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Medical staff know better than you

Location: USA
Job: Orthotist

I studied biomechanics so that I can have the expertise to fit a body for prosthetic and brace it for proper function. I work day in and out with doctors in order to treat patients.

So when you, uneducated patient, come in claiming your doctor told you to “choose” your brace, I know you are full of it. You no more choose a brace than you choose your surgery.Continue reading


I don’t want to work here

Location: West Coast
Job: Managerial

Do not ask me about projects that you did NOT include me in! Do not call me at 8pm asking stupid questions! You have me at work all damn day, ask me then! I hate your sarcastic fucking tone, you asshole! Fuck you and your fucking non-sensical ass! Fuck your indecisiveness! Your company has me depressed and not wanting to work there anymore!!!!! I absolutely hate my job, can’t wait for the day I finally get to quit!!!


Stop calling me

Location: Somewhere
Job: IT

Fucking people. Can’t they just take a goddamn chill pill for five fucking minutes?

I am seriously trying to work and people are just interrupting me for the fucking most trivial reason because they goddamn cannot wait for the 5 minutes it takes for me to fucking save the file and send it to my boss before he goes off.Continue reading


Superior Seniority Complex

Location: USA
Job: Project Manager

What is it with seniority complexes at companies??

Today I was reminded of how inferior I am because I have not boringly and unremarkably sludged through 6+ years or more at my company. I haven’t suffered enough….I was not part of the popular crowd i.e. the senior level PM’s and therefore my preferences and opinions shouldn’t matter. I should accept every bullshit, disruptive, annoying idea that comes my way and be thankful I was at least thought of.Continue reading


No words

Location: London
Job: Administrator

Listen you stupid dumb arse fuck. You are supposed to be a manager. You need to learn the role that your staff undertake so that you can manage accordingly.

Will you learn? Your tedious quota of no training is boring. You are still using this excuse seven months on.Continue reading


Fuck you PM!

Job: Digital Media

Wow just fucking wow! You are such a condescending little bitch! Did you really have to CC all those people in your snarky-ass response? Like damn, there is no reason to be so fucking rude!


Learn Your Own Job!!!

Location: USA
Job: Logistics

I’ve probably got one of the busiest jobs and the supervisors have less the workload. Yet, they don’t ever spend time nor effort to learn a new informations system we’ve recently switched to.

How do they do their job without learning the new information systems we’ve switched to you might ask? They don’t!!! I’m one of only few that actually knows how to operate the system. So, instead of trying to give some kind of effort and learn, they would rather delegate their duties to me.Continue reading



Location: USA
Job: Ice Cream Maker

Ok you mother fucker, I’ve been fucking working for your dumb-ass company since the day it was motherfucking opened and holy shit I have had it with your BULLSHIT. Why do you think I’m the only one left from the first batch of employees you hired when you opened!? You “accidentally” charged us double for our fucking uniforms?! And we have to pay for our goddamn uniforms?! You fired a guy and didn’t give him his last paycheck because he hung up on you during a phone call once? You’re a fucking 40-year-old man and pity as shit! I ask for fucking hours and actually do my motherfucking work unlike half of your so-called “more important employees”.Continue reading


Devil’s Spawn

Location: Australia
Job: a big one

Devil’s fucking spawn grew up and decided to own a company just so they can continue to torture people – strip them of their human rights, lie to them, manipulate them, steal money, fake signatures, fraud investors and then turn around the teams that made a success of the products. How the fuck do these people get to be bosses? BOSS is another word for Bad Omen Silly Suckers…who work for them.Continue reading


DO What You Are Instructed!

Location: United States
Job: Babysitter

Please, please, please just shut the fuck up and do as you are asked. Your fucking OCD is about to make me explode.

You have to be able to multi-task. I am tired of waiting on you to fucking finish your project and expect people to help you but you are unwilling to help others.

Fuck you. Get your fucking ass over here and just help you fucking moron!


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