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I Fucking Hate My Fat Boss

Location: USA
Job: Customer Rep

Everyone on the team hates this bitches gut. I mean EVERYONE. We all smile and pretend because we have to in order not to be fired, but this bitch is hated. And the hate for her is not limited to the team I’m on. There are others on other teams and even other units who despise this bitch. She cheats, lies, and steals. She is a hypocrite and a phoney. She is highly religious but evil, cruel, and backstabbing. She likes being the boss because she likes power over others, not because she wants to cultivate her team, but so that she has control over your life and career. You can do the best, or be the best, but she will find the smallest thing to make into an issue if she hates you.Continue reading


Blah blah

Location: United States

You’ve got to be the most ignorant person I’ve ever met, K. You don’t even know the difference between your and you’re or to and too, but you swear up and down you know everything. You think everything you say sounds smart, but honestly it either makes absolutely no sense and makes you look dumb, or is word for word what you saw on TV. Hey, guess what? You think you are an awesome employee but you are lazy as hell and have the worst attitude of anyone I have ever met. You make people and animals suffer because of your selfishness. You’re a hoarder and are going to live alone (when your parents die) with too many cats to count. I mean over 20 cats now, that’s just fucking disgusting. You are people’s least favorite kind of person… the know it all… that’s why you have absolutely no friends… nobody likes you and nobody ever will. I mean you have already resorted to 2 homeless people to try and get laid. You’re GROSS… BTW if you read this maybe you will learn when to use those ever so difficult words that I mentioned at the top.


Stupid 33 year old c***

Location: United States

You are a fucking cunt. At 33 you still live with mommy and daddy and have a curfew of 10pm. You all look like a bunch of inbreds. That may be mean to say but Goddamn if you weren’t such a backstabbing cry baby maybe I wouldn’t say it. You fucking lie to get people in trouble then get mad when they don’t want to talk to you anymore so you try to get them fired. God I’m so glad I don’t have your miserable life. I wonder what you will be in your next life because it would be hard to make you look any uglier. Didn’t you know there was a reason why people call you a troll? No wonder no guy wants to touch you. YOU NASTY… although I don’t know that you like guys because you sure don’t show it – I mean unless we are in middle school and pulling hair and tripping the ones we like is still the cool thing – but from a lesbian’s perspective, we don’t want you either. Have some fucking respect for humanity. Maybe life wont be so miserable then bitch. The best thing that could happen is that you’d get fired for being a homophobic bitch, but I’m not that lucky.


Entitled bastards

Location: Scotland

Jesus christ. Bunch of cunts. Why do you live? Why do you breathe? What gives you the right to sit in judgement when you haven’t got the first fucking idea what gives? Fucking morons. Privileged fucking shit heads. Fuck off a hundred times. Come back when you genuinely have a clue and until then stop interfering. Twats. Stay at home and spend your pensions taken off the backs of the workers. Fuck off. You are shit. There. I have ranted. Now I am as childish as you, and have expressed as informed, useful and intelligent opinions as you do everyday of your twatty lives. I just don’t have the privilege, background or money to give me the entitlement, safety or lack of self-awareness to be OK with it. Cunts. Just die and make the world a better place.


Fuck my asshole boss

Location: USA
Job: Controller

He is such a jerk! He asked this morning, “Don’t you punch in?” because I was already here in my office. I told him I do, I just hadn’t settled my stuff yet…. truth be told some mornings I don’t because I DON’T WANT TO SEE HIM. He is such an asshole. Everyone here thinks so. He steals and makes shady dealings. Stole inheritance away from his sister and brothers when his parents died. Who does that? He already has millions. HE IS DISGUSTING.

I am in the middle of looking and can’t wait for the day I can give him my notice. He also hugely mentally abuses everyone here!!!!! For example, a salesman will come up to him and say, “Can I ask you a question?” He will immediately bark back at them, “Not now, I’m busy!” or “What do you want? You gotta hurry up!” Then they tell him and he does not listen. They have to tell him again…..and then it turns into this huge thing where they fucked everything up (even though they actually did it right) because my boss changes his mind all the time. I fucking hate this hell hole!


