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Shared ownership company

Location: Uk
Job: Muggins

When we are all in it together as a shared ownership company, all get the same bonus. But then you find out the directors have many hundreds of thousands of shares due to be paid to them….millions of pounds for a few, a few thousand for the rest of us doing the work. Without honesty you are nothing.



Location: US

Worst human being ever! This woman always talks about she cares about people but she DOES NOT, she does not give a crap. She can take sick days off because she was sooooo sick but not other people, everyone is lying to her when they are sick. She thinks she has the best manner on the planet of earth but that’s what she thinks. She has such an ugly soul. One day, karma will get her.


Working with a five-year-old

Location: Canada
Job: Office

So I work with someone who behaves like a 5-year-old. Mostly it’s been a grin-and-bear-it situation, but things have definitely gotten worse. I was attempting to explain the reasons that I was concerned with the action that this person wanted me to do. As I listed out my concerns, the person accused me of implying that he/she was unimportant which had nothing to do with what I was saying. I tried to end the conversation because I was not interested in the conversation escalating. I had to ask this person twice to stop messaging me before they finally did. Get a call from my boss later that day because he/she got a call from the 5-year-old’s boss because the 5-year-old reported me.Continue reading


Why does every f***ing job end up like this?

Location: hell
Job: slave

This is common for all the jobs:

1. A fucking lazy incompetent boss
2. Fucking shitty pee and poo all day co-workers
3. Uncooperative lazy koala-bear clients that give last minute orders
4. Long fucking dick-sucking and shit-eating hours
5. Unfriendly and dangerous working environment

Even though life is still full shit and one can never quit, just enjoy every bit and hit submit.


Ungrateful and tiring


My co-worker called out again today. They do this often, in my opinion. Now I’m left in charge of a group of teens and they never do anything.

If I said I’d be thrilled to be the only adult in the virtual room, I’d be fucking lying. These teens don’t care about anything. They’re only here to complain to someone who might listen, then they take off and don’t get involved with anything. They don’t like me as much as my co-worker and it fucking shows. I don’t care that they don’t like me. I’m not enthusiastic all the time and these last 4 years have drained all my energy. But jesus, give me a break! I’m trying. I’m using what I know. I’m giving options. But no matter what, all they want to do is whine that we’re not doing anything fun.Continue reading


You are dumb

Location: Canada

You are dumb. I don’t know how you even got this job other than you talked yourself in. You know nothing about the market. Just because you like it doesn’t mean it’s going to become a best seller. You could not design your way out of a cardboard box. I hope you get fired or get demoted to a position you hate and then quit. Well maybe fired is better because I know you’re not going to quit since hubby just got let go from his VP position. From the sounds it both of you are incompetent imbeciles. You can pretend to be rich all you want but I know you don’t have his big pay check to spend anymore. Ha!


SIC (Selfish Ignorant C***s)

Location: UK
Job: Service Engineer

Full Lockdown = NO people allowed in your home including repairmen unless it is absolutely essential, esssential meaning the situation effects the health and safety of the household. So why oh why are there still selfish ignorant c***s (SICs) expecting poor fuckers like myself to risk their safety to come and repair your fucking dishwasher or coffee machine?

“Oh but there are six of us live here and there are lots of dishes to be washed!”

WELL THAT MEANS ALL THE MORE PEOPLE TO HELP WASH THEM IN THE SINK YOU CHINLESS C***! We are all going to be in lockdown til next summer never mind this summer, trust me, and the blame lies with the SICs!


I can’t be bothered

Location: Uk

I can’t stand you, you’ve turned into a complete moron, everyday you do stupid shit… like really stupid shit, you fuck up the simplest tasks and have the audacity to call out other colleagues if they make a mistake.

I honestly think you’re too stupid to realise you’re the worst worker in the team. Oh and just because you’ve worked there longer does not mean you are our boss… act your pay grade.



Location: Hell
Job: former punching bag

The two of you were the worst bosses I ever had. It’s been 10 years and I’ve finally overcome the post-traumatic job disorder I developed while working under you two twats and your twat-waffle friends. I’m happy to report that now I make a shit-ton more money than either of you will ever dream of, because I’m a great manager. Surprise, bitches. I hope you both get really fat and fall into some quicksand.Continue reading


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