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I hate my work buddy


Me and this guy were paired for a project at work. Because he has more experience, he’s the de facto leader here. And he’s the main contact person – whatever information will be relayed to him first. Even if he isn’t in his office, they’ll call his mobile. Hello? I’m on this project too. I’m not invisible. And whenever I do get the information first, he’ll say he already knows. Well sorry for trying to be a good work buddy. Ass.


Peter is another word for pen!s

Location: Maine
Job: Clerk

I’m getting ready for work now and I had nightmares all night about you, Peter. I stayed up till 2 AM with anxiety. Now I have to go in and hopefully not see you today. I hope you don’t email me or call me or drag your fat sorry ass down the stairs to see me. Actually I hope you trip down those stairs because you fucking deserve it. You’re a sorry excuse for human being. You are a waste of flesh. You are fat, short, bald, hideous, and you deserve all those descriptions because they are true because you treat people like garbage. You are a fucking gossip. Shame on you. You don’t deserve your huge salary. I hope your house burns down and I hope you get knocked on the head and can’t work anymore.


Useless boss

Location: Greenwich Village
Job: Accountant

Useless boss, you are going to die of a heart attack eating a donut. You make others feel awful because you hate yourself. Your little minion of an employee sucks your cock when you go to Dunkin’ Donuts. In an apocalypse, I would find you and throw you into a pit of zombies. I really hope you have a miserable life you son of a bitch. You are useless beyond belief and stupid you fucking asshole. I hope a truck runs over your sorry fat pimply ass. Die motherfucker.


Contract administrator

Location: New York City

My nickname for you is dick wad. You are a dick wad. There’s no other way to describe it. Did your parents beat you or something? Why do you have so much anger inside you? Especially towards women? Won’t your motherfucking bitch do you or something? I don’t fucking deserve it. I work hard. I’m very intelligent. I have more education than you. I’m 15 years older than you. But I don’t look it. You look way older than me. You have fucking yellow teeth and gray hair at age 35. Your body looks like a lump. You look like Attila the Hun. Worse. You are the fucking ugliest person I’ve ever seen in my life. You should be shot because you’re so ugly. I hate you for the way you treat me. I fucking hate you. You could fucking die a miserable death. I fucking hate you. I want you to fucking die.


Slimy piece of shit

Location: Boston
Job: Information specialist

Slimy piece of shit boss. Yeah I am talking about you. I hate you. I hate how you treat me. I bet you beat your wife. I bet you burn your kids and rip their hair out. That is the kind of person that you are. You make $150,000 a year doing what. Sucking dick? You and your little cohort can fucking burn in hell. He is useless and so are you. In fact I have never met a more stupid person than you are. You are so fucking stupid that you probably put your pants on backwards in the morning. I don’t know how you ever found anyone to marry you. And have sex with you and have two kids. Your wife must be a fucking ugly cunt.Continue reading


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