Rat race at its best form

Location: USA - NYC

The title pretty much says it all. This job is the very best fucking example of a rat race. It fucking promises with all the fucking perks and whatnot but in reality, this whole fucking thing is nothing but a soul-draining piece of shit leech that just wants to use you up to the fullest before getting rid of you.

There is TONS of work to do and the pay is a really huge what-the-fuck sign of how shitty the pay is. I don’t mind them not wanting me to be rich, I mean it’s their right, but this pay is a fucking insult, like just flip the fucking birds already.Continue reading


Useless lying fuck again

Location: Scotland
Job: Support

Really????? You really think that your response is valid and acceptable? Are you a real person? Do you have the slightest understanding that other people might actually exist and be affected by your hugely shit ways? Do you think you should be paid for being a massive twat all day everyday?

It would be funny if it was on TV but in real life you are just a cunt. A cunt that should fuck off. Forever.

Latest answer to being pulled for being late every day: “It’s not my fault the traffic is bad. You gave me the job and you knew where I lived.”Continue reading


Unfair redundancy practices

Location: UK

Was made redundant in 2015 from a company at very short notice (i.e had ten minutes at the end of the day to leave). I had worked my arse off for this particular company and was at the beginning of my career path in a certain sector. Over the last few years I have had to take any job to survive and all the time trying to upskill to get back into the sector I was made redundant from. I was and still am interested in this sector however it is difficult to get back in since I have had a few years of random jobs and my CV no longer follows a path!

My rant is that I recently discovered that individuals who were not made redundant were doing my job a few months after I left from other unrelated departments and are now in the role I was about to go into back in 2015!!!Continue reading


This has to fucking end

Location: USA - NYC

Seriously, this fucking shit has to stop. I don’t even know what my fucking job is anymore. Been in this job for a year and I still don’t know what the fuck I do for a living. I’m the secretary, the technician, the programmer, the solution finder for pretty much every fucking thing these shit worms see, and what’s worse is the fact that they INTERROGATE me for working overtime. They think I’m only signing my presence paper and go outside. Wow what a conclusion, so you never thought just MAYBE I’m busting my ass working so fucking hard to finish my multi jobs?

Not to mention how the pay is absolutely and I do mean an ABSOLUTELY lit piece of shit, my boss is pushy and nosy, and everybody is never doing good enough work. Not that my co-workers are innocent. They suck cock as well but just not as much as this hamster-looking fat rectum. He floods my desk with work and asks me to do extra work and then complains why I still haven’t done my flooded desk with an angry, annoying-looking face. He’s always mad, even when he laughs it’s like he’s still mad.Continue reading


Imbeciles in charge

Location: England
Job: Sales Assistant

Cannot believe I was told to improve my customer service yesterday – seems it’s not good enough that we have to call for assistance the second ANYONE wants serving, even if the person currently being served is ONLY buying a paper FFS!!!! And it’s not enough that the fact that we are forced to accept this puts people behind on their evening work. Like, the other day ONE PERSON was fronting shop on his own while I (and one other person) was forced to do flash cards, and the micro managing, delegating manager wanted “in a hurry” – 3 days later!!! Never mind that the next day I was lumbered with a 6am start (a “brilliant” idea of the money-grasping owner who wants to make sure his lack of popularity doesn’t affect his shop) and could EASILY have continued cards THEN, as I had fuck all else to do, and was bored out of my mind/trying to stay awake. To cap it all, the shop’s yes man (aka supervisor) was telling me to “ring the bell” for the poor guy fronting on his own (hardly MY fault, though he seemed to think so at first). I said I felt bad about it, but what could I do? Manager’s word is law – enough if it’s the word of a brainless wanker!Continue reading


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