Open your eyes and shut your mouths

For fucks sake. Stop trying to undermine and headfuck other people. You would be far better off looking deeply and carefully at yourselves. You are two miserable old bitches. You don’t have to be. You could choose to improve yourselves. Here’s the thing; if you spent your energy on self-improvement, you would be nicer and more people would like you. Also, the world would be just a tiny bit better. However, right now, you can only feel a bit less useless and a bit less shit by continuously trying to pull other people down. It’s really no skin off my nose.

I won’t join in with your nasty chat, partly because I am trying to work, partly because I think the chosen victim of the day probably has something you really envy, and also because I know you slag me off to anyone else who will listen when I am not there. Mostly though, no-one else is listening to either of you anymore. That’s why you can’t stop talking to each other. You are like two dying hippos, embracing each other, sinking into a pit of muck and shit. Be careful, you can drown in that stuff. I’m staying out of it and trying not to hear your flubbering.

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