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How can we work without the details?

Job: IT

So, Boss told me to make CAD drawings for a project, but he was not sure what equipment we are going to use.
How can I make CAD drawings out of non-existent equipment? Pray, tell me? Especially because it’s a method of installation CAD drawings.
Good God.
Yes, I asked. He said he was not sure what the equipment is going to be and the submission is in 7 days (5 working days).
How is this even logical?!


To the kissasses of the world

Job: Education Manager

You spend your days jumping around our boss like a puppy.
Anything that is good that you do, anything that is charitable or seemingly kind, you bring to him with a “look at me!” attitude, desperate.
You would run over your grandmother to get to him, doing whatever is necessary to grab attention.
You drink until you are drunk in front of him, act like an ass, and do everything but lick his toes under the table.
Here is a secret….
There is no contest…..
Take himContinue reading


Fucking idiots

Location: Chicago

Rick and Jake, you two deserve each other. You two talk about each other behind the other’s back, talk about all your employees behind their backs to your other employees (yes, we all swap stories), and you don’t give a FUCK about anyone but your miserable selves. Oh and by the way, Rick, your wife wants a divorce BECAUSE YOU’RE TEXTING WITH CHICKS HALF YOUR DRUNK-ASS AGE AT 2:00 AM! fucking sleazebag. I’ve heard every inappropriate thing you’ve ever fucking said about the employee that just quit, not only because I’ve heard you when you thought I couldn’t, but my co-workers told me. And my co-worker that you tell everything to, thinking he keeps secrets…hasn’t kept a single one to himself. So, you fucking dipshit, the joke’s on you. Just fuck with me one more time you motherfuckers. I dare you. I’m am an inch away from involving my attorney. You wanna play hardball?! Let’s play!


You want what?

Location: USA

I failed to give you the 30 cents per hour raise you get as of today.
I would rather give you the fucking $7.20 to shut you the fuck up.
I think I will.
I have no intention of redoing payroll.
Fuck you – here is your fucking $7.20!


No overtime for you!

Job: Babysitter

FORK NO I am not paying you overtime for yesterday!

You said that you needed to take time off today for a Dr. appointment for your child. Just a couple hours, no worries – no problem – everyone’s kid get sick and has to go to the Dr.

So you stayed yesterday to be sure things were caught up because it’s the busiest time of the month, the end of the month, and you know it. Sorry you haven’t been here long enough to get time off, but no worries, I was going to give the the two or three hours you needed and still pay you. I honestly thought you were trying to be a good employee and stay and be sure your work was done and you wouldn’t be holding anyone up. BUT NO! Now you want overtime. You said, “Well, since you said you would pay me and not to worry, I saw an opportunity to get some overtime.”Continue reading


I feel like a Kindergarten Teacher

Location: Canada
Job: Medical Transcriptionist

My job is listening to what the local doctors have to say about a case and then typing it up, editing it if I need to. I expect this kind of bad diction from small children, not supposedly intelligent adults! They mumble and slur their words together, they speak way too quietly, their favorite word seems to be ‘um’, there are way too many long awkward pauses, they don’t seem to know what ‘however’ ‘otherwise’ or ‘of note’ mean (they just throw them into a sentence at random), they are crazily redundant, give me drugs without units of dosage (like hydrocholorothiazide 25; is it mg, mcg, or g?), they mix up the words in their sentences, the pediatricians keep calling the patient’s parents ‘mom’ and ‘dad’, and then you’ve got the guys with accents so thick that you have no idea what they’re saying, and they don’t even try to make things easier! I mentioned this to my boss, and she says that the majority of them just don’t care because they aren’t getting paid for it. To make things worse, sometimes I have to look through old reports to try and find some clue about what these people are saying, and it seems like all of the other transcriptionists just type what they say as is without making any effort to fix them! I feel like the only reasonably intelligent person in a sea of stupid!


Rude Customer

Location: USA
Job: Retail

While I was working, there is a woman in a lavender shirt with black hair in a ponytail who is being extremely rude and prejudice. She did nothing but give us attitude for no reason. Fuck that rude woman. She is not a good customer. Workers beware of this woman.


Boss changed

Location: United States

2 years ago I started working at this job starting in one job and worked around to learning every job there. I used to love it. Loved coming and my manager was good and leads were good. This year my manager went down hill. He let everything get to his head and become a prick. His leads cannot even be leads. Everytime the leads try to do something he shoots them down very quickly and aggressively. He plays favoritism with his best friend that he hired and a girl that he lives next to. Both do very little, don’t show up to things, sit on their phones and so on. And when leads try to correct this, give points or punish them, the manager throws it away and tells them to drop it, but if those who work hard and do as they’re told make one small mistake, like putting something away, they get teared apart about it. The manager even left this department for another but refused to let the person he said will run it, run it.Continue reading


I’m so tired

Location: US

Where to even begin?

I used to love my job, I looked forward to waking up and going in to the office every morning. Then I got promoted. Twice.

I have no clue what I’m doing for starters, and upper management doesn’t seem to have any desire to tell me what I should be doing. I feel like my job description is basically, “Do stuff, make things happen.”

That might be fine if I had a single overarching goal to focus on, but I don’t. I’m doing three jobs right now, four on some days. I’m working 60-70 hours a week, usually until 3:00 AM or 4:00 AM each day, and that’s still not enough to get everything done. My boss is breathing down my neck because stuff is getting dropped, and on the one hand I completely understand his frustration. On the other hand though, I’m like, “Really, man? I can only juggle so many balls before one gets dropped. You do realize that I’m only human, right?” Most days I’m fighting as hard as I possibly can not to fall asleep behind the wheel on my way to work.Continue reading


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