No one is that lucky!

The light-bulb moment came when you told me you were lucky to have me. Trust me, no one is that lucky you tight fisted buffoon. How is it alright for me to work 12, 13, 14 hours a day and be paid the same as that backward, lazy tramp on the other team? Silly me… it’s because she lets you feel her up so you can do her work for her. How in the world do you have time to do her work when you are meant to be managing OUR team? By the way, the next time you’re having a feel can you ask her to stop showing us pictures of the other hole in her backside! You have a good team but we are all looking to leave. You do nothing to stand up for us and we have lost all respect for you.

You pester me every quarter for a good news story and every quarter I dutifully supply one

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. It makes the organisation look wonderful, doesn’t it? I was forced to take time off in January because I was exhausted. When I got back to work you told me that another service wanted to make referrals to me. Are you mad? I can barely keep up with the work I already have and you want me to take on more work? There’s only ONE of me! Okay, fine. We’ll see about that. I will go on long term sick. Just watch me.

How can I be advising university professors, barristers, heads of marketing of global retailers and doctors and not be able to afford a holiday? Why are you alright with the fact that I can’t afford to go to the hairdressers or to get my nails done? I cannot afford to do ANYTHING that will make me feel better. You should feel ashamed of yourself. Like I’ve told you before, compliments don’t pay the bills. I know I’m good at what I do. PAY ME! I need cold, hard cash. I am looking for another job because I’ve worked out that I can earn more as a receptionist or admin assistant than by being a specialist employment advisor! I saw the worried look on your face when you thought I’d been offered another job and it made my day. You’ll struggle to replace me because it’s a rare job. HA! HA! Bloody HA!

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