Oppressive colleagues, bosses and community partners

Long hours are fine if the work is meaningful and in essence the nature of this job is a meaningful one that leaves me happy when kids succeed, when the hard work and monitoring pay off and kids go off to further their education and pursue their dreams and passions after having secured a decent diploma but what oppresses and depresses and makes one dread work is the fact that bosses, the larger external organization that funds us, can be deeply unrealistic and oppressive like bullying a school to take in a kid just because the parent complained to the mayor twice! But the superior officers who are supposed to support the school for valid reasons bow to the voice of the mayor and force the school to bend over backwards and take in a student who takes drugs, tries to push drugs to other kids and when the kid finally runs away from home, the lying parents turn around and blame the school, which is totally illogical when no one in the school takes drugs, NO ONE!!!

There is and has not ever been a drug problem in the school but no, the superiors in the external organization are scared of the mayor and don’t bother to check their facts first but simply bow to the irresponsible parent without checking the validity of the parents’ claims!!! The kid screams repeatedly at the parent to bugger off and no one in the external organization bothers to note that the problem does not lie with the school but with the parents’ and child’s relationship to begin with!!!! Parents need to respect the fact that educators have families too

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. Is 6 hours of sleep a night too much to ask for???? We are entitled to falling sick occasionally (and YES, we do go to work faithfully almost all the time even when we’re on medical leave because we care about our students!!!!) and we need respect and co-operation from community partners and that includes the people working with the politicians!!!! Who should be working with us not simply bowing to voters if they behave irrationally. Is falling sick occasionally a crime?????

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