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Angry at myself

Location: Philippines
Job: Accountant

I am angry at myself for not being good enough. My boss is always telling me to take ownership of my work and to do self-review. I do. I just don’t feel that the work has any meaning to it. I work at a BPO company. The main work is to assume the role of the finance department of multinational companies. A lot of the work we do feels redundant. I know for a fact that the deliverables/outputs we prepare aren’t even used by the client. They give you an orientation that you need to give value to the client. but what if you know that what you do is counterproductive? I want to be better, I really do, but I can’t find it in myself to be. I feel the work I do is a burden to the client.


Favoritism and Lies

Location: Malaysia
Job: Teacher

I work in this international school located in one of the cities here in Malaysia. I have a BA degree and am working as a teacher advocate. I love my job, I really do, the environment, the curriculum. I contribute all of my skills and knowledge towards the betterment of the school and children. However, I am soooo done with the lies, bias and favoritism that the management has been showing over their favs.

It’s possible to be a main teacher there BUT they don’t and won’t give it to a local teacher. I have international experience working for a UK pre-school and they don’t even bother to inform me about the job vacancy. They only want to give it to expat teachers. The management aka team leader and principal looks down on the teacher advocates, only giving priority to their expat teachers and expect all tasks to be completed by the end of the day.Continue reading


First rant

Location: Canada

Ways my boss is not cool:

  • You are far from being the smartest or funniest person in the office. People dread talking to you because you talk too much about yourself.
  • Stop using big words on people who have English as a second language. It’s like you’re trying to confuse them on purpose.
  • It’s really sad that you have to keep bringing up stories of your teenage drug use as a way to make yourself sound cool.
  • Dropping the f-bomb every two minutes is tacky.
  • Being married to a black person is not a free pass to make black jokes. That’s just racist any way you slice it.



Just a rant

Job: IT

We’re workers, not robots. We do not work 24/7. If your screen is dead at 3am, don’t call us. It is NOT an emergency. It’s a goddamn TV screen not a bypass surgery. We gave you our numbers because we do want to provide good service, but not for being called at 3am because there was a power trip.

We also do not work on weekends, so that thing you want to take down or upload on the weekend, we are unable to do BOTH on weekends. Not just unable to take down, but unable to upload too, because, HELLO? WEEKEND! NO WORK!

Note to colleagues. All of you, my colleagues: I AM BUSY.Continue reading


I need to rant


My company is fucking crazy. They take employees as robots. The first day that I went to work (I was new to town and didn’t have my apartment sorted out yet) I bought a pillow on my way back from lunch, since I literally just happened to walk by a sale, and when I got back I got scolded for “going shopping during work hours”. I thought it was a little ridiculous but I didn’t think too much about it. Little did I know that that was just the beginning. Since then I’ve got at least a dozen lectures for meeting my roommate downstairs for keys, going to the office gym for a 5 minute coding break, wearing shorts (we’re fucking programmers why does it matter), talking to myself while debugging code, wearing headphones, buying juice after lunch, checking Facebook, taking sick leaves, taking bathroom breaks… Yes, apparently taking a fucking bathroom break is a sin here.Continue reading


Why question or attack an employee’s face?!

Location: Sacramento, CA
Job: State Government Employee

I am a hard working employee and there has been alot of bullying and mobbing at my workplace. Fellow employees including managers are coming up to employees and verbally attacking them for “your face”, despite the employee not talking to them or thinking about them when they make their horrifically abusive remarks.

You all that attack people faces in public spaces used by employees can stick your face interrogation comments/attacks up your …….!!! In my opinion, if you you don’t like someone’s face or you are a racist, keep your mouth shut! Keep your judgements to yourself and respect other humans, you don’t know what they are going through and it is likely none of your business! What is your intent? Certainly not to help that person. Who do you think you are just because you work at a workplace? I would prefer less of your type on earth. Move to another planet!


Just because I can

Location: Switzerland

Hey nasty bitch. Just wanted to let you know that other than being pissed off by your pathetic and catty ways, I could care less about you. BTW, I know you’re jealous B, your best friend told me. It puts a smile on my face. I hope I did ruin your career for bringing light to what we all endure from you, you deserve it! Oh and btw we are all aware of the porno you did with like some 75-year-old man you call daddy…. Guys think you are gross. You can continue to buy your $200 pair of jeans that you can afford because you have no bills because you still live at home and will always live at home. The jeans don’t make guys want you anymore. What are you? 15? You still look like fat trailer trash. Literally look up ugly hairy redheaded women and I bet your pic is the first one up there.


What a bitch

Location: UK

I work with the nastiest vilest passive aggressive bitch I’ve ever encountered. She’s teachers pet so no one can do anything about her as the manager protects her no matter what she does. She is so negative, miserable and sucks the fun out of every work interaction. She complains and bitches about everyone. No one is good enough, everyone else is stupid and thick and only she can be trusted to make decisions or do actual work. Which means we get the crumbs of the stuff she doesn’t want to do and even then you’re not allowed to get on with it as she’s keeping tabs. No autonomy whatsoever.

Our manager is so useless allowing her behaviour and worse, being influenced by it. He then dishes out the kicking on her behalf because he does what ever she says. She talks to people like they are idiots, cuts across and talks over them. No one else can be right as she always is and she’ll keep talking and doesn’t listen.Continue reading


Is work hell?

Location: UK
Job: Hospital Worker

I had a nice job of 8 years, I worked full time in a school in a happy environment…………then sadly I was made redundant. Since redundancy I have gone through 12 months of hell. I have been bounced along from patronising unemployment courses which involved sitting with vile people who had been to prison or kicked out of school, then I had various agency work, with yet more vile people, each time starting from scratch and trying to get to know people.

My current job started early October 2017 in a hospital. I had my hopes up thinking it was going to be a nice professional, well-run environment with good, caring people. Then the first day it sunk in that it was gonna be HELL.Continue reading


Why do I give a shit?

Location: UK
Job: Manager

I’m literally the only bloody one who stands up and gets involved. I challenge the status quo and get treated like shit for it. “It’s ok to have an opinion and talk about stuff” they say, but it clearly bloody isn’t. Trying to get answers just results in being accused of negativity and I’m sick and bloody tired of it.

I’m not a yes man, but it’s time to become a faceless number, just to keep my own sanity. They want nodding heads and soulless eyes, feedback they can ignore and people they can manipulate. Well then, you keep paying my fucking wages and I’ll shut my mouth and become another robot. Don’t always expect a higher standard from me, don’t rely on me to go over and above, and from now on, don’t expect me to give a shit.



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