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Covid Recovery

Location: USA
Job: Stupid job answering Stupid questions from Stupid people

I got suckered into an inbound call center job “helping” businesses recover from the forced shut down. Many will never recover and my job is a waste of taxpayer funds which could go to help more people recover. Worst part is people being rude to me, as though I caused the virus.


Please just focus on yourself

Location: Shitsville
Job: Arsewiper

You are shit. You don’t have to be, but you choose that. You nitpick and whine, try to find ways of shaming others, make up bizarre crap to try and wind people up. Your job could be really good and really helpful. Others have made it so, but not you. You can’t be the boss, so you try to drag everyone else down to make yourself feel better. You have made yourself into a giant fatball, clogging the flow of work, steadfastly shoring up a huge backlog of stinking shit. I hope it explodes and drowns you. You useless fucking turd.


A few home truths

Location: Uk
Job: The stuff no-one else wants to do

Firstly, I am an idiot. I took shit for a very long time. I don’t know why exactly, but suspect I am a people-pleasing idiot. I have to take responsibility for that at least. But, I think it has allowed some of the worst selfish behaviour I have ever seen.

Toddlers are selfish in the same way, they have to be, they are not aware of the needs of others. That’s cool. Sometimes it’s even cute and funny.
It is NOT cute and funny when you are a big grown up, over 50. Quivering bottom lips, scowls, sideways glances, wobbling jowls, ejaculations of “that’s being mean to me!”, Or “I won’t sit with you, you’re not nice to me” is at best grotesquely funny, and at worst, psychotically narcissistic.Continue reading



Location: USA
Job: Accounts Receivable Specialist

The downhill lose-lose battle began with the coming of the new CFO who brought the elephant in the room of age and tenure discrimination. The top provider of online commercial real estate information conducts their internal business as slave owners. They daily crack their whips if we do so much as use the wrong abbreviation within our notes. Perfection, not progress each and every day. Firing someone means someone who’s still here gets double work. You’d better keep up your metrics (stinking metrics) or you’re not a good fit for the company even though you’ve been here multiple years and know more than your manager.


Three tenths of F**K ALL

Location: australia
Job: retail sales

Why is it that some people at work think that its their god given right to do three tenths of F all ?

I swear most of the employees at my current workplace have never done any real work so when it comes to just putting some stock on shelves it all goes in the too-hard basket. They’ll literally use any excuse to drag out just about any mundane task on the POS system just to stand behind the counter all day.Continue reading


I’m done

Location: Mars
Job: Dumb idiot

Bully? Check
Lazy? Check
Manipulative? Check
Judgemental? Check
Ineffective? Check
Incapable of listening? Check
Obstructive? Check
Poor work record? Check
No relevant qualifications of your own, but still feel able to comment and disagree with others on stuff you have no jurisdiction over? Check
Daily tantrums? CheckContinue reading


Just f***ing do it!

Location: United States
Job: Babysitter of the Ignorant

I am your fucking boss. Why the fuck do you have to give me an excuse with every fucking assignment I give you?

You make a fucking personal call when you know I am on a deadline.
I don’t take a fucking lunch, work until you come back from your lunch and then you say you have to go to the fucking restroom.Continue reading


I quit

Location: Shitsville
Job: Dogsbody

I have realised I am dumb. I tried to do the right thing, work hard, don’t moan, be helpful, be humble. Ignore bullies, get on with it. Take a bullet if it helps. But, I didn’t bank on squeaky-wheeled bullies being rewarded in order to shut them up, and more work being piled on to me! I take a pay cut, they get a pay rise. I do more, they do less. I shut up, they scream louder.

I am dumb no more! Bye bye bitches!



Location: USA
Job: Healthcare

Sooooo coworker thinks that she does so much work. Actually the whole department does. What a joke! Everyone else knows the truth. Can’t say anything because when the boss opens her mouth your fucking voice comes out. The fakeness you provide everyone is priceless. Your life is pathetic, you’re pathetic, and so is your boss. She should stop drinking on the weekends because it shows on Mondays when she is hungover. She also is fake. She talks shit on other department heads constantly. Oh don’t let me forget the favoritism. It’s actually sad that you and her think you have good lives. You get Michael Kors when your dick-sucking boyfriend throws you down the steps. Oh and yeah your boss talked shit on that too. You and her are sneaky, untrustworthy, and useless. Maybe you guys should go work in retail. Where you belong. I fucking hate you both.


Are you serious?


My colleagues are the laziest bastards on the planet. They have not done one piece of work this week. Not one bit in two days. The job we do is a piece of piss, if everyone did a little bit each day there wouldn’t be an issue. Can’t wait to leave this place, it’s a total joke


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