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Worst job ever

Location: Scotland
Job: Coder

Can’t wait to quit this job. Worst place I’ve ever worked in my entire life. Nearly 4 years working in this living hell. A nervous breakdown is imminent.

Stupidity and laziness are rewarded in spades and management is non-existent.

In short, fuck this place and pretty much everyone that works here bar the few decent co-workers who’ve made it bearable.


Stop calling me

Job: IT

I seriously need my bosses to stop calling me for bullshit reasons so that I can just do my fucking work!

I have at least two hundred fifty maps to plot and test; so please stop calling me for things like: I just sent you a WhatsApp for a new tender, please do it. Like DAMNIT there are OTHER PEOPLE WHO ARE FREE TO DO THIS BULLSHIT!


Shove this pointless job

Location: USA
Job: Hospitality

Stop watching me all the time. Yes, I know it’s slow and there’s nothing to do. I know you’re compiling a dossier on me not giving a shit. Guess what? Nobody gives a flying fuck! We’re all doing the same, pointless, dead-end job at a two-bit low-life company. There may not be any meaning to this job, but there is to my life. What about you, old hag?


Rude Customers

Location: CA
Job: Retail

There are rude ass customers I have to deal with every day. Fuck that old man who is a hot-tempered asshole being extremely rude towards me and other workers. He doesn’t even shop at that store. Put him in a lesson about manners. Fuck that woman in a lavender shirt with black hair who is a stuffy asshole. Fuck them. Workers will not take this bullshit. Fuck rude customers.


Damn customers

Location: USA
Job: retail

I am soooooo fed the fuck up with these half wit dumb indecisive fuckers every single day I work. Nobody seems to care about the shit we deal with here. Managers are ALL useless!! 11.00 bucks an hour just don’t cut it anymore. I want to change departments so god-damned bad that I can taste it. They’re either going to let me change or I’m looking for another job with a lot less stress.


Fuck you, CFO

Location: Africa

C & S,
Your petty, childish bullshit has gone one step too far. No, you won’t get any HR shit over it, but you might hear from my anti-discrimination attorney. That will shock your non-existent brains back into action. I’m not cleaning the kitchen at work this week. I’m also no longer trying to control my employees’ outbursts. I’m going to twiddle my thumbs while they brow-beat everyone in the department to death. Every time I’ve tried supervising them, you’ve cut my balls off. They’re your problem now, bitches. I’m leaving for a better job with more money. Have fun with the annual mass-mailing that I normally handle. It gets more and more impossible each year. Fuck you both very much.


Boss Bitch

Location: CA
Job: Office

Dear bitch,

I can’t believe that you had to whine that you didn’t know what to do with the package when a mail man came to drop it off and all the staff were out for lunch. That’s what happens when you get people to do everything for you that you lose the skill to do the most basic shit. The world doesn’t revolve around you!!!!! The city is on fire for fuck sakes.


Here we go again

Location: USA
Job: Education

After working my ass off, here I am not moving up because I work in the city of Nepotism. Tomorrow we start, unprepared because people wanted to play, not meet.

God I hate my job, but everyone thinks I like it because I’m effective…

Torture. Pure torture with these adults.


Sweating my tits off

Location: London
Job: PA

Listen you son of a bitch. It’s 27 degrees in our office. I swear to god if you switch that air conditioning off once more I’m going to come over there and burst both of your breast implants with my pen! Here’s an idea – how about put some fucking clothes on?


Concentrate on yourself

Location: USA
Job: Server

Dear “Head” Waitress,

Maybe you should be more concerned about how you are on your own tables. I often have to get boxes for your tables. I often have to get drinks and refills for your tables. I have to find you to get your tables their checks because you are not around for your tables to ever ask you for that kind of stuff. You stick your big, fat nose into places it does not need to be in. If the boss if asking me if I want to pick up a shift, then let me answer. Instead of backstabbing me while I am right in there and getting the shift. Then you complain about how you do not want the shift to another worker. So right after you brown nose your way into the shift, you are trying to trade it away. You also take all the parties, even if you are not really capable of doing it at the time. But as you are doing both of the parties you are complaining about having to stay late because of those two big parties. You also let some people get away with doing no side work the whole shift and then expect me to it as soon as I come in. I am not even clocked in yet, and I am expected to make extra dressing when there are four other people who could have made it earlier.Continue reading


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