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Please for the love of god just do your job

Location: England
Job: Manager

Please stop getting emotional when I give you work. No one else complains, you are not special. Just do your job, this job is nowhere near as bad as some others I’ve worked at, people like you need to be humbled in a serious fucking way. The more you moan to me, the more you throw your toys out the pram, the closer you are to being fired, which is ironic from you considering your financial situation. Yes I am a manager and have to go through a process to fire you, but trust me that chain of events has already begun.Continue reading


Do your job!

Location: England
Job: Warehouse superisor

I know most of the rants on here are aimed towards horrible bosses. But I have just recently promoted to supervisor. I worked my ass off for 10 years, and I’ve only being doing the job 2 months. I’m always fair, polite, treat others how I wanted to be treated. I have never given a serious bollocking or rant, even though this one lady in my team deserves it. She gets emotional every time I give her work (which is my job). She complains, and literally moans to my face how shit the job is. She’s a slow worker, and what little work she does so, she drags out for hours. I asked her to sweep and tidy up stock locations in her area because stock was LITERALLY on the floor and not on the shelf and she had a melt down.Continue reading


Stop using me as a tool!!!! 😡😡😡

Location: United States
Job: Merchandiser

Okay so we have projects to complete 2 week to 1 week basis. We have a lot to do and we are asked to do more work. Well they asked us to do all this work before our raises. We were not happy about that already. Clearly I know what is going on more than the others. So now since we are required to do work that is more outside of our job requirements. Everybody is p***** the f*** off. So now our Supervisors are asking us and depending on us to do more of their work for them. I think it is total c***.

Continue reading


@ssistant @sshole

Location: @ssholeland
Job: @ssblaster

Maybe you genius big shot tough-guy sales guys should realize that people see right through your phony used car salesman reutine and actually give a sh-t about the rest of your team.

When you treat your designers like sub human retards… of course they are not going to want to put forth any effort.

Holy sht do I hate this company and the train wreck that lies ahead is do to your own ignorance/arrogance.Continue reading


Just f**k off somewhere else you f**kwit

Location: Hell
Job: Resident lunatic

You are seriously the most hateful person I have ever met. You are sneaky, manipulative, fake. NO ONE LIKES YOU. You need to fuck off into another job far far away from here. No one will hire you in our organisation. You are the most disgraceful excuse for a human I have ever met. You say you are Christian; why the fuck don’t you start fucking acting like it? Stop undermining me all the fucking time. YOU REPORT TO ME. You do not manage my staff. Stop doing this stupid shit. I don’t fucking answer to you and never will so LEAVE ME ALONE. Go play on the fucking highway. I hate you, you fucking shit poor excuse for a human being.


If you’re so amazing, go and do it yourself somewhere else

Location: Scotland
Job: Mug

Ok. I know this is your second job. I know you are more important in your main job, the most important. But, while you are here, taking the money, you need to do what you’re supposed to. I guess I have to put up with the attitude, the sneering and the passive aggressive behaviour. I don’t like it, but I can’t change it, so I have to take a breath and swallow it. But, that said, you still have to do your job. So, can we agree that you’re vast and superior knowledge be parked at the door until you have done what you’re paid to do? After that, you can slag off everyone else in your own time.



Location: United States
Job: Server assistant

I am tired of being ridiculed over the things that I can’t control. Being told that I’m “slow” and “don’t work hard enough” because we were understaffed and I didn’t have time to do side work because I was too focused on getting caught up with the huge rush of tables. Having a lazy fuck of a head team member who bosses everyone around yet barely even makes herself useful. I’m tired of being forced to work 8+ hours with no break which is against the law. I’m tired of all the changes in management, because some of them end up being fucking idiots who don’t have a clue on how to manage a restaurant or working environment. Never have I seen a turnover rate so high. 9 managers in 9 months. That is the rate of a manager a month. I don’t see this place running after a few years and I hope to god that it isn’t.


So sick of these jobs

Location: United States
Job: Administrative assistant

Where to begin. I’m a temporary assistant to 3 marketing reps and the marketing manager. The manager has made it very clear that this is a long-term temporary assignment that will not go permanent. I would need a BA in marketing for that and even then I would need at least 2 to 5 years of experience. I share the position with another temp. She also shares my dislike for the work. It’s tedious, boring, and “bitch work.” The marketing reps are very pretentious and treat us like second class citizens because we’re not educated like them. They pass along all the shitty and annoying tasks they don’t have time to do even if it’s something so simple that’ll take them two seconds.Continue reading


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