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Location: USA
Job: Office Manager

OK, you stupid dumb jack leg! How can you be so freaking stupid? FIRST, can you please turn down that fing stupid music? No one wants to hear that! It is not professional to have your music so loud. And how about doing your fing job. How about it? How many times does one have to say, “PUT YOUR PHONE DOWN AND DO YOUR JOB!!” ??????? You are THE most unorganized/unprofessional person and you call yourself a banker. I bet you lied about being a banker the stupid ass way you count money! Who in the fing hell counts twenties….1, 2, 3, 4, 5? Then stacks them this way and that until you are finished then go back and count, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6…….and say, “I have $600.00 dollars.” ???? WHO THE F DOES THAT? You mean to tell me the bank taught you to count like that and you didn’t ignore them and count, 20, 40, 60, 80, 100? You can’t count by 5’s or 10’s or 20’s? WTF?Continue reading


Dumb decision!

Location: USA
Job: Office Manager

You made me say GD today and I hate to say that! Now I have to go to confession. How can you be so feaking stupid? How can any one person interview so well and come in here and be so stupid? I expected so much more out of you but you are not worth the time I am putting into you. I want to fire you so bad but you have these little kids that I just can’t do that to.

How in the hell am I going to deal with you and your stupid music? How am I going to deal with your inappropriate and unprofessional clothing? The way you sit with your feet up on the desk or file cabinet with your freaking cell phone all day long. ALL FREAKING DAY LONG YOU ARE ON THAT PHONE AND I HATE IT.Continue reading


Them bitches

Location: UK
Job: Office

I hate the people in my office except for my manager. I love my job but working in that OFFICE does my head in. I am damned if I do and damned if I don’t with them fucking bitches. It is like being back at school. Grow the fuck up stupid little mean girls. You do not realise how you are making me feel. I want into stab you both in the eye with my letter opener.


Fat shit-stirring c**t

Location: United Kingdom
Job: Security

Thanks for coming in and taking over. Thought you would do a good job at first and show me the ropes. It’s good to see some 30-something can fuck up a business in months that I have helped to build, which isn’t even mine. Now you have cut off my work. I will find a better way without this shit. Your days are numbered and you will be found out for what you are. A fat fucking donkey. There’s so much more to say but let’s see if you have any minerals at all, to back up your bollocks when we’re in the office in front of the gaffer. I doubt you do. But if you have it, be ready for a show you fucking fat bald-headed wee prick. By the way, the main boys in the area have never even heard of you. Haha what a muppet. You need help. Good luck – you will need it.




I’m the new person on the block at my work. Old man and lazy sookie prick this is for you. And for you old geezer who is just about rolling in your grave because you’re so old. As soon as I see your name in the obituaries I’ll literally celebrate with drinks. Drop dead you ignorant racist. Your turn lazy prick. I hope when you sleep somewhere on the job you’re not supposed to, I hope you die when you let your guard down. I get the worst shift duties and get in trouble for the dumbest reasons just because I’m not white. I can’t wait for something bad to happen at work when you people personally pick someone over me for a job they don’t know how to do, that I know how to do so I can just laugh at everyone who overlooked me.


Customer service

Location: USA

As I sip on my cocktails, from the money that I still get paid even though I put you on a silent hold, you called me a moron, AND yes I may be a moron but I saw the notes from the previous notes that you went off on, I knew EXACTLY even if I helped you, you were gonna get upset so I started to tune you out. And yes I was NOT paying attention, so you call me a MORON I call myself smart. Call me a moron, but even if you don’t get your pay I am still getting paid. You succeeded in making me upset but look who gets paid (:



Location: England

Oh my goodness the fact that you can stoop so low and compare my line of work to yours reaches new levels of utter astonishment. Firstly, I am blessed that 1) I don’t have your face 2) I don’t have a complex about my heritage and 3) whilst I wasted my time looking for this site then writing about you, the ultimate dickhead, for this week I’ve realised you’re in a total shitty situation and you do have my pity.

I am the one that has the upper hand without being the one that felt it was necessary to talk down at someone. I had a thankless meaningless job but I’m still in a better place than you in so many ways. So I hope you will be happy with your fake name, fake eyebrows and fake lifestyle. You’ve been dealt the shitty cards you gotta deal with it. You also made bad moves that’s why you are where you are and I am where I am. Better off!


The best…not!

Location: Canada
Job: Production

I love being a newbie and getting a product flaw situation spread across inventory everywhere. Who knows how big the problem is and where do you even begin to look?

The best is when you ask an old-timer for advice and it seems to make sense until you actually do it and then all hell breaks loose because other old-timers think you did it wrong.

I’m the freaking middle man here!! I’m new and have no idea how your process works because guess what? You don’t have one!!!!


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