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See ya later ball bag!

Location: UK
Job: Support Assistant

Years of service; only 4 absences in that time; been bitten, punched, kicked and assaulted in other ways by our clients – basically hell without a word of thanks. The amount of administration and effort I’ve put in compared to my co-workers who do a substandard job is ridiculous. In some way I am to blame. I didn’t look for another job sooner and because I could do a competent job, the workload was shifted from them to me.Continue reading




I started YESTERDAY and I want to quit this job. They left me in the staff room – which was basically a cupboard – for 45 mins and for the rest of the night had me shelling garlic and plucking chickens till midnight. I honestly think I was getting hazed. Meanwhile, the two brother owners are yelling at each other the whole time. Where’s Gordon Ramsay when you need him? 🙂


Young punks

Location: Canada
Job: Wageslave

I’m seriously getting too old for this shit. Pimply-faced managers who spend all their time watching cartoons and porn talking to me like I’m some kind of head injury case. I’m older, wiser and smarter than you. I’ve seen some shit in my life. Talk to me man-to-man and drop this corporate dogshit. Thanks.


Going to quit!


How do you expect me to work for you if you don’t give me any hours? That’s what work is. You give me my hours and I come in and do work. Am I supposed to sit at home at your beck and call like a lonely girlfriend? So disrespectful!



Location: US
Job: Retail

My douchbag boss steals my tips. I worked hard to earn those tips and you walk in and stick them in your pocket. Yeah, buy yourself a cake, you fat wench.


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