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My So-Called F*****g Boss

Location: UK
Job: Marketing

My boss is always asking me for for campaign ideas and arranging meetings so we can discuss them.

By the time the meeting comes around, he’s already decided that he’s made a decision and doesn’t let me have any input, constantly talks over me, and is generally an inbred, fucking yokel who has no idea what he is doing.

Of course, when it comes round to campaign execution, it’s a failure, or yields meagre results.

This has been going on for 8 months, ever since I started this job.

I have NO respect for this incompetent, loud-mouthed, chain-smoking, uneducated, four-eyed tosser.


Getting mobbed by inhuman monsters

Location: Hell aka factory
Job: Scapegoat for the inhuman monsters

So I got mobbed in a new job … nothing unusual working in a factory.

I guess I must be an alien from another planet because they obviously don’t recognise me as being another human being like them.

To attack an innocent person is completely fucked up, obviously they have problems and I have to be the scapegoat and inherit their pain. So what I am going to do is maybe drop each and every one of them including the supervisors before I leave next week and then find a new career away from factories.

Wish me luck!




If there is a God please let me go overnights full time. Get me out of this hell hole and away from my harasser.


Please banish the evil queen

Location: Castle
Job: Caretaker

Dear lord, please make the evil queen or myself go to a different store. I can’t stand this two-sided prick. I have done nothing wrong to this jealous queen. I would gladly go elsewhere if i need to. If she can go please make her go. I can’t stand the dirty looks and the I’m-more-superior-to-you look. Dude, just fucking go. I’m so sick of your fucking bullshit.


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