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Location: Red state hell
Job: Typesetter

I work for a printing company and details, such as spelling, are pretty important. Not sure who it is or if it’s more than one person, but the orders are being written up with American spelled wrong — wrong in several different ways. It’s pretty sad when an American can’t spell American correctly, for f*ck’s sake.


Pyscho’s Playing The Game Of Mental Health

Location: UK
Job: Factory of course

So a new guy shows up to start a new factory job (still haven’t learned my lesson with factory) and this new guy (me) gets mobbed within 4 hours of working. So a new guy is minding his own business trying to learn his new job while being harrassed, watched, gossiped about …. the list goes on and on. So I’m losing my mind at this point and the atmosphere is getting worse and worse, the more you pretend that everything is ok the more the pyscho’s push it. NO MORE FUCKING FACTORY IT IS WORSE THEN PRISON … I would be more at ease in prison than a factory.


Okay then…

Location: Pit of customer service hell
Job: Csr

I find that my compassion for people continues to decline the longer I work here. You try to be a good person and it bites you in the ass. Every. Single. Time.

I will no longer go out of my way to help anyone. Even to friends/family of coworkers.


Horrible place to work!

Location: Zanesville, Ohio
Job: Social Worker

The organisation I worked for was a horrible place to work! They wouldn’t care if you were having a heart attack at work, as long as you finish your job. I was in trouble when I clocked in earlier than 8am and was in trouble if I clocked in at 8:01am. I got in trouble for working my ass off and I got bitched at if I worked over. I had the worst personal situation one can dream of going on during my employment. I was treated like garbage and treated with complete disrespect. That place is awful! I ended up getting fired due to my personal life causing me to have to miss some work. My manager was a heartless ugly bitch. I won’t stop talking about what they did to me and how cruel they were. Ever.



Location: New York City
Job: Svp

The bitch that runs data is a heartless freak. She deserves to be fired but as she is busy sucking up to her boss, she has been surviving.


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