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Billy the abusive and fat asshole

Location: New Jersey
Job: Corporate desk job

Billy the abusive and fat asshole is my boss. Why are all asshole bosses called Billy or Bobby or Dan? I don’t understand it. Billy, and by the way that is not your real name, I hope you burn in hell. But I think you know that. I am surprised that you are not in jail because of your anger issues. No one can do anything right except you, yet you don’t know shit. You are so fucking dumb it is pathetic. You talk shit and you have no idea what you’re talking about. You think you are a king and you sit on your throne thinking you are too good to get your hands dirty.

You don’t have any of our software downloaded onto your computer nor do you know how to use it. The only reason why you get management jobs is because you were a bossy prick. You tell everybody that you think you know what is going on and they believe you. I don’t know how or why you have your job.Continue reading


Struggles on responsibilities

Location: Canada

I am a college student working multiple part-time jobs for the summer. I am currently working at a summer camp, a childcare centre and a convenient store at the same time. It’s been very hard on me recently because I had to lie to my employers of the convenient store and childcare centre so that I will be able to work for the summer camp from Mondays to Fridays throughout the summer. Since the childcare and the convenient store did not provide me with enough hours throughout the summer, I have decided to work at the summer camp. However, today my manager at the convenient store called me and said, “How come you did not tell me earlier that you were not able to work this Friday? You were supposed to train a new employee today. No more of the nonsense from now on.”

I’ve been feeling a lot of this lately because I feel like it is not worth it for the little more money that I earn. I started becoming less responsible, more stressed, lying more frequently, and feeling sad and depressed. I want to ask if it’s worth it to go through this mentally just for part-time jobs that would mean nothing to me in the future. I am only 20 and I feel like being this stressed and scared for work and lying all the time is not very good for me.


Again with that c**t?

Location: UK
Job: Development Officer

You utter fucking imbecilic assholes. Twice we’ve managed to get this cunt out of our fucking lives (she moved to new jobs) and TWICE she comes crawling back in some form or other and I have to see the ugly, venomous bastarding bitch AGAIN. Just because she is your ‘friend’ miss manageress does not mean you go out of your way to make her money. I swear to fuck her customer relations were fucking awful, customers hated her and her evaluations were less than 70% most of the time with everyone else on the team being over 98%. Of course you wouldn’t know this, would you? You’d actually have to pull your head out of her anus and look around at what she actually does! But now you go behind our backs and arrange a ‘collaboration’ with this cunty fuckpig that we’re all going to suffer again and again as we have to fucking work AGAIN with this UTTER BASTARD!




Stop being alarmist!

Location: Somewhere
Job: IT

Good God mate, stop being an alarmist!

I mean, seriously, so you accidentally deleted a file you have uploaded. Ok, do you have a backup? Yes. Good, just upload it again. Simple and easy. No need to send me multiple emails demanding me to solve this issue with increasingly hyperbolic language, because that’s just stupid.

I had asked you the details about the issue, multiple questions of what could have happened and can be verified easily and will also narrow down the issue. But do you want to give the details? Nope. Just a generic: ‘Solve it’.Continue reading


Fuck you snitches

Location: Gamble city
Job: Worker

I swear if you get me fire. I will laugh because karma is a bitch. I smile in front of you guys everyday because I know you guys are failing in this work place. I am the reason why our team is doing so well. I am holding shit together. Going to your ways of doing your own work and not picking up after other people won’t last long. I laugh at your fucking faces because I fucking know. You guys will implode and face your payments. I pray it won’t be too harsh because the longer you wait the harsher it gets. I am willing to be fair and help others. I can’t wait for you guys to be gone out of my life. Can’t wait to say good riddens. Hahahahaha hehehe hoho! 😂😂😂😂

Fuck you!!!


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