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I just cant take it….

Location: USA
Job: Math teacher

…this job totally sucks. I’ve been teaching for over 25 years and I should have left it years ago. Unfortunately, once you are in it, and have kids and a mortgage, you can’t leave. I’m nearing the end of this mess, but the rules to get out keep changing. Between the shitty Union, and the school district, and the retirement people, well, nobody can get on the same page. The stress of worrying about this is killing me.

I’ve got to go back today after Spring Break. You’d think that we all would be “rejuvenated” and “energized” after a week off, but it’s just the opposite. You know the shithole that awaits you upon your return and it ruins your sleep and overall well-being. There are a few teachers who live and die for this job–but they generally don’t have strong family ties or no family at all. Some never had their own kids and just devoted their lives to the school district. That’s OK for them, but not me. Taking work home all the time, and working on weekends and holidays just to keep up, completely keeps me from enjoying family time and hobbies.Continue reading


Dead on Arrival

Location: Las Vegas
Job: Retail Slave

My job is a death sentence
I can’t think for thyself
My job is a murderer
To my creativity
It makes me tense
There is no wealth
There is no treasure
There is no vitality
It kills me from the inside out
Also from the outside in
Is there a way out?
Will I ever win?
This job I don’t matter
I have fallen off the ladder
Everytime I go I am in misery
There is no possibilities
Dead on arrival
I pray to God for a chance of survival.


Scum of the Earth

Location: Here

A big middle finger to all of the people that did me wrong throughout my career. The bitches that bullied me in the office, the woman that threw me under the bus every chance she got, the coworker that always ignored me after I tried to converse with her. The staff member that tried to undermine my authority while was conducting a meeting. The coworker always asking about my ethnic background. She knows exactly what it is but constantly asks because she thinks i’m not behaving the way she expects me too. The coworker with the resting bitch face and always looking disgusted in meetings. The assholes that sent a mass email to the entire team to point out a minor error I made. I hate you all.


Make up your mind

Job: Legal

I really can’t stand working for someone that uses gas lighting as a management tool. She’s great at the actual work, but she’s the fucking worst person to manage people. I can’t stand it. In a meeting with a group, she sets out clear directives of what she wants us to do and that’s great. When she’s one on one, she communicates a directive like a suggestion. I think she thinks that’s a polite way of telling someone to do something, but it’s the fucking worst. You don’t know she actually wants you to do whatever, it just looks like she’s offering perspective. Then she goes off on a rant that lasts way too long and is way too dramatic on how no one listens to her. No, you moron; you speak in this passive bullshitty way that partly involves us having to read your mind. It’s a complete mind fuck just because she’s insecure. I’m sick of dealing with negative bullshit for her insecurities. Be strong, be firm, and be direct. She’s the fucking manager. If she wants us to do something, we will do it. There has never been something that’s put out there that’s been unreasonable, so there’s no reason to act like people are just going to revolt when you speak to them one on one. Her communication skills fucking suck.Continue reading


Fuck you you fucking crazy cunt

Location: Las Vegas
Job: Merch

You worthless fucking piece of shit. All the BS of retail I have to go through you had to be a fucking cunt. I was trying to do my job right and it’s really tedious and you still insist that it was just a second and I told you let me finish so it’s done correctly. It was only a minute. She complains about me to my coworker. I’m thinking oh okay my coworker got it because he’s right there and he is finished. I told her that if I do not finish the task I will lose my spot. She bitches at me and said I can go back to my spot, but I told her I can’t because I will lose track. She was like well you can think and remember. You have a mind don’t you? I told her apparently not. I wanted so bad to call her a fucking cunt I was so angry. I wish it was illegal for people to be disrespectful to people who work in retail. Fucking bitch ass cock sucking dirty fucking cunt. I hope something shits on you.


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