Online PA. Crazy lady has me working like crazy (and refuses to pay me)

Ugh, so this lady employed my services to be her online personal assistant. We agreed she’d pay me 7 USD/hour (like that’s a lot *insert eye roll*) for no more than 10 hours a week. She gave me a task and didn’t specify how much time she wanted me to work on said task. She sends me incomplete information. Once I finish my task (scheduling 49 fucking posts for her Insta) she wants me to make changes because she forgot to mention she wanted me to add a description to the pictures she sent me. I write 2 stupid WordPress articles for her because her stupid blog was incomplete.

I bust my ass on a fucking Friday working for her non-stop to finish the work she assigned the day before. When I finish I tell her how much time I spent so she can pay me and the bitch refuses to pay me for the hours I spent doing her stupid task. Bitch be like “that’s entirely too much time for that task, I could have done it 3 times faster so I’m only paying you for 5 hours.” I worked for fucking 9 hours and 23 minutes, I expect to be payed for my 9 hours and 23 minutes! My time is not free! I could have gotten ice cream with my friends and watched Netflix instead had I known she’d go back on her word.

Then she has the nerve to say she agreed to pay me per task and not per hour?!? WTF is wrong with her. Lying bitch! I told her she could either stick to her word and pay me like we agreed or refuse to keep her word and I’d no longer work for her. Bitch took the easy way out instead of owning up to her mistakes. FUCK HER! If there’s an afterlife I hope she rots in hell! Bitch still owes me over 20 dollars.

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