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Absolutely fed up and sick and tired of how my boss prances around the office like she is the Queen B of this entire company. The company was brought out a few years back by a much wealthier one and all of a sudden, little Mrs Queen B became a nobody. She was forgotten about, to the point where no one in our main head office even knows her name or knows she exists. I’ve don’t care if anyone in our other branches knows my name or knows who I am, I couldn’t give too shits about them either, at the end of the day this is a work place and not where you should be primarily socialising and not doing your bloody work. She hates that no one knows who she is, but to be honest she doesn’t make any money for the company so I’m not surprised no one cares about her. She is a total laughing stock to them.

She comes and goes as she pleases. Expenses everything on a monthly basis, sometimes stuff not even connected with business, down to the last penny. Takes whole afternoons off without booking any holiday time and leaves without even telling me sometimes. Never works the holidays. Fails to do her basic tasks for the day. Gives me bullshit tasks to do which she could do in seconds but apparently she is just super busy, not sure with what as she ends up taking too many personal calls at work. When she eats, it fucking disgusting, sounds like a washing machine noise and makes me gag. She eats with her mouth wide open and doesn’t care to cover her mouth or nose when she coughs and sneezes. She is a vile beast of a woman and I cannot wait to leave this shit hole. It is a little forgotten about office in the middle of nowhere that no one else cares about and will probably end up being closed as we literally make no money for the company.

Karma is coming though for her. Recently she was criticised by our senior bosses for being slow at her job, the monthly statistics were not good and she just blamed it on everyone else but herself. She continuously says out loud that she doesn’t care about her job. I think what is more annoying is she has been given a huge promotion and bonus recently (again, confused as to how the hell she even got one when she was soon criticised after by our bosses) whereas on my last pay review I got 0.5% increase. I end up covering for her a lot, she never admits to her mistakes and errors she makes so she keeps doing them. I am continuously stressed as she hates when I highlight these errors to her. I’ve been told my attitude stinks apparently… right but she is a total lady apparently in her own eyes.

She is an ugly bitch which I hate thinking about people but the way she criticises me when I come in dressed smart as this is work, she comments that my top is too low or my skirt is above my knees. Sorry, shall we go back to the 1950s where clearly you belong!!

What she doesn’t know is that I’ve been offered an interview for more money and I’m crossing my fingers I get this job. It’s closer to my home, hopefully nicer colleagues and best thing of all, I never ever have to see this bitch again.

She is so unprofessional and the fact she has been promoted to manager is laughable. She fabricates meetings to our bosses but never has the evidence to back them up. She is a middle aged old hag who can go fuck herself. I’m done at this place. I used to love it here but I cannot stand her. I can’t complain about her because I know nothing will be done and I can’t go work in another branch as they are too far away. However, I do have a report I’ve been adding to for months now and tons of evidence of her shit work and how she refuses to take the blame for her mistakes, I’m talking tons of breaches of procedures so I’m sure the compliance team will have a field day in this office after I’m gone.

Fingers crossed I am not her come February 2020.

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