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Of You


I understand how you would have so much time sending long emails and making long phone calls to a supplier who will terminate you as you are a director, therefore your performance is not assessed by productivity at work and there is no need to justify how you’ve been harassing the staffs. I would love to ask you to go for therapy but we are not really allowed to be unprofessional and it’s likely to be of no use because if 30 or 40 years of living has not been able to teach you basic manners and decency, just look at the mirror and it would be what you see. Unpleasant to the core. I really don’t know what your parents were thinking in raising someone like you.


What the What


I don’t know what the hell just happened. I just got back from a mini holiday. It’s Tuesday. I checked my email, nothing crazy. Tell me why there’s a walk through of our managing attorneys and there was ZERO notice? I am completely freaking out. We are a huge national company and these three divided up and handle the entire United States. They don’t live here. You would think that these people flying out here would warrant an email. None of us look homely today, per say, but I just saw one of us in what looks like a sweat suit. We can get away with a more laid back dress attire because no one important to the company actually sees us. Then my boss brings the Big 3 to my GD desk to introduce me and all that I do. I almost had a stroke. Do I look like a hobo? Is my desk straight? I had no damn clue in that moment. Then, one of these corporate gods got close. I got up to shake her hand and we ended up hugging. It wasn’t awkward, I think. We are cc’d on all the same emails and I’m forever looped in with all of her projects in the states that I handle. It seemed fluid and totally natural – she even smelled nice – but I still wanna vom. What if it was super terrible? What if my boss, who was standing there, thought it was upper inappropriate? I had one GD earbud in my ear and my phone was on the desk because I just took it out of my pocket to change the song. Dear sweet lord. Thank god I didn’t accidentally skip my perfume.


Office Drone

Location: Hell
Job: Worker Bee

Worthless meetings wasting everyone’s time, everything you spew can be e-mailed. But with your power trip you would rather inconvenience everyone. “We hired so many more people…” Really? Then why are you calling me begging me to cover a shift after 2 doubles in a row? Because you’re a liar. You and your idiot towel boy think you can treat people any kind of way and not worry about it. See how it works? Now you want to toss your burdens to your lower management and forget about them. Causing people that got along fine to despise each other. A company worth hundreds of millions and you’re cutting back on benefits, hours and pay? Then you expect us to go above and beyond?! Yeah… Good luck without us loyal drones you took advantage of. Have fun with the people that complain about the keurig location, let alone a last minute shift.


The last

Location: daegu sk
Job: I work at a ramen stand

I mean everyone calls me the charmer of this stupid ramen stand but all I want to do is punch everyone in the face. What is this salary?? Like 3000 won a day. Nothing at all. I’d make more money as a hairstylist. That reminds me to apply for beauty school. Annoying.


Contract after contract

Location: Toronto

Big companies making so much and being so cheap on employees. Making employees work harder than ever, paying them less and less, no benefits, no sick days, no vacations, renewing contract after contract. Sucks.


Do you want me to quit?

Location: Virginia

I can honestly say I think my boss is a nut job. She constantly comes to me and tells me how I’m the hardest and smartest working employee she has. Always tells me that she can only trust me with certain projects. Then she proceeds to micromanage and gaslight me wherever she can. She would tell me to my face what she wanted me to do and that I was doing a good job and then freak out on me a week later for doing exactly what I did the week before. She’s calmed down with this and now somewhat believes me when I tell her, “nope, this is what you told me to do. I have the email/note right here.”

The thing that gets under my skin is the petty small bullshit. I kept seeing all these other people on my team wear a particular kind of outfit. It seemed very comfortable, fashionable, and I happened to have higher quality items that would constitute that look. I come in and she sends me home within the hour. Everyone on her team wears what I wear but less, but I’m the one that’s singled out. No one else seemed to notice anything wrong with my clothes, and I got compliments the moment I walked through the door, but then there she is. That’s fucking annoying, then she clocked me out while I went home, pretty much making sure I couldn’t properly have lunch that day.Continue reading


No vacation

Location: Slavery Confed America
Job: Bitch

I have family overseas I need to visit. I have no paid vacation and the only way is to stick with the company that pays you very little. I want to see my family so bad, but why is it so hard to start your own business? I get no vacation and I need money. Fuck you America!


I have no motivation

Location: Nevada
Job: BIAtch

You ask me of things that I simply do not have the ability to do. I need to follow things in a line to read like anyone else. If it jumps around I can’t do it. I already hate doing this job. I never do the things on the job I enjoy anymore. I’m ready to move on from this. I hate doing it.


Basic Etiquette

Location: Singapore

Three years ago, I had a female client who replaced normal greetings like ‘Hi’ or ‘Hello’ with ‘(my name)!!’ followed by dead silence. It is as though I had done something wrong. Or maybe she is trying to intimidate me. Three years later, I was put in charge of one of her companies. I got a call from her and found out that she still hasn’t learnt how to talk normally. By the way, the call was simply because she could not be bothered to check her own work and needed me to direct her to her worksheets.


No, it’s NOT clear

Location: OR
Job: IT

I sent you a fucking Excel sheet with clearly labelled columns. You returned it to me with completely different columns. And then said that those in the ‘Room Name’ column should appear in the ‘Office’ column as well. Still wrong! We fucking exchanged emails like 20 times and 17 of them consisted of YOU blaming me for NOT GETTING IT. And with a more and more condescending tone while I HAD TO REDO THE FUCKING DATABASE ALL OVER AGAIN FOR EVERY FUCKING EMAIL I RECEIVED FROM YOU. How can I ‘get it’ when what YOU meant was: ‘those with room names ending with ‘office’ should appear in the ‘Office’ column as well’. I had to come down to your office and ASKED 3 fucking times IN PERSON with a fucking hand drawn diagram before you can EVEN CONVEY IT RIGHT! FUCK YOU ASSHOLE! LEARN HOW TO WRITE PROPERLY! BETTER YET, USE THE FUCKING EXCEL SHEET TEMPLATE WE HAVE GIVEN YOU! We are NOT mind readers. In our mind we have ‘Office’ column and ‘Room’ column – they ARE NOT RELATED. How the fuck should I know that only SOME ‘rooms’ are to appear in the ‘office’ column when you said ‘Those with ‘room name’ should appear in the ‘office’ column as well’. FUCKING LOGIC! FUCKING COMMON SENSE! FUCK YOU!


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