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Is this an actual BUSINESS or was I working in the depths of hell?

Location: New Jersey
Job: FORMER Assistant Director/Teacher/Slave/Cleaner/Starbucks Runner/Stay after hours for no money worker

Let me just start off by saying, I’m a pretty rational, level headed person. I never expect things to be handed to me, and I’m always giving 110% at anything I do, especially work. THREE precious FUCKING years of my life, and hard work…wasted – BEING OVERWORKED and severely underpaid. Started off as a Teacher, part time. Busted my ass to get more hours… and finally was getting 40 hours a week…plus overtime (overtime was paid in cash..not on my paycheck). After about 6 months of working from 7am and not leaving until after 6pm…I STILL could not afford to live. **I worked at a Preschool/Daycare.Continue reading



Location: South Africa
Job: Everybody's assistant

90% of my coworkers are idiots. GM does nothing but micromanage (when he comes in), moan and think of ways to make money out of his already-poorly-paid employees. My immediate “supervisor” is a lazy POS who downloads Hentai at work and then proceeds to sit in the bathroom for 3 hours, most probably jacking off. He told the GM he is “too busy” on site to do his own paperwork so the GM shifts it to me after telling me all the work I am already doing is side-jobs and therefore my job performance is non-existent. So I take over this shit’s work while he sits at his desk making weird throat noises and slurping his coffee. He also doesn’t believe in baths/showers and thinks his bald ass is the smartest and most attractive thing on the planet.Continue reading



Location: North America
Job: Dealing with the public

My office manager loses her shit if you move office supplies out of a box and store them in other places that make more sense than leaving them in cardboard boxes in the middle of the floor. She also hoards various pieces of trash claiming she’s going to use them/take them home and never does. She’s also scared of spiders… She’s not too bright to realize that spiders love hiding around cardboard so it’s hilarious that she is creating her own problem and doesn’t realize it.


Stop being a pussy

Location: Burlington
Job: Ft retail

I was recently transferred from a store I loved to a store I am beginning to hate. I white knuckle the drive, and work with a wishy washy manager that let’s his whining pt employees walk all over him. They are hired as cashier’s, but whine if they are on cash longer then 2 hours,so he compensates and takes them off cash. I am ft and have earned my place,but find myself on cash for 7 or 8 hours a day. I’m an easy going person,but if I don’t become a royal bitch and say something soon, I’m gonna lose my shit. Just do your damn job bitches.


Narcissistic Manager

Location: Scotland
Job: Analyst

I work with a middle manager who is a narcissist. She shows all the classical narcissistic behavior. A classical working day with her might include abusive calls, constant out of hours calls, interrogations and sexual harassment.


Lazy shits

Location: CA

Ugh these fucking people are so annoying!!! Why the fuck do I need to fucking beg for people to sign the papers? It’s part of their job and my job can not be completed unless they sign this shit. Not like it’s so hard to sign and it takes 2 seconds for fucks sake. If you are too lazy to do shit then why the fuck are you working?!!


Just wow!!


Egotistic red haired twat who thinks that they invented everything known to man…lick me where i smell funny, ok? Tired of your smarmy backstabbing bullshit, catch you constantly proclaiming your dislike and negativity of everything to fellow coworkers who are equally as worthless. Just because you pooped out a kid and lick the bosses twat doesn’t make you nobility either…or didn’t you know? To you I raise my glass wholeheartedly and wish you a big fat and fiery FUCK YOU EAT SHIT!!!!!!!


I can’t even find a title for this! PART 2

Location: North America
Job: Technician

I cannot believe I forgot to mention the best part (see previous rant)! When I complained to my coordinator about not being allowed to transfer to another department, she used the divine intervention argument and said and I quote ”Have you ever thought that maybe it’s God’s will that you’re working here? Maybe he’s doing what’s best for you by not letting you transfer? You should be thankful instead of complaining!”. By God, I wonder if she meant ‘my boss’. Although I think ‘Satan’ might be a more accurate way of referring to her.

As I’m re-reading this post, I can’t believe she said that! It’s like a scene from the series ”The Office”. Except it’s not so funny when it’s every day life. I was gonna say she’s lost her mind, but I don’t think there was much there to start with.


I can’t even find a title for this!

Location: North America
Job: Technician

I hate my boss and her minion AKA the staff coordinator. They are evil! If we’re 5 minutes late, my boss makes us write a letter of apology and takes the money off our paychecks, to the point where human resources apologize to us for having to follow the orders of a lunatic. Most employees who start working for her try to get the hell out of there ASAP so there’s people leaving like every week. Every time someone leaves, the coordinator says it’s always their fault because they were bad employees and that it’s so much worse outside of our department that we should feel lucky to have such a nice boss.Continue reading


Are you fucking kidding me?

Location: Hell
Job: Minion at the circus of the damned

Yes, I still work for Satan in hell, and lately she, yes SHE, has been more unbearable then normal. I am EXPECTED to do the work of 3 fucking minions because her fucking cheap ass is too busy indulging her over privileged spawn rather than hiring sufficient minions for hell. So sick of her and her bullshit. PLEASE powers that be, indulge me in finding new suitable employment so I can get away from her and this circus of the damned. I can’t manage when her aggressive micro managing ass is in everything!


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