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Breaking out of prison

Location: Slums of Mossland
Job: Slave

To work in retail is a true death sentence. Don’t be foolish to walk into these white walls. You will be chained, whipped, and hanged for the unreasonable expectations. You will always make just enough for you to eat. They will turn you into a monstrosity. You will never ever be human again. You will become a beast that is ready to create bloodshed to all other normal humans. It’s called insanity and not being a human. If you believe in God, take my advice. Seriously, you will preserve your life way longer. It’s not worth the struggle; pain; blood, sweat and tears; and your intelligence.

If you are unfortunate to find yourself in this hellish prison, you need to find some tools to take advantage and get out. Sometimes you have to go through hell to get to your heavenly deserved awards. Make sure you never forget to warn the other normals to never join the metal prison nut house. They will praise you later. If you’re stuck, get out. You must preserve your precious life and sanity.


Imprisoning me won’t happen


So I’m that much of a special snowflake that you intend to chain me to my current position for even more years? With a horrible work-life balance, a bad boss and no perks to make up for me busting my butt?

And you think I’m going to let you do this to me?

Think again. And better think of a plan B for when I’ve found a new job.


What to do?


Hmmm I have hated my job for some time. Yet, I don’t see where else to go… All my friends are professionals and yet me I am not. Sometimes I see myself as a waste. Too bad I can’t see my own future. My job accomplishments just suck. I had stopped hanging out with people because of my lack of success.


Sir Fluff Bottom and his peasants


I know it has been a few months since I have been in contact, but since you treated me so well I figured I owe it to you to at least say thank you. Thank you for letting me know it is ok to grab, pull and bully an employee in the workplace. Had I known this I would have been putting this practice to use. I’ve always been taught since I was a child to not lay hands on anyone else as if it was a basic vestigial behavior. I was never aware I could just grab someone at the blink of an eye and tell them how little of a person they are. I was always taught to respect the people around me. I guess I must have missed something over the course of my career. So thank you for enlightening me. The best conversation I ever had was with the President of the company who then not only allowed this behavior to happen, but also blamed me for not knowing I was in the wrong for following the rules. That was a real eye opener.Continue reading


Rude stupid boss


My assistant manager is so rude and ignorant. He’s new at my workplace and before he used to be the store manager, but he still believes he’s the store manager. Talking always bad about the store manager and taking control of the store when store manager is not there. That’s not the problem, the problem is that after taking control and making mistakes he will blame the staff if something goes wrong. Shouting at us on the shop floor in front of customers, even if we tell him you told me to do it he will say it’s your fault, you need to think and come to tell me that’s wrong, but when we do it he ignores us. He’s so lazy he doesn’t want to do the work. He always says I’m not doing it, that is a horrible job to do. You do it, if I do it I will be sick.


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