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When you tell your boss you have to go home (it’s 7PM) because you’re sick and you might need the next day off and your boss literally sends you a red angry face emoji and screams “but we haven’t finished the update yet” and forces you to stay working amidst a fever.

Seriously, what the fuck??? What the actual fuck??? You can’t even say “hope you get better” or “sorry to hear” just out of common courtesy??? Who the fuck sends people angry face emojis when they tell you they’re sick?



Why is today exactly like yesterday?!

Job: Receptionist/punching bag

Yesterday was one of the worst days that I have had so far working at this company since I started at the end of January 2017. From the soul-sucking assholes that called in all day treating me like garbage to the massive headache that I ended up with at 6 o’clock, I took a deep breath of the end of the day and thought it was just one bad day. Then I come in this morning and I feel like so far today is playing out exactly how yesterday went.

I always try to remain professional when talking to people and I’ve done reception jobs for the last 11 years so I’m pretty used to how to handle things carefully. No job ever before has brought me this close to the edge of screaming at someone. So I don’t know how much longer I’m going to last at this job.Continue reading


Fool trying to act busy/smart

Location: Red Dot
Job: Peoplewatcher

Working with old stubborn people really makes my blood boil. She has her own thinking, and always want to impose her thinking on projects even though I told her no. She just doesn’t take no for an answer. She will bypass me, and even though I have said no, she will always ask – what about Senior A? Did you ask Senior A? OMG – I am the project lead, and I think I can handle issues on my own, I do not have to go through Senior A all the time. Furthermore, the boss has already said we do not have to bother Senior A! So everything I tell her to do, she has to seek confirmation from Senior A – did Senior A say it is ok? Did Senior A agree with it, what’s Senior A’s take on this?

WTF – if you are bloody working with me, just work with me, why Senior A all the time? Do you even respect me?

I am trying so hard to stay in the company, waiting for the day you retire and out of the company, my life will be so much better!!!


People suck

Job: Receptionist/punching bag

The public are fucking animals!

Putting people on hold is like the worst thing you could do!!!

I officially hate real estate agents. I deal mostly with real estate agents by scheduling service tickets for them and almost 90% of the real estate agents that I talk to everyday are the most rude and entitled people I have ever spoken to. They are incredibly impatient and think that the world revolves around them and they are the only agents that we service even though we have thousands of clients.

I’m sick and tired of being bitched at every single day for not having something available the same day and for having to ask an agent to wait a day to receive service or God forbid having to put them on hold because I have to handle the other 5 phone calls that have just come in.

They all f****** suck!


Violence in the workplace – good idea

Location: United States
Job: Unappreciated piece of shit

Oh, where to begin and where to start? A human powder keg ready to make all of the worldwide terror attacks look like child’s play. I want everyone dead and not just co-workers. No, I want their families dead. I even want their dog and cat dead. I want their homes burned to the ground. I want the soil from the burned remains to be contaminated with radiation.


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