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Keep FB to yourself

Location: USA
Job: Administrative

As soon as this idiot walked in the door, as usual, she’s on FB. Fine. You get to collect a monthly check to be on Facebook all day, but leave me the fuck out of it. It’s only 9:54am and I’ve already heard laughter about ten times followed by, “Oh my god look at this!” This shit is old. I have work to do and I don’t get to fuck around all day….hell, all month. Whatever.


Don’t use them

Job: Call Center Rep

I work for a leading “cash app” that’s not associated with banks. I had 72 hours of vacation time approved for 2 weeks, and less then 48 hours prior to me about to go on that vacation, I am told that I cannot use it and that I’m in charge of my own vacation time.

The people there are idiots, and I’ve only been there less than 90 days. I am already looking for another job. The free food and decent pay is not worth it. If you are female or a person with any pigment to your skin you had better look elsewhere because you’ll be stuck in a dead end role for the rest of your life working for them!

I will spread the word not to use this cash app as they are both sexist and racist!


I’m not omniscient

Job: IT

So, this air-conditioner service came to office. I told him the admin is not here yet, if he wanted to wait for her he can. He asked when was she coming, I told him I didn’t know.

The he insisted on repeating his questions as if by repeating it enough I can produce the admin lady out of thin air. Then proceeded to scold me about how terrible I am for working with her for so long and still not know her schedule.

I, obviously, proceeded to yell back at him telling him that she can come as and when she wanted to. I think I cowered him by yelling back that he sort of become slightly more subdued and started to work…Continue reading


Completely clueless

Location: UK
Job: Sales

Well fuck me. If you pull a meeting to talk about something, have the decency to actually look into what you are talking about you clueless fuckwit. How the fuck you are in the position you are in is really beyond my comprehension. Oh, I forgot, rich uncle! You massive fucktard! Unbelievable.


Complete joke

Location: United States
Job: Sales

New CEO was promising. He’s letting loose the bro team and promoting the lowest levels. We don’t know why. The guy in the corner office now was the same guy already with the company that couldn’t take care of marketing, so let’s promote him because he does what I say.

Speaking of doing what you’re told, the only token female is a joke. VP sales just smiles and does what she’s told. No other purpose. She’s doing nothing. Inside sales manager is a sexist jerk. He gives his team $1 items for hitting goals and speaks down to women. Guess he fits in perfectly.Continue reading


A bunch of liars


Don’t talk to me like that. We’re not fiends. You just threatened to deport me 2 hours ago. Stop pretending to be nice now that I’m heading towards the elevator. You’re nothing but a dog for the CEO of this scam company, and I have nothing but pity for you. You should just excuse yourself from my disdain at this point.


Just stop snitching on me. Simple!!

Location: United States
Job: Retail

You call corporate on me because I told you to stop acting like a manager. Saying I’m lazy and don’t deserve my job. But you constantly hangout in the backroom and do NOTHING! Then the next day you think we’re good and we can talk buddy buddy? No, fuck you! Than you get mad and call corporate again! Because I didn’t speak to you??

If a person doesn’t want to speak to you they shouldn’t have to. Then you talk shit about me to other co-workers in the backroom. Y’all fucking pathetic. You constantly harass me because I don’t wanna talk. Pffft get the fuck outta here with that kid shit!


Don’t overwork yourself princess

Location: USA
Job: Administrative

It’s hilarious when you feel your job is to check and respond to maybe seven emails a day. Oh but there was a meeting today too that had to be attended that lasted all of 45 minutes so bless your heart! You must be exhausted! Here we are expecting this idiot to work a full eight-hour shift. How dare us!!


Please shut up

Location: UK
Job: Sales

I usually enjoy the bosses being in meetings, but not this time when the office coven are waffling on about that narcissistic bollocks that is Love Island! Please go away, it’s like I’m sat in a living issue of Heat magazine!


Lazy office gossip bitches!

Location: USA
Job: Clerk

Here’s one for you gossip bitches at work. One has her man cheat on her who she’s been with for many years – ew and how you suck that after he’s been in his ex gf LOL! And other one had her man leave her ass and go back to his wife! Another LOL moment. So while you lazy ass bitches at work gossip and scheme on how to sabotage me YOU CAN’T WIN! I lol at your pathetic lives.


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