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You fucking useless tech


You fucking useless tech need to change your attitude. Instead of returning tickets with a stupid answer do your job and fix the fucking issue. I don’t care that you are gay, you are an asshole. I’m not homophobic, you’re just are an asshole – gay or not gay.


Can’t keep doing this

Location: Ca
Job: Scapegoat

I work for the gov, worked 8 years supervising an over-tasked high-stress office. To my boss: I regret protecting you. You were a failure but I ensured your shit got done while my office exceeded. After I moved locations and could no longer do your work for you, you couldn’t keep up the lies anymore. Now your boss knows you’re a failure and you blamed it all on me!!??? You are a fucking disgusting bully. There are no laws against bullying in the United States Air Force so I’m just fucked. You are welcome for using me as a scapegoat, this will affect the rest of my career!!! Go to hell you spineless piece of shit!!!! I’m shaking with disgust and anxiety at how dirty you are.


Dumb Ass Little Girls

Location: US
Job: Account Manager

You dry ashy face ass bitch! It will be a cold day in hell before I try to warn your dingy dry faced ass again. And your big foot dragon head looking ass friend! Both of you dumb ungrateful bitches can go fuck yourselves.

The “Big One”, when you need to blow your nasty snotty ass nose, bitch take your big foot hard walking dusty ass in the ladies room and not in the break room contaminating every damn thing in there, you disgusting big bitch! Nobody wants to listen to you blow all of that gunky shit out of your big ass head!Continue reading


Two-faced bitch

Location: London, UK
Job: Office Drone

You fat, blonde self-involved bitch, N. I’m so sick of having to put up with your daily whining sessions about how you have too much work on and how sick you are of your life. Don’t like it? Fucking quit! You’re not the only one who’s stuck in a shitty job. You’re not the only one being underpaid. Guess what? Some of us with twice the brain that you have are getting paid much less than you are!Continue reading


Lazy fat fucker

Location: USA

It is unbelievable what some people do. Granted, this guy works five hours out of the eight, but for the last three hours, he pimps this place out, sits on his ass and does nothing. I am glad that I am not a fat lazy fuck!


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