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Fuck retail


I could never say it enough. I hate retail period. You don’t get paid good wages and investing your time to move up just sucks. It makes me hate my life. Fuck retail…


She Sucks!

Location: USA

I have never seen a supervisor like this before! Who ever hired her needs to fire her! She is very unprofessional, and I have had it. She likes to harass her employees. I believe that someday she will get fired because she will do something really unprofessional and the person she does it to will tear her a new one. It’s all about karma! What goes around comes around! Good luck, with that!


One-sided convo

Location: USA
Job: I try to work but can't

Your co-worker uses a soft-inside voice, you on the other hand use a loud, obnoxious, fucking annoying voice!!! It makes it sound like you are over there ranting about nonsense and it’s so annoying!! Take a hint, speak at the level your teammates use! Shut the fuck up!!!


lazy bitch

Location: hell

MN you lazy, useless c***. Why do you even bother to show up if you are just going to spend the day pushing calls on to the rest of us. Who exactly are you fucking in the office to get away with the crap you do. You are a waste of space, a stupid, lazy, annoying little twat and I hope you get fired some day. But then that would require management to actually do something about you, which we all know will never happen.


OMG NO! Get a fucking clue!

Location: OR
Job: Software engineer

Caller: May I know the name of your Business Development Manager so I can address the email correctly?
Me: It’s Mr. Jxxx Gxxx
Caller: Ok. May I know the name of your General Marketing Manager?
Me: … I don’t know.
Caller: Ok. Do you have a branch manager?
Me: No.
Caller: May I know the name of your Executive Director?
Me: Oh My God! Look, I am not going to entertain your 20 questions about the structure of my company. If you’re going to drop the email to us, then just drop it at the address I’ve given you, we will get it to the relevant party.
Caller: No, no, no! May I know the name of your Manager Dire-
Me: *hangup*

Like, seriously, get a clue!


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