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S**t. You again.

Location: UK
Job: Construction

Bugger corona. I had managed to avoid you since taking a pay cut and change of department (to avoid you). Now to keep up morale, I am forced to attend online meetings, that include you. This is the second one since lockdown. .our looming, wobbly face fills up my screen again, and is reminiscent of a rectal prolapse. I tried really hard not to be triggered my your constant nitpicking. Your job could be very useful, but you have made it not so. You do fuck all, and when you are forced to do one tiny thing, well inside your ever-decreasing remit, you scream and cry and try and pass it back to other people. You then spout utter meaningless shite in an attempt to sound big and clever. You don’t sound big or clever. You sound as shit as you look. Every single time someone speaks, you have to add to it something irrelevant that puts down the speaker, and tries to big you up. The thing is, it doesn’t work, and you slowly add to the despair everyone feels every time you spout forth the meaningless, unimportant bollocks that you do. I am waiting for your first cough – you will do it – you will I am sure claim you have this terrible virus, if only to gain some attention, once you have realised (even through your own very thickened skin) that nothing else you do will bring concern or attention.


Why did that dumb bit get hired here

Location: USa
Job: CSR/Receptionist

I had a really long and soothing rant and it made me feel, if not better, as if I had boiled my anguish down to its core, and so I only post this crystallized essence of the rant:


Thank you. Have a nice day.


You are not a doctor

Location: United States
Job: Herder of cats

Oh my word! I want to cuss a storm at the pandemonium taking place all around me.
Please fucking stop telling people they have the fucking virus.
Please fucking take your fears and go the fuck home.
I do not want to see you, I do not want to be around your fucking know it all mother fucking ass.
Just shut the fuck up PLEASE!


I want to quit

Location: Uk
Job: Middle Manager

It’s really pathetic – my line manager went off on maternity and so for less money than she was paid I was forced to do most of her work (get paid or not it was made clear that’s what would happen). Now she has decided she’s not coming back. I have been job sharing her role with another person so we are going to go up for the job permanently. Someone else in the team who has done nothing but shit stir, back stab and make my life a living misery has also now decided to go for the job. I would rather eat shit and die than work with her as my head of department. So now I have to keep an eye out for another job just in case she gets it 😡


Do Your Job and Shut Up

Location: United States
Job: Herder of cats

Could you please just shut your yap?
Just fucking shut your fucking yap!
I am so sick of hearing you talk about bullshit all the time.
Just stop – please just stop talking and shut your fucking yap yap.


Coronavirus home office slavery

Location: Doesn't matter
Job: Doesn't matter

I hate this fucking corpo work and now, because of coronavirus I have to work from home, and that constantly reminds me of the time when I was working here on my own stuff years ago, when I took a chance and quit my previous job. Looking at the same monitor, using the same fucking mouse and keyboard, but doing a slave job instead of my dream job. Fuck this shit. And music. I can’t listen to songs I used to love because they remind me of the good old days. Fuck this. Am taking my next leap of faith soon. Saving money and quitting again.


Stupid drivers cut me off while working as a cart pusher

Location: United States
Job: Cart pusher

I’m a cart pusher and I’m tired of having to deal with shitty ass drivers in the parking lot. People are so damn selfish and inconsiderate.

Yesterday, while I’m on a job, some dumb bitch driving a cranberry car came out of nowhere and recklessly cuts in front of me while I’m pushing 20 stacks of shopping carts with my cart manager, and then honks at me as if I’m at fault all because she’s the one in a goddamn hurry, so I honked back for 5 long seconds. Why should I have to move for you when you’re the one who decided to get in my lane and cut me off, causing me to rear-end you? I’m not about to risk a lawsuit or my life because of you.Continue reading



Location: Uk

Let’s hire loads of people out of school, barely train them, put a ton of them on a complex enterprise project, and have loads of meetings to understand why we aren’t meeting deadlines.


Gross piece of shit

Location: Uk
Job: Construction

I have thankfully moved departments and now very rarely have to look at your sneering, rice pudding face. Since escaping your daily shite, my mental health has improved, and I have more time with decent people, less ego-driven, kinder people, with good senses of humour and interesting things to say. Today I had to attend an online meeting and try not to gag at your looming, hideous face, filling the screen, your wobbling jowls trilling your self-aggrandizing bollocks. Your crowing, whining shite is both meaningless and very telling. It tells the droning, dull, shit story of your deficient, needy, sad self and long, long experience of nothing consequential. No-one can even be arsed to nod, and yet they feel compelled to make some small noise to try and placate you, if only to avoid you dribbling on further. You sad, sad, pointless and depressing person. Thankfully, I have a few days before I am reminded again that you still live.


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