to direct her to her worksheets.


No, it’s NOT clear

Location: OR
Job: IT

I sent you a fucking Excel sheet with clearly labelled columns. You returned it to me with completely different columns. And then said that those in the ‘Room Name’ column should appear in the ‘Office’ column as well. Still wrong! We fucking exchanged emails like 20 times and 17 of them consisted of YOU blaming me for NOT GETTING IT. And with a more and more condescending tone while I HAD TO REDO THE FUCKING DATABASE ALL OVER AGAIN FOR EVERY FUCKING EMAIL I RECEIVED FROM YOU. How can I ‘get it’ when what YOU meant was: ‘those with room names ending with ‘office’ should appear in the ‘Office’ column as well’. I had to come down to your office and ASKED 3 fucking times IN PERSON with a fucking hand drawn diagram before you can EVEN CONVEY IT RIGHT! FUCK YOU ASSHOLE! LEARN HOW TO WRITE PROPERLY! BETTER YET, USE THE FUCKING EXCEL SHEET TEMPLATE WE HAVE GIVEN YOU! We are NOT mind readers. In our mind we have ‘Office’ column and ‘Room’ column – they ARE NOT RELATED. How the fuck should I know that only SOME ‘rooms’ are to appear in the ‘office’ column when you said ‘Those with ‘room name’ should appear in the ‘office’ column as well’. FUCKING LOGIC! FUCKING COMMON SENSE! FUCK YOU!


Beaten up and defeated

Location: ny
Job: punching bag

This fucking job titled something else but is really a glorified punching bag for people who are simply angry at me for things I didn’t do and I don’t have solutions for. Seeing how things are managed here, now I understand the high turnover rate in this department. You just can’t go on living like this, being yelled and screamed at for something you dont deserve. A year of this has worn me out completely and the stress is beginning to turn into problems in my personal life, always depressed and frustrated and I have nowhere to vent but here. I’m turning into a monster who yells at other people for no reason because I’m always frustrated and can’t quit yet cuz I’ve got debts and bills to pay. Time to find a real shrink.


Corporate America

Location: Ny
Job: Manager

I am sick and tired of the stuck up entitled mother fuckers!!! Stop bitching about the food we serve, we put our all into it to make you happy and it’s never enough!! Wtf do you want!!!! It’s fucking lunch, not a life changing decision. If you like it eat it, if not, don’t eat it and move on with your life. Fuck off!


So called managers aka lazy cnuts!

Location: Europa

As the title says! Bunch of lazy motherfuckers who do nothing but whinge and moan. Fine you do the fucking thing then?? I thought not you lazy cnut! lazy motherfuckers! You know who you are EK! And your products are sh!t! No different to your company’s employment record. Buncha obnoxious cnuts! No wonder everyone at your place is either an alcoholic or off their heads on drugs! Need summit for the pain man! Those meetings are hilarious when you bang on about “financial projections” and the economics of it all. As a Marxist I find it fucking hilarious the way you talk down to the workers like they’re a bunch of dumb fucks. Many are like nodding fucking dogs but some of us actually know more about economics than you lot you obnoxious twats! If only you knew there are Marxists in the place! Less bullshitting from you lot me thinks! Love a bit of red terror! Anyway I can’t be arsed. Fuck ya. Just fuck ya!


It’s not enough to overwork your employees, you have to break them as well

Location: Atlanta, GA
Job: Graphic Designer

I’ve worked for the same company for several years. They hired me on when I was a young, naive graphic designer who was just looking for a job to keep themselves afloat during the recession. I used the opportunity to build my skills where I could with the hope of eventually moving onto a better job, as the company in question pays me barely above $10 an hour. They’ve made a lot of money off of things I’ve designed for them, had me work nightmare shifts with no overtime (since they have to approve it to pay it, and they never approve it despite requiring me to work it) during Q4, etc.

This company has built a great deal on my hard work, but the owners are NEVER grateful for it. In the time I’ve worked for them as a permanent, full-time employee I’ve never received paid time off or health benefits. Only after TWO 10% raises did I make it to my current wage. Meanwhile, the owner rides around in a fucking Mercedes. Despite the amount of time I’ve worked with them, the company president has started requiring weekly meetings to discuss operations completely irrelevant to what my coworkers and I actually do. Without warning, he’ll show up in my office and get on my case about projects that have come to a complete halt because of either clients or other people in the company; since it’s apparently my fault that people can’t be bothered to read or respond to the emails I send them. He now has me going forward with several projects without necessary input or resources from clients, which is only going to result in them coming back angry and demanding I redo everything when they finally read their emails (which my boss will blame me for as well).Continue reading


OK go for brownie points

Location: Third level of hell
Job: Administrator

You did not get your position. You did not get promoted. Corporate has spoken. Now you can run around being the end all, showing the boss that you are everywhere doing everything, even trying to muscle me out. I am holding on to pay off my house. Let me repeat that. If you want to be the golden boy of the golden shithole… Go for it. Corporate will eventually take all of our jobs… You are too stupid to know this so run around… You can be a 110 percent employee. Wonderful. Our boss is an unbalanced individual who is a horrible little man… Not trustworthy. Mean and rude.


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