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Fucking miserable place to work

Location: Rochester, NY
Job: "Controller"

I am so trying to get another job. Resumes out all over. This place is fucking hell and now I get a guilt trip over leaving for 1/2 for lunch to go to Tim Hortons!!! FUCK YOU!!!!! I hope this place burns to the ground or the IRS raids you!!!!! Which I could have them do fuckheads. Too bad I feel sorry for the other fucks that work here so I don’t do that. Oh and your asshole favorite employees….. they suck but you can’t see it because you are too stupid. The emotional abuse that all the of non-favorite employees incur here are tremendous. DISGUSTING….


After all what I’ve done, I’m still treated like this

Job: Administrator

So I submitted my resignation last week to my manager, who is the GM of the company, and his response was “Ok”. I ask him if he wants to know why, and he says I could have done this before, as he didn’t pay me as agreed, didn’t enrol me in social security, blablablaa.

He forgot that I’m working in the place of two, with sometimes unpaid overtime, a factory with people with little civil behaviour, in a cheap office, and above all, I am stretched between him and his disrespectful and extremely disorganized partner. He forgot that both, him included, treated me like crap on some days.Continue reading


Bad employer

Location: USA
Job: Government

My employer does not demonstrate equal opportunity for all and is also biased toward favoritism, nepotism and special interests. Their own reports clearly show age discrimination. Hiring, training and promotion practices are often arbitrary. HR is low skilled and does not follow employment and disability regulations. Getting another job at another agency is not as easy as expected. Contracted pay terms are not paid. Those working earnestly are not equally paid like others who do the same work or most often unable to advance in this disrespectful organization.Continue reading


Boss yelling in my face

Location: United States
Job: Waitress

So I work at a restaurant that was just sold and has been taken over by these three guys in their mid 20s. They took over about two months ago and they are not good people managers at all. They treat everyone differently and nobody is held accountable and basically the employees run around and do whatever they want. We just got a new waitress but I’ve known her for about 15 years now and have been great friends. When she talks she can get very loud and she was talking this way to one of the managers and I told her in a very nice way to be a little quieter since her table was right on the other side of the wall and could hear her. The manager thought I was talking to him and got in my face and said “I will talk however the f*ck I want to since this is my restaurant, you are just a waitress you don’t tell me what to do, if a table hears me then so what.”Continue reading


Take responsibility and having an affair with the boss


It’s amazing that our department manager doesn’t want to do her job. She sits at her desk all day and watches Netflix and Amazon. The only things she does is reports and she waits until two days before it’s due before she attempts to get it done. Then she runs around asking other people to do her job to get the report done. Her niece who works part-time as her assistant is the one that does all the work. When anyone ask her to order office supplies or to do her job, her response is, “It’s not my job.” She’s lazy. She talks about carrying designer handbags and UGH shoes but she wears $3 flip-flops from Walgreens to the office. Two weeks ago she wore a denim skirt with a hole in it. She’s trash. Oh, I forgot to mention, her 25-year-old son is the part-time runner. He’s just like his mom. Lazy. He comes and does as little as possible. He sits at his cousin’s desk on the computer.Continue reading




Ok I know your report is due May 15. You knew it also. I did not know that you were leaving town on Monday May 9th until you told me on Friday May 4 at 1pm. Now I have to drop what I am doing to get your report done May 4th in 3 hours because I am leaving at 4pm today because you are an idiot.


If you don’t like our healthcare system find an alternative

Job: Healthcare

Moan moan moan “I waited 1 hour” yes you did and now you expect us to fix your fucking dodgy ankle in 5 minutes with a magic fucking pill. Did I mention that you have been experiencing pain in your ankle for 6 weeks and it has only become an emergency because you are going on holiday tomorrow? Does this make me care more? No, it does not. “I want Tramadol” “I want a MRI scan” “My friend/family member/flat mate is a doctor and says I need this and that.” Well, guess what? Your passive aggressive intimidation does not work on me. I do not give a shit if you know a doctor. “In my country we get better treatment blah blah blah” well you know what to do, don’t you? The airport is half an hour away on the train….GOOD FUCKING BYE!


Is it ever good enough or do you just get sadistic pleasure out of riding us?

Location: USA

We unload freight non-stop, busting our asses and we unload that shit at standard (1000 packages per hour). God forbid if we slow down to take a breath. God forbid if we don’t micromanage and bully the slower employees; because we are better than that. God forbid we give ourselves a little time, heaving a one-hundred and twenty pound piece of metal onto an outside set of rollers. God forbid we have to stop and re-tape some package, because someone did a shitty job packaging it; because some other asshole was rushing that person at another job. God forbid some asshole’s trailer-hitch is late or some bimbo’s Forever 21 crap isn’t on the conveyor belt at the speed of light. God forbid we are a little fatigued and moving a little slow by the end of the fucking week.Continue reading


This place is horseshit

Location: Australia
Job: Finance

Omg I’m so glad a place to vent exists. My manager is a fucking fat fuck face who cant organise shit and had a go at me for not reminding her when she forgot something (last time I checked, I’m not a mind reader). Her and the other fatty (who has the most annoying, loud and unnecessary throat clearing routine and thinks sneezing like a high-pitched hyena is endearing) are so repulsive. She leaves skid marks in the toilet and he looks like he’s about 9.8 months pregnant. When the outer office is going crazy with public enquiries, they’re both in his office laughing and talking about ice cream and whether type 2 diabetes really is a lifestyle choice. Grrrrr my whole working career is one horrible boss after the other. Who invented money and work?? There must be a better way.


Fucking Abusive Pimp

Location: Canada
Job: Analyst

My boss is an abusive pimp. He flirts with the girl sitting next to him everyday. He often gives me work 2pm saying that it’s due by the end of the day, while he got the work emailed to him like a month ago. I work so hard meeting those timelines, sometimes even working past 8pm, while the rest of the team pack up and leave starting 4:15. Yet, I never get any credit for the hard work and he recognizes the girl for every single small project that she does. That’s ok, but you are a fucking pimp. Fucking asshole.


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