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Forking Whiner!

Location: USA
Job: Babysitter


Whine, whine, whine, whine, whine! Complain, complain, complain! You have a good job, a good paying job, a job you can do if you could only shut up and do it. SHUT UP, SHUT UP, SHUT UP YOU WHINY FORKING BABY.

God, I feel better. Thanks for listening. My hubby doesn’t want to hear it any more either!


I hate people

Location: UK
Job: Office

So sick of people who have nothing else in their lives but work work work and think everyone else should too. Bored shitless of you and your boring crappy life which has no substance or meaning. You’re going to be on your death bed one day and wish you had done more with life than being office royalty and working yourself to death. You’re rude, you’re boring and you need to get a life outside of work


Cissy and Ada

Location: Scotland
Job: Trying to do a job

I remember a good if a bit dated comedy sketch by Les Dawson and Roy Barraclough. They played two old women who talked shit about stuff the whole time. One was a snob who thought she knew everything and looked down on everyone else, the other was her foil, getting mixed up and not really understanding, which made for fun and laughter. The two bitches at work are so like this except they are not funny, they are just shit.Continue reading


The truth about my job

Location: UK
Job: admin

There’s a lot of things I wish I could tell my boss but can’t due to not wanting to end up sacked and broke. I have to deal with various shitty customers and whenever something goes badly, whether it’s our fault or not, I am liable to get a lecture about losing sales etc.

I get the same low pay whether we sell 5 units or 5000, so on balance, I couldn’t really give a fuck if we lose a sale, especially if the customer is a pain in the arse. He needs to realise some customers aren’t fucking worth it. But his commission would suffer, you see! My heart bleeds!Continue reading


Steal my work?

Location: UK
Job: Snr Developer

So, while attempting to show my worth, and attempting to get on a better project, I spend 100’s of hours learning new technologies, frameworks and producing what I think is a fantastic demo. It’s head and shoulders better than anything I’ve done before, and I’m not to humble to say, better than what just about everybody else could do at the firm. This was the whole point, I wasn’t going to demo anything that didn’t blow peoples socks off. It went so far as I restarted the demo 3 times till it was perfect.Continue reading


Beyond the BS

Location: United States
Job: Dispatcher

This job is just sooo fucked up it’s ridiculous. The job itself is not a hard job but the ppl that work here make this job nearly impossible. It’s like High School 2.0 with a million principals and 2 or 3 students. Structure is shot to shit. We are micromanaged to the 3rd degree. They literally watch your every move like we work for the CIA when we do nothing even remotely close. All of the higher-ups kiss each other’s ass to keep the positions that they have. Everybody is out for themselves. We used to have fun and enjoy each other’s company now it’s like pulling teeth just to get through our schedule.Continue reading


8 months into a job

Location: Nation's Capital
Job: Analyst

So, I have been working at this place for 8 months and I am beyond frustrated.

1) they cut our staff
2) we are now two people in our group
3) government is pissed that we are not getting our work done faster
4) I just got my access on month 7 of employment.
5) my work hour days are now 12 to 18 hours…no overtime.Continue reading



Location: USA
Job: customer service

In my company, to apply to another job within the company you have to fill out an application form signed/approved by your current supervisor and your supervisor has to submit it to Human Resources. I’m sure my company isn’t alone in this but it is completely asinine.

1) I don’t want my boss knowing I want out
2) My boss likes to take her time submitting or forgets altogether (and on purpose I suspect)Continue reading



Location: Uk
Job: Hospitality

I’m attempting a world record about how many times I can say fuck or variations of in one post.

Am I fuck, I’m just very sweary when I’m pissed off.

I’m sick to the back teeth of fucking working myself stupid, damaging my health, getting shit from smart-arse fucking customers, getting paid a pittance and still being told it’s not enough. Because they want to save on other wages to line their own pockets.Continue reading


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