No overtime for you!

FORK NO I am not paying you overtime for yesterday!

You said that you needed to take time off today for a Dr. appointment for your child. Just a couple hours, no worries – no problem – everyone’s kid get sick and has to go to the Dr.

So you stayed yesterday to be sure things were caught up because it’s the busiest time of the month, the end of the month, and you know it. Sorry you haven’t been here long enough to get time off, but no worries, I was going to give the the two or three hours you needed and still pay you. I honestly thought you were trying to be a good employee and stay and be sure your work was done and you wouldn’t be holding anyone up. BUT NO! Now you want overtime. You said, “Well, since you said you would pay me and not to worry, I saw an opportunity to get some overtime.”


You stayed three hours yesterday evening – you want me to pay you time and a half for that when you are not working a 40-hour week – I thought you were working off your time you would be taking off or I wouldn’t have let you stay. I WAS GOING TO PAY YOU ANY WAY AND TOLD YOU SO….NOW YOU ARE TRYING TO GET OVERTIME? NO! FORK YOU JERK!

Your whining and excuse-making is grating on my last nerve…. just keep up your petty BS and you are out of here you turd monkey.

Turd Monkey – a monkey who throws their turds at the visitors…. everyone hates Turd Monkeys!

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