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Free water tests and last minuters

Location: USA
Job: I sell chemicals, parts and toys for pools

Today I had this customer who obviously has no life come in 10 minutes to closing and he grabs a water bottle and says “What time do you close?” I answer “In ten minutes but you can bring a water test in when we open at 9 AM” he then says “Well I have things to do. I’ll be back in 10 minutes.”
One: I have a shop to close I’m not keeping it open for you
Two: Don’t you have a life (That’s my social anxiety talking)
And finally three: The doors lock at 7.Continue reading


I didn’t forget you!!!

Location: United States
Job: Maintenance worker

Fuck you J you fucking evil ice queen from hell. You’re another one who doesn’t do fucking shit. I am sick and tired of cleaning up after your shit too!!!! You could treat people better the first time so they aren’t like smelling and licking the dog poop off your stinky old ass. Some people just love your shit. I sure fucking don’t so please wipe your own fucking ass and give it to the dogs that worship your old mummy ass. Stop throwing our materials away you selfish fucking bitch. We can’t get any work done in your fucking office. You’re another one who needs to just fucking go. Useless!!!!


F**k you S!

Location: United States
Job: Maintenance worker

You really need to work on your own fucking shit. You’re always fucking behind. Stop using us to fucking complete your fucking work load. You’re not our immediate boss. We do our fucking work and travel at different locations. We don’t come to your fucking location to do extra work for you. Stop sitting on your fat fucking ass and do some damn work. You really fucked an office over when you stayed at the location. Me and other coworkers had to clean up your fucking mess. Now you’re making a new mess at the location you transfered to. Do your fucking job you fat fucking c**t!!!!! Fuck off and leave us alone!!!


Evil Workers Buddy Song

Location: USA
Job: Merchandiser

When your piece of shit coworkers suck,
Don’t get too angry
Just grab your Worker Buddy,
And say these lovely words!
Fuck you assholes you can suck my dick!
We know you can do that bitches,
Because you kiss our boss’s too!


Forking Whiner!

Location: United States
Job: I don't even know any more.

Computers fail every day.
It’s not a big deal.
We are backed up.
We can get new equipment – transfer data – be up and running in a few fucking days.
Shut up your whining and just do what you can.
Stop making a big deal over SOP.


The burdens of not being in charge or psychic

Location: Usa
Job: Order management

Been at job for less than a month. 0 training, was given logins to software, and promptly ceased to exist.

Me: I have software that needs to update, but I don’t have administrator privileges.
Them: is your computer down?
Me: no
Them: submit a ticket to IT
Me: ok 🙂 what categories do I use? Like, how do I structure the request?
Them: submit an IT ticket
Me: 😐Continue reading


Any chance of fucking off?

Location: Uk
Job: Service engineer

What is wrong with you? What can be so fucking interesting about me replacing the door on your microwave that you need to stand there watching every fucking thing I do. Honestly, is your sad life that boring that you’ve got fuck all better to do than stand looking over my c**ting shoulder. Or is it that you just need to make sure I’m doing it right? Fact is I’ve been doing this for 30 odd years pal I think I know what the fuck I’m doing and even if I didn’t what advice is a chinless fucking wonder like you going to give me? Exactly! So any chance of fucking right off and giving me some peace to get on with it, nah didn’t think so.


I can see lazy people.

Location: United Kingdom
Job: Housekeeper

When I took the temp job as housekeeper, I couldn’t understand how most if not all of the full timers were overweight? With a campus of 5000 students, that’s a lot of rooms to clean. I now know why, they share a predilection for laziness. These are professionals in the art of skiving and devious with it. How these slobs were employed in the first place is puzzling? Cleaning is clearly the only thing in life they can possibly manage and they do that begrudgingly.Continue reading



Location: United States
Job: Babysitter

If you are not on it – you are listening to fucking podcasts and I AM FUCKING SICK OF IT.
I can’t concentrate. I can’t think. Turn the fucking thing off!
I don’t want to hear music.
I don’t want to hear talk.
Just shut your fucking phone off and do your fucking job.


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