Only Money Matters…

Work for private equity firm that purchases and bundles companies with no real operational strategy forethought. Close to non-existent support in a resource-thin group expected to solve and navigate through a landscape of unenthusiastic workers with legitimately the worlds shittiest communication or understanding from leadership. Constantly trying to better the landscape by suggesting/begging for implementation of any work process that will streamline communication, increase ability for better customer service, measure operational efficiency or just not pull my God damn hair out every fucking day!!! Every quarter I’m told we are winning in the market and yet every day I feel like I’m losing my soul/will to live. I seriously dream of walking out, but like most working people…can’t easily find another job nor collect unemployment if I quit. I honestly just want to improve things, but get labelled negative when I just ask for some planning before pushing initiatives as if we aren’t tied to a multi-company ball and chain for everything we try to accomplish.

I fucking hate it!!! No structure or process forethought! I can’t win either way. If I execute as my boss wants, the later headache lands in my lap. If I plan ahead, I’m negatively impacting the group, but the other companies are happy. WTF?!? I absolutely never want to work for a private equity owned company again!!! They seriously only care about EBITA and $$ manoeuvring in the short term to house flip their investment. I care about profitability and organizational effectiveness long-term you fucking ass hats!! I cannot believe this environment exists and is profitable. Oddly enough..I keep getting promoted so you’d think I’d be happy. Instead, anxious, depressed, frustrated, and seriously questioning my life choices.

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